Friday, January 8, 2016

Yesterday: A Day of Record High Views?!

I finished the thursday, January 8th with 1,169 Search views!
And 3,130 Total Views!

Those are crazy high numbers!  They can't be true??

I still think it's a bug or a bot.  Or Etsy has changed the way they count views.

All those views, HUNDREDS more search views, did not translate into orders though, if they are true.

Oh well.

Back to work.



Thursday, January 7, 2016

3,000 Total Views before 11PM

Here at 10:59PM I have 3,o07 total views.
With 1,127 search views.

This can't be right.

My previous high was about 2,500.

Not sure what to make of this.

Just have to give it time and see what happens with views.

More than 1,000 SEARCH Views at 9 PM!

And 2,651 total views.

Wow.  I wonder what is going on with stats????

Search views seem obviously crazy and not true, but I am getting the total views with them though??

Has what Etsy has done actually HELPED my shop THAT MUCH???

When october was such a bad month for views???

Some people on the forums in a low views thread have said that Etsy search now favors shop with a lot of listings.  So that is true and it is because of the recent change to search the 2nd half of last year???

Last winter I had reached my all-time high of 480.
I thought I'd never see 500 search views.
Then I had some of those freaky highs this summer to set new records (those were testing days??).
I had two 400+ search view days in nov.
Then views dropped the end of november and I was in the 200's all of december.  With a day the week before Christmas with only 175 search views.

Then this week......

These crazy high, RECORD HIGH search views have me wondering what is going on??
AND.....waiting for them to drop like a rock back down to the 200's and 300's.

I am still believing that these views are not accurate.

Oh well.

Back to work.

793 Search VIews and 1,908 Total only 3:34 PM???

This is not right. At all.

Even for Christmas I was only in the 200's every day.  Now I am going to end up with more than One THOUSAND search views.

I think it's a bug.

Or bots.

Back to work.

479 Search Views and 1,222 Total Views at 12 Noon!


This can't be right.

This is crazy high.

It is better than very low views, I guess.

Back to work.

749 Search Views Yesterday

That can't be right.

In the reply Etsy Support sent me yesterday they said that there is nothing they see with my shop and my views that appear to be abnormal or out of the ordinary.

I don't know how they can say that.

I finished the Wed with 749 views from Etsy search and 2,470 total views.

But a big drop in Google views with only 31.  The fewest in years!

With my search views, I think it is a bug or bots or Etsy has changed the way they count views.

And for the HUNDREDS of additional search views, they have not translated into orders.  Although I am head of last year for the first 6 days of january.

Time for bed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

334 Search Views at 5pm: Reply from Etsy Support

So after having only 66 search views today at noon, here after 5pm I have 334 search views??

It looks like the jump started in the 1 o'clock hour:

This is the same type of thing that happened in the summer and oct & nov.  A low perio and then when my search views jumped it was in a short time period.

I got a reply from Etsy Support.  They said everything looks normal and my views are consistent.  Yeah, right.

They said not to look at such short time periods.

Sure, having 435 search views at 12 noon one day and then only 66 the next is normal and consistent.

They also showed me a link on Etsy showing to to use stats.  lol.  Ok.  Like today is my first day on there.

I think they know what is going on, but can't/wont' say.

Back to work.

Yesterday: More than 400 Search Views at 12 Noon; Today, 66 Search Views at 12 Noon

So I was right.  Something is off with Etsy's views.  A bot.  Or some type of bug.

I will contact support AGAIN about it.

Monday, January 4, 2016

I was just listening to Mary Did You Know....

I've been working on my shop with another page also open to my blog post of Clay Aiken's Mary Did You Know.  I like his version and haven been playing it over several times.

I got a favorite in my shop and looked at it and it was for my volume of the Catholic encyclopdia.  The image for this listing is this:

Here is the listing:

Back to work.

Back to Freaky High Search Views: 435 Search Views at 12 Noon

This can't be right??  This can't be accurate.

Here at 12 noon on monday jan 4th I have 435 views from Etsy search.

Yesterday I finished with 558 search views and 2,251 total views.

Etsy has had an issue with Bot views.  That could be for both search and total views??

My "Top Keywords" has 8 pages and the highest view words have only 4.  And the 8 pages add up to less than 120 total search views??

Today I also have 964 total views at 12 noon.

It is good to see these high views, BUT.....they probably are not accurate??

Back to work.