Friday, January 31, 2014

About to ship the vintage cane wingback chair; high Google views at Noon

Here at 12:07 I have 22 views from Google!
That is the most in weeks. In fact, I rarely reach 20 by noon. I think this is a new record since the drop in google views.

I know I reached 20 views at noon twice in the past several months.

And, as I've stated before, the first quarter of last year I'd be at 25 to 47 views from Google at noon. With one day at 67. When I had the freaky high of 180 views from Google for the day.

I will just see how it plays out this year and see what else I can do.

I got the chair boxed up in my front yard and I am about to make the trip to Greyhound. I would have liked to have been taking book pics today. I have alot to list.

I also have orders to pack. 2 tea cup orders. A book order and a saucer order. I also finally sold the 1950's Thoren's music box.

It is a nice day. Actually feels comfortable and a little mild. Especially compared with the 10 degree weather I was out in recently.

Off to Greyhound.

Hawaii Five-O - Theme Song [Full Version]

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

200 Views at 5pm

Here at 5:04 pm I have 202 views from Etsy search. 661 total views.

Only 26 from Google. Wow. For the first quarter of last year I would have 25-45 by 12 noon. And averaged 85 to 144 for the day. Oh well. This is the new normal. Google is lost for me.

I didn't get any more pics taken. Now I have orders to pack and I will have to get the chair outside and packed on the porch and shipped on friday. I will do that around noon. Hopefully it will be warm enough. And hopefully it will make it safely.

444 Total VIews with 125 from Etsy Search

I just decided to come back upstairs to check my shop and saw those numbers. Coincidence? Or not?

So yesterday I ended with 404 views from Etsy search. Things slowed down in the afternoon and evening. My record is 480 and I was on pace to surpass that at 12 noon, but finished much less.

It was still a decent day. Got many tea cup pics taken and listed and had a couple orders.

I got some tea cup pics taken today.

I opened my order of 5 tea cups that were great deals and 4 of them had their handles broken! Very poor pack job by the seller in California. No bubble wrap on any piece. The saucers and tea cups were in separate boxes, but were loose and only in shredded paper. 1 nice tea cup made it.

Now she is offering me a German tea set. I will have to see it. I am guessing it will be plain and not that valuable.

It is a sunny day and getting too late for pics until the sun starts to go down around 4pm.

I want to get some book pics taken and listed. I want to list more items than just so many tea cups.

Back to work.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

300 Views after 6 pm

Here at 6:24 pm I have 304 views from Etsy search. I think it is a record for the earliest time to reach 300. It is at least very close to the record.

My all-time record is 480. I've reached 430-440 at least 3 times.

It has been a fairly productive day so far. in that I got a bunch of tea cup pics taken. And most of them turned out very well.

I need more sunny days though, to catch up with all the new tea cups I have.

Back downstairs to watch some tv and snack.

200 Views in Record Time!

I have just reached 200 views from Etsy search at 12:34pm! Glad to do that!

Only 13 from Google though. I am coming to accept that as the new normal.

Also had 2 orders.

High Views after 7AM

I already have 116 views from Etsy search at 7:32an! On a record pace!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Money Masters - Full-Length (3hrs 19m)

Good Views at Noon Today, Too; My Views Posts

So I have 122 views from Etsy search at 12:02pm. Glad to reach that again. It's monday, too.

So my views from Etsy search have come back????

At least until the next change???

It will be very disappointing if my views from Etsy search drop again like they did in sept til about the end of october.

I had dropped down to 180.

That is why I started posting about my views. These posts have been recording keeping for me, pretty much.

The first half of the year I tried to post on different subjects, but since that big drop I have been posting about my views.

This year, I will work on having an interesting blog worth reading & following.

High Views Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for views. It was sunday, of course, which has been a high view day for months now.

I finished with 382 views from Etsy search and 1,282 total views. I am surprised by that.

I am surprised to be getting nearly 400 views from Etsy search and so many total views. Especially with such low google views.

Only 44 views from Google.

It was a good sign to get so many Etsy search views.

Will I continue to grow this year????
Not sure. Last year was such a great pace. I am not sure I can match it. Without getting much better things for my shop and probably even going to auction? To get much nicer things at low prices?

Yesterday I also had 2 orders. Now I have to find the bracelet.

Time to take a few pics.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My First Experience with Thundersnow

After taking orders to the post office I decided to walk to the thrift store. I only found a couple pair of running shoes. A nice REebok pair to keep and a nice nike pair to sell and a few other small things.

From there I walked down to the super market.

When I left it was snowing. Pretty heavy too. As I left the parking lot and got about a block I heard thunder. My first time hearing that during snow.

As I walked home the snow was pretty heavy. It was a white-out. I couldn't see a block away. But it didnt last long. The total time was probably only about 10-15 minutes.

