Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday views

I just finished Black Friday with 368 views from Etsy search and 5 sales. Only 39 google views. Wow.

I have had a very good 2 weeks of sales and have actually surpassed what I made last november. I am surprised. At one point this month I was down nearly $1,000 compared to the same 30 day period last year. Now I am about $100 over.

BUT, nearly 5,000 LESS total views AND 30 less orders! Wow.

At least my revenue is up/came back for the month.

Today I have 3 orders to pack. And I want to take some tea cup pics since it is supposed to be clear & sunny in the morning.

I am wondering if I am in the last days of my shop??? Could be. Could be the last weeks of my shop???

Well, off to bed.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Happened to Handmade on Etsy?

I just saw this Huffington post video about the change in Etsy's policy:

Drop in Google Views this morning (cont)

Here at 7:17 am only 1 (ONE) View from Google! Wow.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Big drop in Google views

Yesterday I finished with 52 views from Google. Tonight at 11:13 pm I have only 28! Wow.

Another tweak by Google? Or it is Etsy's fault?

One sale today. Probably less than 300 views from etsy search.

Almost time for bed.

Yesterday's Views

Well I ended the day with 316 views from Etsy search and finished the day with another good sale. Tea cups, of course. To a regular customer.

And I renewed some tea cups I sold.

I would like to go do the leaves at my grounds keeping job tomorrow, if I can get my orders packed tonight and shipped early tomorrow.

Off to search for them.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It is going to be COLD this week! Below ZERO!

I saw the forecast and it shows -2 degrees for this week. At night. That means it will be colder than that.

Just gotta prepare the best I can.

I am glad it will be this cold. Other people will have to suffer with it too. I am fine with that. I hope we have a very cold winter.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Here at 5:39 pm I have 203 views from Etsy search. I've made a couple small sales, too.

I would say that views are not where they were the first half of this year. They are up where I like to see them, reaching 200 before 7 pm, but not as good as when I was reaching 200 from 2-4 pm.

Google views are low. I believe they will remain low. I believe it is a result of Etsy being punished and also Google changes. There is a chance my google views could at least get back to where they were in sept, in the 70's and 80's.

Etsy search views are nowhere near that freaky high of 485 views from Etsy search I reached the first weekend of this month. That must have been the result of another Etsy test???

Well, I will be watching tv tonight and staying in the house keeping warm.

Vintage Royal Stafford pink and gold china tea cup set

So in my vintage Etsy shop I just listed a great pink & gold tea cup and it has gotten 24 favorites in about an hour. The females on Etsy are loving it:

Views are ok today. I had about 112 at 12 noon. I am packing my good tea cup orders and want to get back in time to watch some college football.

Back to work.


I finished yesterday with exactly 300 views from Etsy search. And a good tea cup sale. Of course. Only 51 views from Google search. The New Normal.

So the first weekend of the month I had the record high views of 485 views from Etsy search. I have not approached the rest of this month. I will see how this weekend goes with views.

It is odd that here at nearly 25 minutes after midnight my shop stats show ZERO views??? No views at all. From any source????

I have some organizing to do here tonight. Get ready for the cold weekend and beginning of next week.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Using Twitter for my Vintage Etsy shop: Low Views today

Twitter is a WASTE of time for me and for my shop. I almost always only post links from articles around the web and occasionally post one of my listings. But I almost never get a post retweeted. I have only gotten a few retweets in all the tweets I have.. And most of my replies from people have been negative.

Twitter is a waste of time for me. I will even stop using it to try to spread info.

Today's views are back down near the new normal. I've made some decent tea cup sales the past few days that have saved me. I am still believing next year will be like sept & oct. IF I am even open then. I might not be.

I have some orders to pack for today. Off to work.

Intelligent Design

Views & Sales

I have made some very good tea cup sales the past few days. And have actually a few things besides tea cups.

Views from Etsy search have been close to 300 the past couple days. Google views only in the 50's.

Here in the midnight hour only 4 views from Etsy search! That is a sign of a low view day. Less than 300.

