Sunday, September 17, 2017

"It will be disastrous.".

It is after 2AM.  I just woke up after having a dream.  It was a lengthy dream that didn't seem to mean much.  But the ending did?

It ended with me walking through m front room and my mom was sitting there.  And a man was sitting by the doorway.  It was at night.  A table light was on.  There was a BIG block of watermelon there.  My mom just bought it?  I took a slice.

My mom was just staring down at the wall.  With a sad worried look? Turned toward the wall at an angle.

I asked her, "What's wrong, mom?".
She said, "I think I'm dying.".

I knelt down next to her and put my arm around her and said, "Is it ok if I stay here?". Meaning there with her with my arm around her.

I said, "It will be ok.".

She said looking down with that continuous worried said look and said, "It will be disastrous."

She was saying it as a statement.

I think she was talking about me?  Living here?  Or a member of my family?  Or something happening in the world?

"Disastrous" is a word I think my angels have used at times when I was writing to them? But I couldn't tell how or why since I can't hear/make out most of what they say.  Only words here and there.

I guess I will find out what my mom meant unfortunately.

Or I should pray. Pray for it to be avoided.  

The parts of he dream right before that don't mean anything, I don't think.

I was playing one-on-one basketball with my childhood friend in the YMCA gym.  Then went to get a drink of water in the gym fountain.

From there I was at the house watching a movie with my mom.  Of 2 actresses.

Then I walked through the front room with my mom there.

So I should pray about the end.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Thomas Sowell Dismantles the Ideology of "Social Justice"

Stupid Copycats & "Cabbage Rose" Teacups

A lot of teacup listing on Ebay and on Etsy is from sellers copying other sellers.  And one of the most obvious examples is the use of "cabbage" rose.

If you search on Etsy and on Ebay for "cabbage rose tea cup" you will find MOST of them are NOT cabbage roses.

That shows you how stupid so many teacup sellers are.

If it doesn't look like a head of cabbage, it is NOT a cabbage rose.

Just because the rose petals are not fully opened does not make them a cabbage rose.  Anyone over the age of 5 should know that.

I have been copied A LOT on Etsy and on Ebay and I will something to say about that in an upcoming blog post.

Stay tuned!