The temp was actually comfortable today. I thought it was going to be sub-zero for a week straight. But tomorrow is lookign decent and then at least monday morning will be comfortable. And it looks by thursday it will be in the 30's again. Just have to plan and prepare for mon evening through wed night.

I came home and shoveled my yard and sidewalk and got ready for an evening of tv and keeping warm.

Tomorrow is laundry day and maybe some pics in the morning?

Good Views at Noon

Here right after 12 noon I have 137 views from Etsy search. This is where they were the first quarter of last year.

Only 12 views from Google. Disappointing still.

I actually have 15 views from, whatever that is.

Yesterday at noon I had more views from Pinterest than google.

I finished yessterday with 297 views from Etsy search. So today will be above 300 again.

Also, this is all due to my tea cups. Before I had so many tea cups, in the beginning of 2012, I had high views. When I had a lot of very nice vintage items.

I have not been able to restock AND my views for vintage are down.

It will be an interesting, challenging year. I am not sure I can equal last year. Even close. I hope I can make 50-75% of what I made last year.

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Productve Day and a Frustrating Day; Broken plates & Hattie Carnegie Brooch

Today has been a good day sales wise. I have had 4 orders. 4 good orders.

BUT, I knocked a stack of plates off a table and I walked over to look at them after I heared the breaking of china and I saw my one very pretty Limgoes hand painted plate was broken! That is about $45. And one of my cheap 1940's Bavaria fruit plates broke. And I didnt look, but I think I broke or damaged one of my pair of pheasants. AND one of my other Limoges plates was broken. Grrrr.

Add to that yesterday as I was going through my jewelry I saw my very nice Hattie Carnegie swan brooch with porcelain eggs was broken. I must have stepped on it at some piont.

More lost money.

That is probably $100 of money I lost just on the purchase prices. Not counting shipping. So that is over $100 I lost in the past 24 hours. Grrr.

Being careless, I guess. And having so much stuff. I needed a place to set my feet so I set the plates on the edge of the table. I knew better. I should have gotten them down form there. Oh well. I will get over it in days or weeks.

I have made some very nice tea cup buys lately. The past few days, including just this evening, I have been opening them and have been impressed. Some excellent prices on some great tea cups.

And, I just made a couple very nice jewelry purchase tonight on Ebay. To go with a couple others I made recently.

So I lost money. I hopefully will make more. And will just have to give it time to get over that.

Lost money over carelessness and accidents. That bugs me.

Almost time for bed.

Low Google Views

Wow. Here at 2:36 pm I have only 9 NINE views from Google! How disappointing.

I guess using Google+ did NOTHING.

I had 108 views from Etsy search about 12:26. That was decent. And I've had 3 orders.

Now it is all about finding the jewelry and tea cups, getting them packed and shipped today.

Still have to find & pack the pink glass lamps.

Back to work.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

High Views Today; Payment received a 4:44pm

It was good to see that I had 124 views from Etsy search at 12 Noon today. And here at 7:46 I have 275 views from Etsy search.

It is the same disappointing story about google views....only 26.

I took a nap and just woke to a small figurine sale. I saw in my email account that the sale was at 4:43....

....and I received the payment at 4:44.

Well I am going to go watch some tv tonight and eat and try to keep warm.

High Views Yesterday

I am surprised that I finished a wednsday with 346 views from Etsy search and 1,178 total views!

For weeks my busiest days were weekend days.

It looks like my Etsy search views have come back?

My google views are low and staying low. 51 yesterday.

I have jewelry to find and a couple other orders to pack. Maybe take some pics?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

High Views at Noon again today

I have 129 views from Etsy search here at 12 Noon. Glad to do that again. Yesterday I was at only 89. I did finish yesterday with 302 after having 390 the day before that.

I still have only 13 views from Google this morning. That is still bugging me. I don't think I could change all my listings to get my google views back.

Last year for the first four months, and at the end of 2012, I'd have 25-47 by 12 noon. Oh well.

I am also a little frustrated. I got up late and missed the sun when I have alot of tea cups to take pics of, and I missed 2 very nice tea cups I forgot to bid on before I went to bed. The very nice rose one I definitely should have bid on and would have won. IT was ending in the middle of the night. Oh well.

I got my orders packed yesterday. Except for the lamps and the jewelry, which I have to find.

I will go going to the post office then the supermarket. To stock up. So I don't have to go back out in this weather.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I thought I was doing great this month........

I thought I was doing much better than last january revenue-wise. And I was right. But when I compared the stats for the first 21 days of january for this year and last I saw that I have more than 4,000 LESS TOTAL VIEWS. Wow. That's alot.

I have lost hundreds of Google views every month. I've lost THOUSANDS since august.

