Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vintage 1960's Mid Century glass vase: 100 Views

Well here at 10:23 am I have 100 views from Etsy search.

Views have been high and it looks like my views from Etsy search have come back. I have been over 100 of them by noon for most of the past week. I will see how it goes after the new year. But that is good to see. And a good sign.

Google views are still in the 40's or lower pretty much. I did reach 61 just recently.

I sold a nice 1960's amber glass brocade vase this morning!

I have a couple orders to pack. I also would like to get the Polish teapot packed and get the shipping costs for Asia to fulfill a request.

Laundry, too!

Off to work.

Monday, December 30, 2013

My Vintage Aynsley tea cup was featured on Etsy's Homepage: HIGH VIEWS This Morning

That is the reason for my big spike of views in the middle of the night.
It happened in the 3am hour:

In the 3 o'clock hour I had 233 listing views and 71 shop views.
In the 4 o'clock hour I had 111 listing views and 12 shop views.

This morning I even got an "Esy Popular Listing" email telling me that they noticed my listings got alot of views.

Here at 11 am the tea cup has 74 views and 87 favorites

My total views are 725 VIEWS!
With 111 views from Etsy search.
Wow. Nice.
No sales though.

Well, off to pack my orders and try to get them all shipped today.

A Big Jump in Views in the Middle of the Night!

I just woke up and here before 5 am I was so surprised tos ee that I had 482 total views and 156 favorites! And jumped up to 69 views from Etsy search!

I think my one Aynsley pink tea cup was featured or hand picked and was on the home page. It has 67 views from the home page!

Low Views to Start the New Day?

I can usually tell if the day will be a day of high views or low views in the midnight hour. Well, here at 12:45 am I have 1 ONE view from Etsy search. I have been having in the teens by now.

Just gotta see how the day goes.

Almost time for bed.........

High Views Yesterday

Yesterday was a very active day in my shop with alot of favorites and alot of views, which I was not expecting.

I finished with 373 views from Etsy search. Which is one of the highest days of the year and I believe the highest of december actually.

I finished with more than 1,000 total views also. For only the 3rd time all month. When last month and the first 7 months of the year I was over 1,000 just about every day.

I was expecting views to drop off after Chrsitmas, but they are actually higher than the couple weeks before Christmas.

And it also helps that I have alot of tea cups listed that people like. Tea cup keywords made up just about all of the top 10 keywords yesterday and every day.

If I deactivated my tea cups, my views would be the lowest since 2011 or 2012.

Yesterday I did have a good number of favorited items that were not tea cups.

I was kinda of disappointed as I watched my views all day and had no sales, but it was saved when I sold 2 nice tea cups at the end of the day.

I have important things to do this week. I have orders to ship and get packed & weighed for international requests. I would like to get them all done tomorrow. So I could possibly make the sales in the next 2 days to count for this month and this year. I will just see if I can make it.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

High Views Today

I woke up to see a good day of views. And here after 12 noon I have 126 views from Etsy search and already 100 favorites. And 16 views from Google.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

3000 Admirers! Good views for today

I was checking my stats and saw how many favorites I had for today and how many were shop favorites. So I decided to check my homepage and saw that I now have 3,000 favorites. Wow. That's alot. And I never thought I'd see that. I remember when I first got 50. Then 52. Then a couple people deleted me and I went back to 50. Now, 3,000. Wow.

I guess I should take that as a compliment. And try to use it. It also means there are alot of new members. Etsy must keep getting new members who find me and favorite my shop. Since I have built up so many sales and reviews, I guess I look like a shop to be favorited?

A couple small sales today. I got some pics taken in the morning. That was good. I was very disappointed with my jewelry pics. I thought with it being a nice, clear sunny day that I'd get some good pics. But they were actually very dark. I guess I did not use the correct white balance setting??? I think I just have to do it again on a cloudy day. I knew cloudy days were better, but I planned for today anyway. Live and learn.

Almost time for bed. Organizing tomorrow. Pack my remaining orders, too. Plan on shipping them on monday.

