Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I Dreamed of My Mom and Dad Together

My dad passed away in 1979.  My mom passed away in 2002.

I dreamed of my dad's passing a week before it happened.
And right after he passed I dreamed of him once or twice.
I don't remember dreaming him at any other time in my life since.
Maybe one other time.

I dreamed of what happened to my mom a month before it happened.
After she passed I dreamed of her and dream of her many nights.
Some times I believe it is actually her.
Some times I believe it is just me dreaming.

I just dreamed tonight of my mom and dad sitting at the bar together again.

I was sleeping on the couch, and I heard them in the dining room talking and I got up to go to the kitchen to check on something to eat.  I walked by them sitting at the bar together like they did most nights when I was a boy.  I went into the kitchen and opened up the fridge and closed it and then looked out the kitchen window and there was snow on the ground.  Even though yesterday for real I was working at my garden job and it was nearly 90 degrees.

I walked back through the dining room and my mom and dad were still there and I told them that it snowed even though it was just almost 90 degrees yesterday.

I went back and laid on the couch, but then got up and walked into the dining room to talk to them.....
I started telling them that I haven't seen them together much, and then I woke up.

I barely, if at all, dreamed of my dad since his passing.

There was nothing unusual about them.
They were normal.
No smiles.

Wonder what the dream meant?

I know the friend of the family has left me a note to call him.
Something happened to a member of the family I will bet.

Back to bed.