So I am not sure I will be able to match last years revenue or orders or sales. I am not sure I can keep up this pace of selling my most valuable items.

I have to try to get back my Google, Bing and The Find views. Especially Google.


It's been an active day in my shop. 4 orders. Tea cups, of course. I will ship them in the morning. I have to get the chair to Greyhound, too.

I am going to finish packing what orders I can, then off to bed.

Nearly 400 Views Yesterday

I finished yesterday with 390 views from Etsy search. Glad to do that.

Also, 60 views from Google. The first time I've reached 60 in weeks. 50's is the New Normal for google views. Unfortunately.

Finished with 1,095 total views. No sales though.

I have been going through the pics on my computer and have found many things I had not listed. So saturday and yesterday I listed some. And I made another list of them last night and I will be listing more today.

I see I have alot of cheap books. I don't have the good ones like I've had before, but I will still list them. I think they are interesting subjects. Like castles and American Indians, and biographies and many many more.

I will list a couple more things, maybe pack another order or two. Then head to bed.

Monday, January 20, 2014

200 Views after 2 pm

I have just reached 201 views from Etsy search at 2:14pm. About an hour later than yesterday. But still very good. 560 total views, too.

I remembered the post office is closed today. So I am still going to try to get all my orders packed so I can ship them tomorrow in the morning.

Another Day of High Views at Noon

I have 142 views from Etsy search at 12:02pm. Glad to see that. Didn't expect it. I thought it would drop off since it was monday. And I had 2 consecutive high view days on the weekend. I will take it.

And more than 400 total views. Only 13 views from Google.

I remember the days when I would get in the 100's for total views. And when I would average in the 220's and if I went into the low 300's for the day that was alot.

I have a lot of things to pack today. I have 14 orders to get shipped. I'd like to shipo them all today so I don't have to go out into the cold tomorrow.

Just gotta make it through this week of single digit temps....and my being upset of the game yesterday! lol.

I am still mad about the game yesterday.

I haven't even checked the final score. I wlll get madder. lol. It was not looking good the first drive of the third quarter so I turned it off.

More than 400 Views Yesterday

I finished yesterday with 430 views from Etsy search, 1,171 total views, and 4 good sales. And 58 views from google, the New Normal, in the 50's.

I am still mad about the game yesterday. I got an email from a guy who is a big Steelers fan. So I know it's not good. He's rubbing it in. Darn it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Darn it. The Patriots LOST!!!!!!! To freakin Manning.

WOW. I thought they were going to win. I turned the game off at teh beginning of the second half when Denver was makign plays.

I wasted another year.

I wasted another year watching football.

I will have to stop watching sports. lol. Stop wasting my time.

I have to change my ways. lol.

My teams just don't win. My teams have LOST more than they have won.

I am not happy right now. lol.

Oh well. Nothing I can do. Just learn from this. lol.

200 Views right after 1pm

Here at 1:14pm I have 200 views from Etsy search. I also sold a very nice pair of pink glass lamps to Florida.

Off to the grocery store to stock up before this cold week.

Near Record High Views at Noon

I have 171 views from Etsy search at 12 noon. The record is 176.

Also 447 total views. Only 13 from Google.

100 Views at 6 am

I have 101 views from Etsy search at 6:12 am.

High Search Views Right after Midnight!

Here at 12:16 am I already have 23 views from Etsy search!

I have been having in the teens or low 20's by midnight.

I ended yesterday 353 views from Etsy search, 58 from Google and 1,220 total views.
And 3 sales.

It is looking like today will be another one of those high view days. More than 400?

Almost time for bed. I have alot to do the next two days! Including getting that chair packed and taken to Greyhound.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

200 Views at 4pm; High Total Views

I have 207 views from Etsy search right after 4 pm. Glad to have bounced back. But it is a saturday. Saturday appears to be the new high view/active day.

No more views from The Find since those 2 hours of views.

I also have 823 total views. I finished yesterday in the 700's.

Now I have to find the jewelry and pack my orders to ship them on monday.

High Views from The Find!

Here at nearly 1:30pm I have 26 views from The Find. That is the most in MONTHS. I see it is because I had 17 views in one hour and 9 views the hour before that. And they were all tea cup views.

The Find is one of the places where I have lost HUNDREDS of views.

So this is highly unusual.

Etsy search views are at a good amount at 152.....There is THAT NUMBER again.....

I have made a couple small sales today, too. Tea cups, of course.

Google views are 16. I ended yssterday with 49. I haven't reached 60 in weeks. I haven't reached 70 in MONTHS. I haven't reached 100 in even LONGER. I think I have reached 100 views from google ONCE in 5 or 6 months.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Pics of Vintage Costume Jewelry Brooches; Low Views Yesterday & Today

I ended yesterday with only 253 views from Etsy search, only 34 views from Google (wow), and 705 total views.