I am glad to see that I have 325 views from Etsy search. Although my total views are more than 200 less than the same day last year, I still am getting more search views than before Christmas, I think. HHhhhmmmmm...

Almost time for bed.........

Higher Google Views at Noon; Tea Cup Pics

I am surprised to see that here right before 12 noon I actually have 20 views from Google. That is the highest in weeks. The first time I have reached 20 by noon since probably november.

I finished yesterday with 311 views from etsy search. Glad to see that.

My shop has actually been very busy/active the past few days. I am surprised by that also, with it being after Christmas. And also listing new and renewing tea cups that people are liking.

I got some things done this morning, so far. It was our first sunny morning in more than a week. So I got some good tea cup pics taken. I actually had time, too. I had the 2 hour window with bright, clear skies. Thank you, Angels:

Now it is time to try to take some pics outside. I have some larger things I'd like to list while it is milder and bright out. I will see what I can get accomplished....

Friday, December 27, 2013


I have reached 200 views from Etsy search at 6pm. Glad to do that before 7pm. Total views are pretty good,too, at 664. I renewed some listings this morning and listed some tea cups that I had multiples of as new listings and they have gotten me alot of views and favorites. Especially from Vintage Browse.

Google views are low, but better.

Just about to head to the post office to mail a couple orders. Tomorrow will be a sunny morning, so far, anyway, and I will be able to get some tea cup pics taken.

I am looking forward to 2014.

Good Views Yesterday

I did much better than I expected. Although I guess it was still a holiday shopping season, the day after Christmas.

I finished 360 views from Etsy search. I was thinking in the low to mid 200's.
2 small sales.

AND....only 33 from Google! A big drop. I at least was in the 50's and 60's.

Something else changed. I am affected by something else now. Just have to deal with it. I can't guess. I can't figure it out. And my shop is really at the mercy of Etsy. If they have a certain relationship with google that affects my shop negatively, there is nothign I can do about that. That is just the way it is.

I had a good run with Google the first 4 months of this year and end of last year. Now it is time to just accept that new normal of low google views. Especially if it is my duplicate content and titles affecting my showing up in google. I won't change them. I have to do that to be found on Etsy.

Off to bed. Not sure what the future holds for my shop. Not sure what the near future holds even.......

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Elvis Presley - Bridge Over Troubled Water HQ (With Lyrics)

Even more of a drop in Google Views

Here at nearly 7:30 pm I have only 20 views from Google! Wow.

I noticed it recently that Google views have dropped even more when I ended a couple days with views in the 30's and a day of only 29.

I am not sure what has caused it. Google changes? Etsy changes? Etsy's still changing relationship with Google? My own listings are causing it?

Even though a couple people have mentioned they increased their views from Google by renewing some of the older listings each day.

But I have been renewing for weeks. Partly because I have had alot of items expiring in the past couple months. It has not helped me.


Vintage English china tea cups; 200 Views!

I have realized that on sunny afternoon as the sun goes down that it is also a good time to take pics of tea cups to get to look white. The time is much shorter then. In the mornings when I have clear skies I have several hours. In the late afternoon there is really only about a half hour or so this time of year as the sun goes down early behind the houses behind me and my kitchen window.

I tried today and some of them turned out too blurry or dark. But I still was able to get a couple I could list. Like my Tuscan chintz tea cup:

And my very nice Paragon black & white with gold and a pink rose:

So I just reached 200 views from Etsy search here the day after Christmas. At 5 pm I have 204 views from Etsy search. I guess this is still the holiday shopping season. So I shouldn't be to surprised. I will just have to see how things are as time pass and into the new year.

Back to packing orders.

Christmas Day views

I hope you had a very merry Christmas. Hope you were able to enjoy the special holiday and made some meomries.

My Christmas eve and day were uneventful, but peaceful. And I am free and healthy. So I am thankful for the Christmas I did have.

For my shop I actually had more than 200 views from Etsy search. I finished Christmas day with 238. That is more than I had on dec 20th when I had only 182! Again, was that drop related to my use of Etsy Search Ads????

