Tuesday, December 29, 2015

118 Search Views at 12 Noon: A Good Sign

So my views are higher today than they have been for all of december.  That is encouraging for 2016.

One of the time periods at which I measure my stats is 12 noon.  I like to have 100 search views by 12 noon.  And for all of december I was below 100.  I didn't reach 300 search views once in december.

But here today, on a tuesday, right after Christmas I have 118 views from Etsy search.  With 579 total views.

For the week before Christmas I'd only be in the 60's-80's at 12 noon.

For the past 3 years my search views were higher for the days and months after Christmas than for the weeks before.  This year is that way again.  That is encouraging.  Even my Christmas day search views were decent.

Time to get to work.  I have orders to pack.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Low Views before Christmas

So I finished yesterday, a thursday, with only 1,160 total views.  That is with more than 1,300 listings.

Today I have just more than 1,000 total views.

Back in 2012 and 2013 during the year I was having 1,200-1400 total views/day with only 400-600 listings.
That was when it wasn't the Christmas shopping season.

1 sale yesterday.  1 sale today.

Disappointing for it being right before Christmas.

Maybe start on Ebay next year????

Oh well.

Time for bed.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Only 175 Search Views Yesterday!

Wow.  Still at least 5 days left in the Christmas shopping season, at least for shipping items for Christmas, and I finished the wed with only 175 views from Etsy search!!

I haven't had fewer than 200 search views in december since at least 2012!!

Last year on dec 16th I had 294 views from Etsy search!!

AND yesterday I had only 75 Other views!!  Last year I had 225!!

I have noticed over the past 2 months or so that I have lost many "Other" views.

This bugs me that my shop is doing worse than last year.  So 2016 is not looking good.

2016 will probably be worse than this year.  Probably about oct level views & revenue.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Comparing Dec 14th 2015 to 2014

Well, all that is needed to be said is 1/3 the number of orders and less than 20% of the revenue for today compared to last dec 14th.

Oh well.

Adele - Hello

A High View Sunday before Christmas

So yesterday, December 13th, I finished with 2,008 total views.  And 327 Etsy search views.  4 small orders.

It was a decent day.

For the first 13 days of december I still have 17 FEWER orders than last year.  And just a tiny bit more revenue.

My orders last december picked up the 2nd week of the month.

Today's views are low.  Only 52 search views at 9:47am.

So I am guessing the Christmas shopping season is just about over for me.  I will probably get some more cheap ones.

Then, the new year.  Hhhmmm....

I am not sure what to do about next year.

Back to work packing orders.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Closing ShoponSherman Still a Possibility

So at the end of october I was prepared to close my vintage shop on Etsy.  I had a very good november.  Which was actually better than nov 2014.  And I've had had a decent first 10 days of december.

But revenue for 4 of the past 5 days has not been good.  And here, a weekend before Christmas, I have made 6 sales.  But for only $161.  Not good, I don't feel. Especially with 1,300+ listings.

I will not match the great dec of 2014.  I will probably be half as good.  Half as many orders.  Half the revenue.

So closing ShoponSherman is back on the table.  With Christmas sales ending so soon.

I would like to close in january.  

Oh well.

I have orders to pack & ship.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

401 Search Views Yesterday

So I still had high views for the wed, the middle of the week. Good to see.

With 1,482 total views.
 Only 1 sale though.

Only 43 Google views.  And only 86 Other views.

I have work to do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

96 Search Views at 2am

Something's not right.  Etsy has changed how they are counting views.  Or their is a stat bug.

My "keyword" views add up to only 24.  But my stats say I have 96 search views??

I sent Support an email.  See what they have to say.

Time for bed.

83 Search Views at 1:39am BUT.....

So it looks as though I am getting sky high search views, BUT...

I have only 20 keywords with only 2 search view EACH.

So my stats say I have 83 search views, but the search keywords only add up to 20!


Time for bed.

42 Search Views in 40 Mins after Midnight

So it is continuing.  Whatever it is.  I guess it is good for me.  If the stats are accurate, that is.

Here at 12:40am I already have 42 views from Etsy search with 101 total views:

Time for bed.

A High View Day: 607 Search Views????

So even though I had less than 100 views from Etsy search at 12 noon I finished with 607????

Something is going on with stats???

Etsy is changing how they are counting views or search views or something???

The high search views started about the 5 o'clock hour:

It is the same thing that happened 2 or 3 other times around aug-sept.  A couple of those times I had a very high amount of search views for only a couple hours though.

There is this post on an Etsy forum thread about a Shop View stats bug or change in view counting:


I am not sure what to make of these high views.  To beleive that they are accurate or not.  Will they continue into the new year??

Anyway, I finished yesterday, a tuesday, with 607 views from Etsy search and 1,969 total views.

It was an active day for sales, too, with 6 orders for a good amount of revenue.

Only 45 Google views.

AND.....another area I have noticed where I have lost many views is "Your Listings" views.  I believe that is due to etsy showing other shops listings on our listings on mobile devices...

People are not browsing my shop through my listings like they have in the past.  They are clicking out of my shop??

That is for another post.