Today near 5:30 pm I am at 171 views from Etsy search, only 29 from Google and 705 total views.

I did just make another decent tea cup sale to a previous customer.

I just checked my camera for the pics I took before going to the laundromat. Wow. I am impressed. They actually turned out great. The backgrounds turned out nice and white. And not off-white or yellow or blueish.

When I walked out of the house with my bag of laundry it was a nice day. Cloudy and nice temps so I decided to take pics of my new pieces of jewelry.

I got pics of my beautiful Monet blue glass brooch:

My Monet agate heart brooch:

And my Florenza glass cameo brooch I got lucky and found at the thrift store. And also kinda had the "thought" to check the box I took outside to use to rest my camera on, and boom, it was in there. I had forgotten about it:

It has been a pretty productive day. I got the pics taken, got a couple book pics taken earlier, got laundry done, bought some pants at the thrift store, made a decent tea cup sale.

Now I want to get one more tea cup packed and shipped tonight.

Off to work.

100 Views Before 11am

I just reached 100 views from etsy search at 10:42am. Glad to do that. Glad that views have bounced back from yesterday when I didn't reach 100 until 1:30 or so.

I was up almost overnight posting new items. I was just going through my pics on my computer and listing some things I had taken pics of but hadn't listed yet. Some views on those items, but not many. Mostly bot views. Even though Etsy believes they changed it 2 years ago to not count them. I know they are bot views because immediately after I post an item to twitter or facebook or pinterest I get a "direct view".

Well, I have to work on that chair. Getting it packed up and taken to Greyhound. I have 2 pieces of jewelry to find. And a tea cup to pack & ship.

Not sure about finding the jewelry.

Off to work.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Only 180 Views at 7pm

7pm is one of the times I have to gauge my views for the day. This is the latest I would like to reach 200 views from Etsy search.

So views have dropped down the past few days. I have still made sales though. I don't know if I can match last years sales or revenue. I got lucky. That was alot of buying every day. And I got lucky with the buyers and sales I made. I got lucky with some of the items I found to resell, too.

I still have to find 2 pieces of jewelry and get my chair boxed and taken to Greyhound.

TV tonight?

Stevie Wonder-Isn't She Lovely Lyrics

A Frustrating Day so far

I woke up late and missed out on a sunny morning. When I have many tea cup pics to take.

Low views in my vintage Etsy shop. The lowest in a while.

I just missed out on a great Paragon tea cup with the etched gold band in the center. It was a very good price and had "best offer" and since I had been spending so much on tea cups lately I tried to save some money, but only a few minutes later someone bought it.

Well, I just made a small sale. But it had been about 2 days without a sale. With all the extra cash I have been donating.

And then colder weather to look forward to. With cloudy skies in the forecast.

And I have been worrying about my large ginger jar I shipped to Austrlia. And also thinking I probably priced it much too low. Probably HALF of what it should have been priced at. Knowing I won't come across one like that so cheat again. I got it from a dealer in Oriental porcelain. So it was a good piece.

So I have been frustrated so far today. Now I am about to pack my good tea cup order. And hopefully it will arrive safely.

Off to work.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

100 Views right after 11AM

I just reached 100 views from Etsy search at 11:07 am. Views are up at 336 total views. And 13 Google views.

I have orders to pack and ship.

Rainbow Brittany was wrong. She did get 1 out of 2.

When I first started using the internet back in october 2000 I googled "angel websites" and found AngelHaven. I started going on the chat room.

I met Rainbow Brittany. She said she gave readings.

So in the beginning of 2002 she gave me a reading and told me 2 things I remember. 1 of which turned out to be true.

She said "You are a healer. With your hands."

She also said, "your voice will change the world." Something like that.

I didn't believe her at first about my hands. I even sent her an angry email stating I am not a healer.

Some time after that when I got in touch with her and apolgized she said my email greatly affected her and she considered not using her gift to hear the angels any more. She said she had forgiven me, but would not give me another reading.

Yes, I eventually found out that I can heal with my hands. I have used my hands on myself many times. First starting around october 2005.

But my voice has not changed the world. Unless she means by talking on the phone long distance with the people I have talked with.

I have been told I have a sexy speaking voice on the phone. And the girls I have talked long distance with have liked it. Maybe my long distance relationships have had some affect where I "changed the world.". Otherwise, my voice won't change the world.

Oh well. Back to work on my vintage Etsy shop. lol.

The Call-Let The Day Begin

Chris Isaak i wanna fall in love

Yesterday's Etsy & Google Views

I finished yesterday with 278 views from Etsy search and 57 from Google.