Before midnight I checked some shop dashboard and saw that I am still down 29 orders and nearly $400 from last year in the previous 30 days. With still more than 2,500 less total views, too. I blame the loss of total views on the new listing page and on the lost Google views.

Well today has encouraged me. As has the previous few days with the tea cup sales. At least things are looking decent for the next month.

Off to bed!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

300 Views and a good tea cup sale

I made it to 305 views from Etsy search yesterday. And I made a good tea cup sale to Hong Kong. Including one of my antique Moser glass tea cup sets.

That sale makes me feel better. Today I have orders to pack.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Views at Noon

So I have 114 views from Etsy search at 12 noon. They have been steady at that level for the past few days. That is good to see.

At least my views have come back somewhat for the Christmas shopping season.
I believe they will drop back after Christmas. Also, If people aren't buying now, they won't be buying in januruary or march. As they have the past 2 years.

Off to lunch and then pack my orders.


I made it to 305 views from Etsy search yesterday. Total views were still low. Only in the 700's. Google views were only 54. Tne New Normal. The 50's. Maybe it is from repeating words in my titles??

Off to bed.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Psychic Reading: A move for me at the end of this month?

So I got a card reading from a reader on Etsy and shes said she sees a move for me at the end of this month???

If so, will it be a good move? Or a bad move? A move of my own free will?? lol.

I guess I will find out.

I Paid Tithes ONLY; She's getting married

For my previous sale and for my sales I shipped this evening and for my work income from friday and saturday I paid a tithe ONLY. My sales have been low. Selling only small things. And selling less this month and last month than the same time last year.

So I stopped paying the extra 10%. The first time I have paid a tithe only in the past 8 years.

And it looks like my shop has taken a big step back and that next year would not be as good as the first 8 months of this year. So I won't pay the extra. I will just pay the tithe only and deal with whatever happens.

And am I better off now than I was a year ago as I learned from the late Larry Burkett when I saw one of his programs about tithing? I would say that I am a little better. I think I really just have alot more stuff. And I have a bike (which I just damaged tonight).

I was going to post here about tithing and seeding. About my positive experience with it. But that has changed.

The girl at the post office is getting married! I have been seeing her for a year now. She's nice. She's friendly and social. She listens to my stories about my shop. Laughs at my jokes. Compliments me. And is good at her job and helpful. It has been good seeing her. I am glad she started working there.

Well, I am going to watch some tv tonight. Then head to bed. I have orders to ship for tomorrow.


Here after 5 pm at 5:09 pm I have 206 views from Etsy search. Glad to see that. I want to get caught up on my orders.

It's Time for Obama to Take the "Perp Walk": ROOT For America


I've reached it at only 9:48 am. Earlier than yesterday, I believe. And sunday has been my day of highest views for months now. But it is only a little more than yesterday though. I am bummed about that great mirror. lol.

400 Views Yesterday!

I finished yesterday with 406 views from Etsy search! Only 977 total views. Again, for the first 7 months of the year when I'd have that many views I would have 1,100-1,300 total views. I believe part of that is the terrible new listing page and also lost google views. Yesterday I had only 49. Only 2 small sales, too.

I just woke up and I am still bummed about that great mirror I got ruined by leaving it out in the rain. A great, old,large, heavy plaster mirror. I rarely come across anything good. And to get something nice like that, and the effort it took to bring it home, and it got ruined because of me, that's a bummer. I also did get a nice set of mid century drawers from the same place as the mirror. I may actually try to work on them and paint them in the next month or so. And the football results have me bummed too.

Well, I have orders to pack today. I will try to ship them all. The morning has started off with high views. 83 from Etsy search just after 8 am. The past few days it was in the 40's and 50's. I will see what I can get done today.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It was not a good sunday for me

I left my bike in the rain. I forgot a great mirror that I had just salvaged and strained to carry home. It was a large, old one. I thought it was a decorative wood frame. When I go to get my bike out of the rain I see that it is plaster and larges chunks of the plaster fell off from getting wet.