And today, the day after Christmas, is off to a decent start. Here after 10 am I have 80 views from Etsy search. The New Normal was 75-85 by 12:30. So maybe views won't drop as low as they were in sept and oct???? Views for december have not been as high or as many as last dec, but maybe they will be consistent after Christmas and through the first months of 2014??? It will be interesting to see.

I am wondering how I will the first 4 months of 2014 compared to 2013?? I did so well this year. I think it will be hard to match that.

Well, I have orders to pack! Large, fragile items, too. I sold the McCoy canister set I meant to post about (that was a funny purchase) and a pair of prints I bought at one thrift store and an old purple glass lamp I bought at another. I hope they all make it!

Off to work!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Christmas Dream revisited

In the spring or early summer I had a dream in which the elderly lady who I had known all my life said to me, "Christmas will be beautiful and you will be able to come." Well, that turned out to have no meaning. It was just a dream. This Christmas is the same as last Christmas. Nothing unusual about it.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yesterday's Views: Good start today & Ebay shopping this morning

I ended yesterday with 254 views from Etsy search. That is 72 more than the day before. Also had 808 total views. BUT only 39 from Google. WOW.

Here at almost 4 am I have 52 views from Etsy search. I pace that would lead to a high total is 10/hour. So far I am above that and it is looking like a high view day. I should get close to 300.

I found a very nice jewelry shop on ebay and just bought 9 pieces from her. BUT I might have bought some new pieces. Several of the pieces are probably newer than I thought. I will have to wait and see. Hopefully it won't take long to at least get my money back. I am not sure I will sell enough of them to do that though. I might be close. I got 3 very good pieces. They will probably take time to sell. Oops. I couldn't help myself. They are nice rhinestone & crystal pieces.

I will see how the day goes.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


I just reached 200 views from Etsy search here close to 9:30 pm. This will be the new normal, I hope, after Christmas. I don't believe my views will be as high for the first 4 months of next year as they were the first 4 months of this year. I am expecting sept-oct level views. Possibly some days under 200.

Better Views than yesterday, but still low

Here at 7:30 pm still only 169 views from Etsy search. 516 total.

I have made 3 sales for good revenue.

Views are Back up Today

So at about 2:30 am I already had 24 views from Etsy search. And here before 1 pm I have 107.

The drop is views was related to Etsy Search Ads??? Or just a coincidence? Just timing?

1 small sale today.

The 2nd Lowest View Day of the Year!

Wow. I ended yesterday with only 182 views from Etsy search! Only 29 Google views!
And only 560 total views!

My previous low was 180 on sept 6.

Even last Christmas day I had nearly 250 views from etsy search!

And my Shop Dashboard says that on the same day last year I had 351 MORE total views and had 8 orders! (yesterday none). Wow.

I wonder what it was?
Was it the Search Ads?
So much more competition?
Google changes?
Etsy search changes?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Low Views Related to Etsy Search Ads???

Is it just that the Christmas shopping season has slowed considerably? Or is it that using Etsy Search ads has affected my visibility in Etsy search????

Is it just a coincidence that I start search ads and then my views from Etsy search drop like a rock??? And I will end up below 200 views from Etsy search for only the 2nd or 3rd time all year????

I believe this happened before when I tried Etsy Search ads???


Well, I just stopped my ads.

On Dec 17th I had more than 300 views from Etsy search.
On Dec 18th I decided to try Search Ads again after reading a positive post in the forums about tham.
On Dec 18th I had more than 300 views from Etsy search.
On Dec 19th I had 235 views from Etsy search!
Today, dec 20th I am going to end BELOW 200 views from Etsy search!

It could be just timing? Since it is only days from Christmas.

I am certain it happened before.

Wow. Low Views

Here right after 5:30 pm only 124 views from Etsy search! Only 410 Total views! And only 17 views from Google! Wow.

Wow! Low Views!