I also have over 1,000 total views at 1,018. Which is good to see. Especially when I had less than 300 views from Etsy search and much lower than last year views from Google.

I guess 50's for Google views is the new normal. The new normal high. I have reached 70 only ONCE in weeks.

I think I have to set up my shop to be relevant for Etsy or for google. But not for both. And I choose Etsy first. And what else I can do for Google, second.

Plus, I have more than 1,000 listings and I cannot go back and change all of htem to be relevant for Google. That would probably mean shorting the titles, eliminating the title copied as the first line of the description and writing descriptions, unique descriptions, for everyone of my listings using keywords from the titles.


I am still off to a very good start.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Won a Roseville bowl on Ebay

I think I didn't get that good of a deal though. I should be able to get my money back, and probably double my money. But it was not that good of a deal. I do better, much better, with tea cups. My fault.

My initial research before I did seemed to look as though I was going to get a great deal. But since I won it, I have not see similar pieces for much more than I paid.

Oh well. I will list it and it will probably sell, and I won't lose money on it.

It was a fairly good day in my vintage Etsy shop.

Now off to the grocery store.

Bruno Mars: "Treasure" - The Voice Highlight

The Change in Views in 2 Days

On sunday I have 399 views from Etsy search.
Yesterday, monday, I had 263 views from Etsy search.


Antique Carlton Ware hand painted tea cup set; 100 Views at 2pm

I decided to take some pics even though it is cloudy and late in the day for pics.

I got some taken of my beautiful hand painted Carlton Ware English tea cup set:

I also got some pics taken of a very pretty cameo vase by Mount Clemens Pottery. It looks to be much more valuable than it actually is:

It has taken me until 2:10 pm to reach 100 views from Etsy search.

I have made the good tea cup sale. So I still feel ok about the day.

Off to finish packing my orders to ship today. It has been a good month. I wonder if I could keep up this pace for the next 12 months????

86 Views at Noon

Here at 12:15 I have 86 views from Etsy search.

I guess views have dropped after the first week of the month.

I guess views won't be as good the first 4 months of this year like last year.

It appears the first week of the month and the weekends will be the high view days. Unlike last year when nearly every day was high.

I have had a great month revenue & view-wise.

I am off to a good start.

I will see how it goes.

Monday, January 13, 2014

200 Views at 8pm

It took me until 8:07 pm to have 201 views from Etsy search.

For the past week or so I was reaching 200 from 3-5 pm.

I made some sales today though. And I got orders shipped. Including the trunk to Greyhound. So it was still productive.

I did lose a significant percentage on the sale of my trapunto print because of a $13 oversized surcharge.

That means I am going to lose a significant amount on my vintage golf print I just sold tonight too. And the purchase price is lower and not very high to begin with. Just gotta eat it.

Now I have alot of new tea cups to get pics taken and listed. Along with so many books.

Off to have an omelet for dinner and watch some tv.

Drop in Views

Today at 10"39 I have only 77 views from Etsy search. I was over 100 by now. And "only" 258 total views. 10 from google.

I have to go to Greyhound. Then to the post office.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

300 Views at 6:30pm

I have 301 views from Etsy search at 6:30. I have made 4 sales. Including the large wingback chair I got from the friend of the owners at my grounds keeping job. Now I have to get that to Louisian safely.

I also have nearly 1,000 total views at 962.

It has been an active day.

I have work to do over the next 2 days!

200 Views at 3 pm

Here right after 3pm I have 207 views from Etsy search, 712 total views and 17 from Google.

I will probably finish in the mid to upper 300's.

Another Morning of High Views

Here at 10:47am I already have 491 total views. With 116 views from Etsy search.

I finally sold my large ginger jar that I have to ship to Australia. Uh-oh. lol. I think I can make it. I will double box it.

I have some orders I will try to pack today. And go grocery shopping.

400 Views Yesterday; Is it Me or Etsy?

I finished yesterday with 405 views from Etsy search. That is very good for january. And also surprising. Why I would have more views right after Christmas than during??

I am still wondering why I have been having more views after Christmas than during??
I am wondering if it is just the normal, obvious reason of just more people shopping? Or something Etsy did???

I finished with only 47 views from Google.

But with more than 1,330 total views. And 3 orders.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Keep My Vintage Etsy Shop Open? Or close it?

I think I could make a good case to close my shop. For having more than 1,000 listings I don't sell much. I really only sell tea cups. And I made what I made last year because I spent almost all of my profits on tea cups. And for the money that I have donated, I have not reaped much.

I have to spend alot to make alot. I have spent alot to make alot.

It really might not be worth it.


I have reached 200 views from Etsy search here just after 2pm. Glad to do that.

My shop is active today with it having 134 listing views in the 1 o'clock hour.

2 more orders to pack.

