Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

2 Chronicles 7-14.mp4

Abraham Lincoln | Thomas J. DiLorenzo

508 Etsy Search Views Yesterday on a Wed!

I wonder what is happening to cause these abnormal and record high Etsy search views???/

So two days ago I had 281 views from Etsy search.  And yesterday I finished with 508!  And it was a wednsday. Sunday has been my high view day for years now.  And I am getting these freaky high jumps in search views during the week???

AND yesterday at 8:30am I already had 138 views from Etsy search.
This morning at 8:45 I have 41!!!

I wonder what is going on???

I finished yesterday with 508 views from Etsy search, 1480 total views, but only 1 small sale.

So I have been at 500+ views from Etsy search here in the middle of september.  Will it even be this good/high for Christmas????

Off to work. I have orders to pack.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Only" 323 Etsy Search Views Yesterday

So after the freaky high of 518 views from Etsy search on friday I finished yesterday, a saturday, with only 323 views from Etsy search.

More than 1,500 total views too.

And today, a sunday, I will be LESS than 300 views from Etsy search.  When sunday has been my highest view day for more than a year. Probably close to 2+ years.

Oh well.

North American Union spells political treason

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11

518 Etsy Search Views Yesterday????!!

What the heck happened???

The day before I had 207 views from Etsy search.  Then yesterday, boom, 518.  Easily a new record high.

I noticed after 5pm I had more than 200.  Which was one of the earliest times I had reached 200 this summer.  Since at least february or march even.

Then about 8pm I noticed I had more than 300.

Then about 10pm I saw I had reached more than 400!

My previous high was last Christmas season when I had 470.  And I had a number of days in the low 400's from the end of last year into the beginning of this year.

And so I finished the friday with 518 views from Etsy search and 1,465 total views!

SOMETHING happened in the late afternoon or evening?????  In the morning it looked like it would be another day in the 200's.  As has been the case all summer.

And I do not see on search term or one item that got all of the views.

This is such a freaky occurrence.  Not sure what it was.

After my first day of 300 Etsy search views a few weeks ago my views dropped back down into the 200's.  With no other 300 search view days.

I wonder what the heck happened??

Today is starting off high too.  With already more than 100 views from Etsy search before 11am.   This happened a couple times this summer and I still ended the day below 300.

Oh well.

Time to get to work!