Here at right after 6 am only 22 views from Etsy search! I had 12 in the midnight hour!
And only 67 total views! WOW!

The Environmentalists' Myth of American Energy Shortages

Even Lower Views; Will my shop grow in 2014?

From watching my stats this month I can see that the Christmas shopping season has just about ended.

I was having about 20 views from Etsy search by 1 am. Here at nearly 12:40 am I have 9 NINE total views and 6 views from Etsy search.

Yesterday I finished with only 29 views from Google! Wow. The lowest all year. I might have had 27 once this year.

My shop was growing. But even if I have revenue, by selling more expensive items, my shop can't grow without visitors. Without being seen.

And it feels as if my shop has taken a major step back, because of significant drops in views from ALL search engines. I sold more expensive items in november & december, but views were down by thousands compared to 2012.

The first 4 months of this year were great. Then even through the summer I was doing great from Etsy search. Then, with more changes by Google and more changes by Etsy, including the terrible new listing page, my views were down thousands each month.

In march I had more than 37,000 total views. In november I had more than 26,600. For the first 16 days of this month I had over 14,000. And only made it over 1,000 total views for the day TWICE this month.

So what this is saying is that I will need to do more research to improve my SEO for ALL search engines. To promote more off-Etsy. And to have more of a variety of items in my shop. Not so many tea cups. Although those are the money-makers.

It will be a challenging year. I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Jobs Report Is A Phony: ROOT For America

The Christmas Shopping Season in My Vintage Etsy shop

Well, when I first checked my stats for the day this morning I could see that the Christmas shopping season is just about over. I saw yesterday that views took a drop. Then this morning they had taken even more of a drop.

Here right before 9 pm I am still at only 192 views from Etsy search. That still isn't too bad, I guess. I made one small sale today. I will also have to refund a buyer for a damaged item. I didn't see the damage when I listed it or packed it. It is my mistake. I was given the items too. Still my mistake.

So how was my 2013 Christmas season???

It was not too bad, I guess. For the month of december Only $130 less revenue than last year. BUT 4,000 LESS total views and 18 less orders! I think I made it over 1,000 total views for a day twice in these past 19 days.
So I could have done so much better this year. I was lucky that I sold some of my more expensive items. Just like in november.

Comparing dec 1-19 of 2012 to 2013 here are the numbers (with 3 hours left to go today):

2012 2013

Total views: 21,081 17,083

Views from Etsy search: 6,324 5,964

Views from Google: 1,973 900

Views from Bing: 511 100

Views from The Find: 156 35

ORDERS 76 58

So many lost views from search engines! Etsy and others!

More than 1,000 LESS views from Google! wow.
More than 400 less views from Bing!
More than 120 less from The Find!

If I plan on staying open for 2014, I need to work on that! More outside promoting.

I would also really include november as part of the Christmas shopping season.
And including those stats I actually had more revenue this year than last. On MANY less orders and nearly 10,000 LESS total views! I got lucky and sold some of my most expensive tea cups at the end of the month. That saved me. For november and dec.

I will post on those stats at another date.

How do I feel then about my Christmas season?
Well, I was hoping to do better than I did. I am a little disappointed at what I did do. Because of so many less views and less orders. But I did make more money than last year. But, again, I could have done so much better.

If I were to compare my Christmas season to a football game, I'd say I got beat on the stat sheet. The other team had more yards than I did, but I won the game. It was not a pretty win. And it wasn't my best game. But I won.

Monday, December 16, 2013

South Carolina Looking to Pass Bill That Would Nullify ObamaCare in the State | Tenth Amendment Center Blog

South Carolina Looking to Pass Bill That Would Nullify ObamaCare in the State | Tenth Amendment Center Blog

Vince Vance & the Valiants - All I Want For Christmas Is You [HQ]

Merry Christmas Baby - Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - A Very...


Here at about 3:20 pm I have 203 views from Etsy search. Views this month have not been as high as last year. Not even as high as the first 7 months of this year. They are about there or a little lower on average. I've had days in the 300's. And also days in the mid to upper 200's.