Vintage 1960's Storage Trunk; High Search Views at Noon

Here at 12:05 I already have 165 views from Etsy search. That is my 3rd highest day ever. My previous high was that day in the beginning of november when I had 176.

I also have 481 total views and 110 favorites.

My favorites have been high almost every day. Because of my tea cups.

So it is looking like I am on my way to 400 views from Etsy search. Unless things slow down in the afternoon? And saturday is now the higher view day? It was sunday for the last months of 2013. This is consecutive saturdays with high views.

This morning I made one decent sale. I sold the vintage green storage trunk I got from the neighbor:

I will be shipping that by Greyhound.

I have orders to pack!

Super High Views before 10am

Here at 9:52 I already have 139 views from Etsy search! And 402 total views!

Tea cups are the main reason.

I have 32 searches for "tea cup and saucer set".
And 20 for "tea cup".

I have orders to pack today.

100 Views at 5 am

Here at 5:21 am I have 103 views from etsy search! The earliest ever?

A Big Jump in Etsy Search Views

I checked my stats at 1:22 am and I had 21 views from Etsy search. Then I just checked my stats again and I all of a sudden have 50 views from etsy search in just an additional 15 minutes.

This is the 2nd time I've noticed this.

I have gotten big spikes of search views in the 1- 3 o'clock hours.


Almost off to bed

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Day of High Search Views

Right before midnight I have 377 views from Etsy search. One of my highest search view days ever.

Google views are so low though. Only 43. That is still disappointing.

I made a couple small sales. I also spent alot of money buying more tea cups. Not sure if I should have, or not. I also saw a few more that I want to buy.

I have been trying to pack the large gazelle planter I sold, but I am having trouble. It is so large and heavy. I need to double box it, but can't find the right size boxes. It is too expensive to risk in a box that is just big enough.

I will give it another shot, then off to bed.

Vintage Aynsley china flower handle tea cup set, Antique tole box; 200 Views

I was going through the pics on my computer when I found things I hadn't listed and forgot about. Including my Aynsley flower handle tea cup. So I listed it today.

I also got some pics taken of a very nice hand painted tole box I found at the thrift store and got it listed:

My shop has gotten active here over teh past few hours. Especially after I renewed some listings. My end table and blue Royal Stafford tea cup are popular.

I just reached 200 views from Etsy search at 3:44 pm. Glad to do that this early.

I have to go buy some tape to finish packing my orders for the day. I should have gotten it last night.

Back in a few......

2:51 AM

I went to bed last night after midnight. I woke up and was getting out of bed when I looked at the clock and the time was 2:51.

That number again.............

Thursday, January 9, 2014

5:12 pm

After going to the post office and shipping the Burberry trench coat I walked over to the super market.

I was going through the register and as I used the keypad for the debit card I noticed the time on the keypad was 5:12.

There is that number again.

It was the number I wrote about in a previous blog post. The number I was seeing many times in november of 2001. When I told my sister I kept seeing a combination of the number 215 she told me, "Mom passed away at 2:15.".

That was the week before my sisters birthday and she and my mom were very close.

So the next day, after my sisters birthday, I went to play that number and the lottery guy said, "did you play it?". I told him that I hadn't. That I was just going to play it then. He said, "oh, well it hit yesterday.".

And I see that number occasionally since.


Here after 6:15pm I already have 1,072 total views.

That is a rare occurrence since the terrible new listing page in august and the loss of google and other search engine views.

Last year it was a daily occurrence. I averaged more than 1,000 total views nearly every day. In march I had more than 37,000 total views.

I believe since august I have reached 1,000 total views less than 6 times. And only 2 times before Christmas in december. Which was unusual.

So it appears Etsy search views have come back, for the most part. Now I just have to get my other search engine views back and restock my shop with nice, valuable things.

I got the Burberry trench coat shipped. Tonight will be some tv & dinner.

2 More Hours of High Views

For the 3 o'clock hour I had 124 listing views
and for the 4 o'clock hour I have had 138 listing views.

I must have one or more people browsing my shop again. Probably the tea cups.

This is going to be one of my highest total view days ever without having been featured on the homepage or in an Etsy Finds email.

Here at 4:01 pm I already have 919 total views! But no sales.

Yesterday I ended with nearly 1,300 total views at 1,229. But only 32 Google views.

Off to the post office to ship the Burberry trench coat.

A Morning of High Views; Vintage China Tea Cup Pics

This morning I have experienced 5 consecutive hours of high listing views. Which is highly unusual for the morning and also because of the new listing page.

Etsy search views are low right after 12 noon at only 80, but I have 582 total views.

