Sunday, April 19, 2015

GeorgeStrait - She'll Leave You With A Smile

Faith Hill - There You'll Be [Official Music Video]

Tom Brady - ESPN Sports Documentary Series 2015

Seinfeld Clip - Kramer's Rickshaw Adventure

Butler picks off Wilson to seal Patriots Super Bowl XLIX victory

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Malcolm Butler interception ~ Patriots celebrate winning SB XLIX 28-24

THE BEST Footage of Patriots Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Interception

Bruno Mars: "Treasure" - The Voice Highlight

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Power of Lies; The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked

One of my favorites sites is  Although I don't agree with all of the posts, I do find the site very interesting.

Today there is a post by Paul Craig Roberts:

 "Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate."

It was a very interesting post and I just bought both of his books online to learn about the real Abraham Lincoln?

I don't read history books, and especially biographies, because I don't know what to believe any more. And I want to learn the truth. The truth about world events and historical figures. Past and present. The current state of the world and world events tells me that much of what is in text books is not true. Or, at least, there is much more to what has happened and is happening that is either not known or intentionally hidden and suppressed.  

Time to get back to work.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Elvis on Hawaii Five-O

I worked at my garden job today, and after it I walked down to Goodwill and then over to Home Depot.

I did ok at Goodwill. I got some vintage Cannonsburg Pottery pink rose plates, and some books and a nice Pier Mondrian blue rose print from 1968. And a few other things, including a Ralph Lauren Polo short sleeve button down shirts for me, and a nice Georges Briard square gold glass dish (candy dish?). I also got a very nice 1950's art book and a couple of other books. Including an architecture and design book with a $65 price tag on it, but I paid only the Goodwill price..

Then, my hands full, I walked down to Home Depot to pick up some weed n feed.  Right when I walked in the door was a brand thought was on sale and for a better price than I was expecting to pay.  I paid $25 for another brand last march.

I ended up also buying some orange cleaner and some bubble wrap.

I pushed my cart out to the parking lot and as I picked up my bags the bag with the oragne cleaner spilled out a lot of the cleaner. It must have been partially open when I laid it down in my cart. I had to go back in and exchange it and that took some time.

With my hands even fuller I made it up to Bloomfield. I sat on a bench and some tea and then decided to hurry and  go catch the bus.

Right after I got there the bus came?  Perfect timing. Coincidence?

Well, I did make it home just in time to watch The Amazing Race.  It was a very good episode. I want the Olympians to win.  They finished 2nd.  I was disappointed that the one blind date couple got eliminated.  They were one of my favorites.

After The Amazing Race ended I left the tv on and came upstairs and worked on the computer.  I then went down and put dinner into the microwave.  After I did that I walked back into the living room and an Elvis impersonator was on Hawaii Five-O singing "Love Me".  Not sure if that was the guys actual voice and he was guest staring on the show or not, but the singer sounded pretty good.

Now here I am back on the computer comparing my stats with 2014. Overall, not too bad.  But it is the past 5-6 weeks that are the most concerning.

Time to eat dinner and then get orders ready to pack.

It's Official., My Face No Longer Looks Young

I am 47 years old and very soon to be 48.  Today when shopping I decided to take a look at my face in the mirror in that lighting.  Boy was I surprised.

My face definitely shows the affects of the sun from when I was younger. It shows the affects of the sun I had on the beach in my teens. And the short time I used a tanning bed. And all the time working in the sun.

My skin is rougher/thicker looking.  With the deep circles under my eyes. And at the bottom of the circles are tiny lines.

The skin on my cheeks is thicker/rougher too.  

The thing that really surprised me is all the short tiny lines at the top of my temples!

And I see all the lines from squinting too.  At the bridge of my nose and the sides of my eyes and top of my cheeks.  And, the thing is, I wasn't even a squinter until my 30's.  And now I am paying for it. And now it shows.

I no longer look young for my age. I no longer look younger than my age.

Up until my early 40's people thought I was in my late 20's or 30's.  And even at 45 a lady thought I was 40.

But now, I am looking my age. I am not looking younger than my age.  Disappointing. No way to reverse it or change it or heal it.

I am starting to look old.

I am getting old.

I still have my health and strength and energy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yesterday, The Duke blue devils won the National Championship......

.......and I made a $12 sale in my vintage Etsy shop.

My day was not as fun or exciting.

I wanted Wisconsin to win too.