Only 21 views from Google. The first 4 months of the year I'd have in the 30's or 40's by noon. And after the drop in may, a small summer recovery, another drop in sept with another minor gain in nov, this month they have been in the 30's! Disappointing. I will see what I can do about that for next year.

I've made a couple sales today, too. Small ones. Not what I would have expected for Christmas. Even on saturday, a saturday before Christmas, I did not make a sale.

It has not been too bad revenue & order wise since november 1st. I think I still have more revenue this year than last year for that same time. But if views were the same as last year, I could have done so much better.

Well, just about time to run to the post office. I did have a good day of sales yeaterday.

A surge of views from Etsy search in the middle of the night?

Here at nearly 3 am I already have 61 views from Etsy search.

At about 1:15 am I have only 14 views from Etsy search and was thinking it was going to be another low day of views.

Then at about 2:43 I checked and I had a surge to 49......Then at 2:50 I checked and I had 61 views from Etsy search!


I wonder what is causing that????? Something I've done?? Something Etsy has done??? Just a surge of visitors to Etsy???

Just about time for bed.

Housecleaning Tips : How to Clean a Silk Tie

Hi, Elena, my favorite spy!!

I see you have made your etsy shop to look just like mine. The titles and descriptions look alot like mine. lol. I see you put "vintage" in the middle of the titles. lol.
Do you even know why I do that??? Do you even know why I was not putting vintage as the first word in the title??? I bet you don't lol. I'm not tellin' either. lol.

You even had to go buy the same camera as me. lol. Good thing I told you about that camera and taught you how to use it. Your pics are stil lblurry though. So you still need some practice. Even though it's been nearly 2 years.

It's funny that you wouldn't tell me your shop name when I asked you 2 or 3 times this year. lol. I knew it, but I asked just to see if you would tell me. And you wouldn't.

I haven't even told you I have a blog. But you reading this because you have googled my shop name. :)

You have been spying on me and my shop and watching it and copying it, but you wouldn't tell me your shop name. lol.

What are you going to do when I close my shop?? You will have to find someone else to spy on. :)

2,222 Sales in my vintage Etsy shop!

Yesterday I sold a Wallace silver plate sleigh bell ornament from 1986 for my 2,222nd sale! I got it at the local thrift store. I actually bought 5 or 6 of them at the same time. I have been lucky enough to sell 4 of them so far. I even sold one right AFTER Christmas last year.

It has been an ok december. Revenue is good. About the same as last year. But it is disappointing that total views and views from Etsy search are down noticeably and views from Google are way down! Down by nearly 1,000 in only 15 days! Ouch! Not sure what I could do about that. If I were to take out the title as the first line of the description, then for most of my listings I would not have any type of description at all. Except the measurements and age. HHhhhmmmmm....I will think of something to improve my google views for 2014.

It is nearly 2:30 am and I have been packing orders to take to the post office first thing in the morning. I am about to head to bed because I am starting to feel tired/ready for sleep.

Off I go....

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Darn it! The Patriots lost!! To the dolphins

I thought they were going to win!! It looked like it!! But I still felt bad as I watched it. I had a bad feeling. So I left at halftime. And turned it on at the end to see the score. I am mad about that. lol.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Even Lower Google Views!

Wow. Yesterday I ended with only 38 views from Google. Here at nearly 11:30 I have only 33. Wow.

Psyche is back!

I was just going through the tv stations and saw the Psyche is back on ION television! And it the marathon, too. He is on all day today. Hopefully it is back to every saturday.


I like that show. It is funny and entertaining. It's interesting, too. I think they come up with some good plots and creative crimes. Some attractive females, too. The past couple years I'd watch the marathons at night. And it went off the station this summer. I am glad it is back. I will be watching it tonight.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Doug's Market closed!

I just got back from the post office and the clerk there told me that Doug's closed! That's sad. I will miss it. And the people there.


I was going to it when it was Joe's back in the 1970's. It was dark and dirty. And the prices were high. Then Doug bought it and turned it around. He did a great job with it.
I am sorry to see it go.