Time for bed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Still a Good Views Day: 400 Search Views at 8:30pm

So with only having 98 views from Etsy search I thought I was going to only be in the 200's today.

But things picked up a lot in the afternoon and into the evening.

Here at 8:30pm I have 401 views from Etsy search with 1,448 total views.

It has been an active day in my shop.

With 5 orders too.

Only 37 Google views.

Boy, I remember the spring of 2014 before Google made their change....I was in the 30's-60's at 12 noon.

Then their Panda change that year.  My views came back some by Christmas.

And this year I was very happy to see them get even higher.  Through the summer I was in the 50's and even had a new 2 year record high  in the 80's in august.

But then they have dropped in november.

Well, I will see what I can do about that.

Back to work.

The Drop

Well, I knew my Etsy search views were going to make a big drop after the record high views on sunday.

From sunday and monday with search views in the mid to upper 200's at 12 noon.

Today I have 98 search views with 557 total views.

I did make a sale of 2 teacups.

Only 9 Google views.

Back to work.

474 Search Views Yesterday with High Total Views

So it was a drop of 243 Etsy search views from sunday to monday.  But I still finished the monday with 474 views from Etsy search with 1,874 total views.

And 5 orders.

Only 41 Google views though.  After being in the 60's for october into november.  After being in the 50's-70's through the summer too.

Time for bed.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Another High View Day: 400 Search Views at 8pm

Well, views from etsy search are not as high as yesterday, a sunday. That is expected.  But they are still pretty high.  I might reach 500 search views today.

Here at 8:10pm I have 400 views from Etsy search with 1,293 total views AND  468 favorites.

People are browsing my shop today and favoriting things.  I had more than 700 search views yesterday, but only 246 favorites.  That probably doesn't mean anything. lol.

4 orders today.  For low revenue.  But better than nothing.

So it was a productive day. I got 4 orders packed and shipped.  With many more to do in the next couple days.

And I bought a beautiful Paragon rose teacup for a low price compared to what it sells for on Ebay.

Not sure if I am allowed to post the pic of the item here, but here it is:

Back to work.

What a Crazy, Freaky High of 719 Search Views Yesterday!!

Wow.  I wonder what was going on yesterday????

I finished the 1st sunday in december with 719 views from Etsy search!!

And 2,289 total views.

With 9 orders.

How/why in the world did I get SO MANY search views???

A couple years ago I thought I'd never see 400 search views.  Then last year I reached 400 and even had a record high of 470.

I thought I'd NEVER see 500 search views.

This year I did it a couple times.   And it was because I had a couple hour surge of search views.

But yesterday!  It was steady views all... day... long.

One thing, I got views over night.
Probably international views.
For a while now, since my search views have dropped, my views drop at abotu 2am.
I have not been getting international views overnight.

But last night I did.
I had high views straight through the night.

I don't know what to say about so many search views actually.
I know I will never see this many again.

And it wasn't from one listing or one search term that I was getting the views.
In the past when I've had some high view days it was because I had a listing or two getting a high number of views.
Not yesterday.
I even sold my very popular radio last week.

AND....I am in for a HUGE drop in the next day or two.  Back in to the 200's and maybe 300's.

Time for bed.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"You should take up singing" Part 3

So after grade school I did not sing at all.  I only listened to music every day.  Which almost everyone does.

I had a clock radio next to my bed and I'd play it all the time.  Even going to sleep to it.

I never thought about singing in high school. Not even in my 20's.

In the 90's I called a country music station to request a song for a girl I liked.  When the DJ picked up I said, "I'd like to request a song.".
The DJ said, "Dude, you have an awesome voice!"

Then, about 4 years later in the spring of '98 I was working in landscaping, and we went to pick up a guy who was going to work for us that day.

It was that DJ.  He got fired from the country station and was going to move to Denver.

It was about when I was 30 years old when I started to think about singing and whether I had a voice for it.  I would still get the feeling some time when listening to a song that I would love to sing.  But I still didn't try to sing at all.

One day I was upstairs and my one sister was visiting.  She was downstairs with my mom.  I said a quick silent prayer to God, "If I can sing, you are going to have to let me know.".

After that I went downstairs to use the phone and my sister was sitting in the kitchen she did her play acting singing, "AAaahh".  "I have a good voice.  Don't I?"  And we laughed.

She came into me in the dining room and put a hand on the side of each of my shoulders and said, "You can sing!"  lol.

That was the answer to my prayer?

No matter.  I didn't do anything after that either.

More to come....

Back to work.

"You should take up singing" Part 2

So my first experience with singing was when I was about 7 years old.

Every night my sister and I would kiss our parents goodnight as they were sitting at his bar.

I can't remember how I first sang something for him, but he asked me to sing The Lord's Prayer.  I don't remember his exact reaction or what he said, but it was positive.

Then another time, maybe days or a week or so after that, he asked me to sing The Lord's Prayer again, but I didn't want to.  I was scared.  And shy.  So he said he'd pay me $1 if I sang it.  I sang it for him and he gave me the dollar.

My dad passed away when I was 11, and that was the only time I sang at home.  Neither of my parents tried to help me to sing or encouraged me to.