For the 7 o'clock hour I had 76 listing views (5 shop views).
For the 8 o'clock hour I had 95 listing views (1 shop view).
For the 9 o'clock hour I had 56 listing views (0 shop views).
For the 10 o'clock hour I had 69 listing views (1 shop view).
And for the 11 o'clock hour I had 129 listing views (0 shop views).

I normally have in the teens to 20's or 30's in the morning.

I guess I had 1 or more people spending time browsing my shop. Probably because of the tea cups.

Well, I have 3 orders to pack. Including 2 fragile, expensive ones. And my nice Burberry trench coat that I accept the low offer from the guy. Just to make the sale. I've had it for years and had it listed for months. It was very popular and had not sold. So I took the offer. I still made a very good profit:

It got sunny and there was about a half hour available to take tea cup pics so I got some taken. My very nice Limoges trio did not turn out right, but a couple others did.

Including my German lustreware set:

And my great Royal Chelsea set:

Well, off to take some more pics and pack my orders.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It has been a very good day in my vintage Etsy shop

I have made 4 orders for a very good amount of revenue, and.....I have had 2 hours of high views. Which is very unusual since the change to the terrible new listing page last august.

In the 3 o'clock hour I had 171 listing views and 11 shop views, and in the 4 o'clock hour I had 213 listing views and 16 shop views.

So I am very happy about that.

I sold my very nice antique Royal Doulton art deco coffee pot today:

And my very popular Royal Stafford pink & gold tea cup set:

And also my large Royal Haeger art deco gazelle planter:

I made those sales and others. And now I have to get everything to the customers safely.

So it was a productive day so far.

Back to tv for this evening.

Very Low Google Views at Noon

Wow. Only 3 THREE views from Google at 12:12! Lowest every. At least in 2 years or more.

High Search Views, Low Google Views; 4 Sales to Pack & Ship

I am having another day of high views from Etsy search. Higher than before Christmas.

Here at 11:20am i have 141 views from Etsy search and only 3 THREE views from Google.

I actually have more views from Pinterest than Google.
I have 7 views from Pinterest.

I have just made a good tea cup sale in the past 8 minutes:

and a jewelry sale earlier:

And 2 other orders from monday. My antique Aynsley tea cup set and my very cool lion clip-on earrings:

So I will pack & ship them all today.

Off to work.

High Views at 3 am

I just woke up and checked my shop and saw that I already have 67 views from Etsy search at 3:15 am! 136 total views. And only 7 of my 10 keywords are tea cups.

Yesterday I had that many at about 8:30 am and ended with 327 views from etsy search.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It is COLD today!

Here at 3:40 pm the temp is 3 degrees! BBbbrrrrr. lol. No going outside today.
Except to get my package on the porch.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 25 degrees. And in the 50's on sunday?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dr. Jerome Corsi in Morristown

Antique Monet rhinestone dragonfly brooch; Low Google Views

Here right before 12 noon I have only 9 views from Google. That is disappointing.

I had those great 4 months the beginning of last year. I don't think I will have that again. It lasted with Etsy search through about the beginning of august.

I have still made sales and had good revenue though. But with less views it will make it harder to keep up the pace I had last year. I will have to only sell expensive items to keep up that pace. That means I will even have to have good, desirable, expensive items too sell, too.

Sold a very nice Monet brooch right after midnight. Sold it quick, too. I just listed it last week.

Well, today I am going to do some organizing and prepare for the temps tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night.

And watch tv and keep warm.

400 Views Yesterday!

I finished yesterday with 414 views from Etsy search! Surpirsing and encouraging!

Surprising that I reached that 2 consecutive days and that I've reached it all. And that my shop has been so active for the past week or so and busier than before Christmas.

Only 51 from Google.

And more than 1,000 total views at 1,009. Glad to make it over 1,000,too.

4 good orders yesterday, too!

The year is off to a good start. I wonder how long it will be like this. I wonder how long I will be able to keep this up.

I am packing orders. I have 4 of them packed. I have 3 more to do. I want to get them shipped early tomorrow morning when the temp is at its highest.

Back to packing!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

444 Views; The Power of God's Love

Yesterday I finished with 444 views from Etsy search. 65 from google and 1,109 total views.

And 5 orders.

Todays are starting off good, but not as high as yesterday. I already have 103 views from Etsy search at 10:30.

It was back in 2000 when I first started using the internet that I found out that the number 444 stands for the power of God's love.

I believe in the angels and when I started using the internet while housesitting I searched for angel websites and found Angel Haven.

They had a page about the number 444. A man had written a book about it, Nick Bunick.

Nick wrote, "444 means the power of God's love, and that your spirit guides and angels are with you and caring for you".

I only recently tried to go back tot he chant room at Angel Haven and saw that it was no longer on the site. That was a little sad.