I will miss it.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Low Views Today

Here right after 7 am only 45 views from Etsy search. Disappointing.

And only 3 small sales yesterday.

And a good number of the listings I relisted last night have gotten zero views. My new Lefton pink tea cup has gotten zero views in 9 hours.

And yesterday was only 39 Google views. Wow. Last year on dec 5th I had 91 Google views.

I don't think it is good for being the Christmas shopping season and the first week of december.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Comparing December Views; Shop Dashboard

Well views from Etsy search and total views are down noticeably from last year. As are orders.

Here is the comparison for the first 5 days of december, with it still right before 11 pm:

Dec 2012 Dec 2013

Total views 5,446 4,442

Etsy search views 1,779 1,550

Google search views 552 252

Orders 25 12

That is kind of disappointing. This has been one of my busiest weeks for both of my first two decembers. The first week has been my busiest week of the month also.

My shop dashboard for the past 7 days says I have 1,443 less total views and 14 less orders, but MORE revenue.
My shop dashboard for the past 30 days says I have 6,118 LESS total views, 37 LESS orders, but more revenue.

So I am planning for the drop after Christmas and for the beginning of the year. I don't believe that I will be as busy or have as many orders or revenue the beginning of 2014 as 2013. Etsy and Google have changed. Along with much more competition.

Time to rethink my plans for 2014??

The Gossip - Heavy Cross (lyrics)

Xbox One Console | "Retirement Home" TV Commercial with Brian Urlacher &...

Loud or Clear | Ford Edge "And Is Better" TV Commercial

Bing Search Views!

I have noticed views from Bing in my shop stats over the years, but I have not kept track of them because they were so low. But it was just the other night on the 3rd that I decided to check my views from Bing. Wow. Was I surprised!

I have had a BIG drop in Bing views from this november & december compared to last year!

For December 1-4 of 2013 I had 12 Views from Bing.
For december 1-4 of 2012 I had 93 views from Bing!

For november of 2013 I had 145 views from Bing
For november of 2012 I had 528 views from Bing!

And if I go back to october:

October 2013: 164 views from Bing
October 2012: 308 views from Bing

I have not researched Bing changes, but I have seen that I may have to open a Bing Merchant Account. I think Bing has started a shopping page like Google shopping.
It appears to be a long process, but it may be worth it.

So the drop in Bing views is ANOTHER source of lost total views on Etsy!
And lost sales??

Time to do some research.

Comparing Novembers Views: Record High Day in November

Well after the record drop in september my views came back some at the end of sept. Then more in october. Then even more in november. But still views would drop in november more than the first half of this year or last nov & dec. But they were still steady in november.

In oct & nov I was having regular days of more than 300 views from Etsy search.

AND.....the first sunday of november I had the freaky high of 485 views from Etsy search. Which blew away my previous high of 440 from the beginning of this year or last christmas season.

And I actually had more revenue this november than last year. Even with 1/3 less orders. I owe that to selling some of my most expensive tea cups. Which surprised me.

So here is the comparison between nov '12 and nov '13:

2012 2013

Total Views 31,591 26,659

Etsy Search Views 9,404 9,703

Google Search Views 3,142 1,530

Orders 95 63

I have not checked my Google analytics statst to compare the number of visitors. But the lost views are from lost Google visitors, I believe. And partly because of the terrible new listing page format.

Google views are down because of google changes and Etsy's relationship with google having changed. And it could be partly due to my own duplicate content. Although most of my duplicate content would be with just tea cups. Not with my other vintage items.

I have reached 100 views from Google only ONCE in months.

So I was found by more searchers on Etsy, but had less orders. Again, some of the orders from last year were probably due to Google searches. But 1/3??

This general stats are not really enough to come to a definite conclusion, but they give me an excellent idea of what happened and how my shop is doing.

December is starting off with lower views than last year. And significantly less orders.

I believe next year after Christmas views will drop back down to the New Normal.

Well, 21 days til Christmas!