My next time singing was at practice for our 8th grade recital.  Every year at our Catholic grade school each grade would sing in the gym.

At practice one day the music teacher had the kid in front of me sing a part.  Then she wanted me to try that part and I got scared and said no.

At the 8th grade performance in 1981 was the last time I sang.

In 7th and 8th grade as soon as I got home from school I'd go right to the stereo and put in Elvis 8-tracks and sing along for a couple hours.

More to come.....

Back to work.

"You should take up singing."

At times I have wanted to sing.  Although I never have.  At times just hearing a song in a store or on the radio or listing to a cd in the past I'd feel it in my heart that I would love to sing.    But a lot of people feel that way.  Many who can't sing.

So at the end of last october 2014 I was working at my garden job decorating outside for the coming house & garden tour.  I was thinking to myself that we should pay attention to the messages we get in our environment.  That the angels and God are working behind the scenes in our lives trying to help us.  And they give us messages in many ways.  That 'God speaks to us through our environment".

I then walked down to street level to work on something when the  man I work for, who was up at the front door said down to me, "You should take up singing.  The girls would be all over you." lol.

I just said "Yeah, that would be fun." and we both laughed.

I had never said anything to him about singing in the more than 3 1/2 years I had been working for him.

I took it as a message that I could sing.  And God knows how I love girls.  lol.

I didn't do anything about that message in this past year.

Here I am at nearly 50 years old and I have had other signs and messages in my life.  But I have never sang.

I won't sing.

I am going to waste it.

I know the angels gave me the message for a positive reason. But it is actually disappointing.  I never got any help as a boy to sing.  I missed out on singing in my youth.  I am not going to sing now.

I see many children and young people singing.  And they got help from the parents.  I never did.  What a waste.

I am at least glad I know about the gift.  I've suspected for some time.  Now I get to waste it.

Oh well.

I will write more later.....

Back to work with my vintage Etsy shop.

267 Search Views at 12 Noon!

This is freaky.  But I will take it.

So I do wonder what is happening?? Why these freaky high search views??

I go from in the 270's all week to nearly that many by noon on sunday???

Yes, it is a sunday in december, but it is something odd that is happening??

Their de-clumping is helping me?? When they rotate items??

I don't know what it is??

So I have 267 views from Etsy search and 12 noon with 846 total views..
Only 9 Google views.

Oh well.

Back to work.

139 Search Views before 6 am!

What a day.

Here at 5:58 already 139 views from Etsy search with 377 total views.

See how it ends.

Back to bed.

386 Search Veiws Yesterday

It turned out better than I thought.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Geico Commercial 2015 - Peter Pan Reunion It's What You Do

Michael Bublé - Everything (Video)

Elvis Presley Too Much Plus Lyrics

441 Search Views Yesterday; A Drop Today

So I surprisingly finished yesterday, a friday, with 441 views from Etsy search and 1,657 total views.  It was a big jump in search views from the day before.

I saw the drop it was going to be today in the midnight hour.  And here right after 12 noon I have only 109 views from Etsy search.  Yesterday I had 186 at noon.

I expected today to be higher than yesterday.  At least as high.

Only 49 Google views yesterday.  That is still disappointing after being in the 60's for october and into november.

15 Google views today after 12 noon.  That is more like how it was.  See how it ends though.

Another place where I have lost considerable views is "Other".  Those are partly views from Google when people use a search term and have a search result "Similar items on Etsy", and when they click on that, they come to a market page with results from Etsy shops.  So my items are not being click on as much??? Or something else.

Oh well.

Back to work!


Friday, December 4, 2015

186 Search Views at 12 Noon

This is one of my highest search view days of the year.  My highest this Christmas season.

Here at 12 noon I have 186 views from Etsy search and 759 total views.

So people are finding me AND they are browsing my shop.

I judge my day by how fast I reach 100 views from Etsy search.  This past week I was reaching that about 12 noon -3pm.

Today I reached it about 7:30am.

I should be over 400 search views for the day.

I wonder how long these views will last.

This was the norm from last october til this march.

I will enjoy the next week or 2 of high views.

Back to work.

104 Search Views before 8 am

I finished yesterday, a thursday, with 294 Etsy search views.

I saw in the midnight hour that I had 24 search views.

And here at 7:49 I already have 104 views from Etsy search with 488 total views.

So it will be a high view day.

400 Today??

Time to get to work.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Elvis Presley - Bridge Over Troubled Water HQ (With Lyrics) View 1080HD

Seals & Crofts I'll Play For You

Queen - You're My Best Friend (Official Video)

M&Ms - Christmas Faint

Subway - No Life Coach Required

298 Search Views Yesterday; High Total Views

So there was a big drop in search views yesterday.  Which was kind of expected since it was monday.

But it was a drop of more than 160.  From 460 on sunday to 298 views from Etsy search yesterday.

I still finished with 1,750 total views.  So people were browsing my shop.

AND....11 sales yesterday.  Felt like the good ole days. lol.  

Revenue was decent.

Now I have many orders to pack & ship today.

Back to work.