Here is Nick's own webiste:

It was back around that time that I learned the meaning of seeing certain numbers. Even if it is just seeing consecutive numbers, it is just as simple as a positive affirmation from your angels and God.

Well, I have things to do today. I want to go to the supermarket and stock up again for the next few days. Maybe organize. And just prepare to hibernate for a couple days.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

400 Views before 10pm!

I reached 400 Views from etsy search at 9:52pm. I should finish with about 430.

I also have 993 total views and 56 from google.

This is one of my highest view days ever. From etsy search, that is. And also to have nearly 1,000 views with low google views also makes this an unusually high view day.

This is probably the end highest view day since november 1st. My shop has been very active today, with alot of favorites and views. And 4 good orders. More tea cups, of course.

Things are looking good for the first 4 months of the year, so far. If I stay open, that is.

Not sure what the near term holds for me. Maybe keeping my shop open? Maybe not?

Off to bed.

300 Views at 6 pm!

Here at 6:13 pm I already have 304 views from Etsy search.

The day of high views continues. For some unknown reason. With my top 10 keywords all tea cups.

275 Views at 4:30 pm; Higher Google Views

I have 275 views from Etsy search at 4:33 pm. 677 total views.

I have 41 views from Google search this early. That is good to see. Should finish in the 60's. The highest in a while. It is rare to get into the 60's now.

High Views Update

Here at 1:23 pm I already have 220 views from Etsy search. 496 total views and 102 favorites.

27 from Google.

I just got home and now I have to pack up the tea cups and other order in time to ship them today before it gets too cold to go out the first 3 days of next week.

Off to work.

Near Record High Views at Noon!

I have 179 views from etsy search at 12:03 pm! This is one of my highest days by noon ever! I beleve it is my 2nd highest day ever after the first saturday in november. I think I didn't get this high in december. Maybe around 140.

I wonder why??

I think I didn't get this high in december. Maybe around 140.

My top 10 key words are all tea cups.

It was sunny this morning and I got some pics taken. I am pretty happy with them. I did pretty good. Some of the items I will list later today.

I am off to do some grocery shopping and stock up for the few days it will be very cold.

128 Views after 9:30am!

Here at 9:40 I already have 128 views from etsy search!

Higher than during december!

There were only 2 days during november that were comparable, too.

Wonder why??

High Views at 5 am!

I already have 93 views from Etsy search at 5:15 am! And I made a good tea cup sale!

I had waken up and could not get back to sleep and when I finally decided to get up out of bed I looked at the clock at the time was 5:11.

Looking forward to today!

Friday, January 3, 2014


I have reached 300 views from Etsy search right before 9:30pm. Glad to do that. I will see how long my views from Etsy search stay up. They might have recovered? Now it is time to work on google and other search engines.......

Vintage Mid Century Modern Seth Thomas electric clock: 200 Views

This morning was sunny and I was able to get alot of pics taken. And they almost all turned out well. I was suprised. Except before I started I chipped my very nice, new Queen Anne tea cup. Grrrr. lol.

One of the items I got pics taken of and listed was my vintage 1960's Seth Thomas clock.
It is in very good condition and still works. I think I got a pretty good deal on it. Although it was described as wood and it is metal:

Here after 4:30 pm I have reached 200 Views from etsy search. Glad, again, to do that this early. This early before 7 pm, that is.

And my views from Etsy search for the first two days january are exactly as the first two days of last january. That is very good to see and encouraging. BUT, google views are still so much lower. I had only 39 yesterday.

No sales today. 3 days without a sale. That bugs me.

Back to online work.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


I have just reached 200 views from Etsy search here at 4:40 pm. Glad to do that.

Only 24 Google views.

Total views for the day aren't that bad, actually. My shop dashboard says I am only 26 less than jan 2nd of last year. So that is good to see. And yesterday was only 108 less than jan 1st of last year. That is much better than for the previous 4 months when I'd be 300-500 less than the same day the year before.

No sales though. In 2 days.


Here at 10:38 am I have 101 views from Etsy search. Glad to see that!

It appears my views from Etsy search have come back??? Although it is still because of me having so many tea cups listed. They are 8 of my top 10 keywords so far today and every day.

Google views are low though. Only 9! Ouch. What a big difference from the first 4 months of last year.

I got my 4 items shipped. Now I want to get a couple orders packed up and weighed for international shipping. Maybe those will still sell to the people who were interested?

I am not sure if I will list new or renew anything this month. Because of the fact that I really don't sell much besides tea cups. And other search engine views have dropped so much. I believe alot of those views resulted in sales of items besides tea cups. And if I am not receiving those views any longer, because of their changes and Etsy changes and Etsy's changing relationship with them, then I should not renew so much??

And try to keep my expenses down for a month? Instead of spending all my profits?

Off to work.