And every team I wanted to lose today won and played good. I am mad about that. lol.

And with all the views I continue to get in my shop I only make small sales. And I am at about $1,000 less than the same time period 30 day period last year. With less total views, less orders and google views are much lower.

I just have to wait it out. Not sure what I will do next year. I believe the first months of next year will be like sept & october. Low views. Low orders. Google & Etsy changes have hurt my shop. I had a great 12-13 months. Much better than I thought I'd have. Oh well.


Here at 7:23 pm I have just reached 300 views from Etsy search. Only 38 from Google. That is the New Normal for google views. Glad my etsy search views have come back for the most part. Made a couple sales today too.

G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivist Conspiracy

300 Views again

Yesterday I reached 332 views from Etsy search. A few sales, too.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University

300 Views Again

I reached 330 views from Etsy search yesterday.

So in the past 30 days I have made more than $1,000 LESS revenue that the same time last year.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

300 Views Yesterday

I ended yesterday with 322 views from Etsy search.  The previous day I had only 246.  So it is good that views don't stay down.  At least for the Christmas shopping season.

Not sure what the future holds for my shop though. I will give it til Valentine's day.  Last year I had 95 orders in november.  Here in the middle of the month I have only 24.  Ouch.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Vintage Kent Coffey high boy drawers blog feature; Emily Henderson HGTV; tea cup pics

I got a convo an hour or so ago from another seller on Etsy telling me that my Kent Coffey piece was featured on Emily Henderson's blog.  She was featuring items she found on different Craigslist sites around the country and mine was listed in Pittsburgh's:

I clickedon the link in her blog post and saw that my Craigslist post had expired.  I was bummed at that.  Because I missed out on some visits to my Etsy shop.  So I relisted it on Craigslist.  Maybe it will get some views in my shop:

Today's views are a little higher than yesterday.  At 12 noon I had about 106 views from Etsy search. I woke up to a small jewelry sale from last night. Sales are low. Just have to wait it out. Til january.

I got some pics taken this morning because it was sunny.  I took some of my newest tea cups:

I will list a few of them today.  Tomorrow will be a little milder and I will try to take some pics of new items outside.

For today I have to pack some orders.  Tonight is Survivor night!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

200 Views after 9 pm

Here at 9:23 pm I have 204 views from Etsy search.  This is the drop back to the New Normal.  I believe this is what my shop will be like after Christmas.  I believe it will be like sept & october.

Views & revenue are down this month compared to last november. Just gotta wait it out.

Legendary Columbia Professor Never Heard of Obama: ROOT For America

It's Time for Obama to Take the "Perp Walk": ROOT For America

Lower Views at Noon

Here after 12 noon I have only 91 views from Etsy search.  A big drop off from the views at noon during the 3 day holiday weekend.

Vintage Barware Wood Ice Bucket; Everyone is Back to Work

I made a few sales this weekend in my vintage Etsy shop and one of them was this neat wood ice bucket:

Well, my views from Etsy search are down this morning.  Still at a decent at 9:54 am I have 72 views from Etsy search.  Only 4 from Google.

The past 3 days I had super high views because it was a 3 day holiday weekend.  Now views have come back down.  It looks like I should still be near 300 though.

I have orders to pack & ship!  Off to work!

JFK - The Speech That Killed Him

JFK Speaks out Against the New World Order

Low Views to start the day

Wow.  Here at nearly 12:30 am I have ZERO views from Etsy search?????

Nearly 400 Views again

I just finished yesterday with 384 views from Etsy search.  Great to see that. That means my 3 highest view days ever have been in the past 3 consecutive days:  390, 485 and 384.  Only small sales though.  And google views have been low.

Tomorrow I have 7 orders to pack & ship.  

Monday, November 11, 2013


I just reached 300 views from etsy search at 7:45 pm.  Glad to do that. It is good that views have come back for at least Christmas.  Next year, we will have to see. I suspect that they will drop and be like october for the first months of the year.

Time to find my sales, put them together and try to get them packed tonight.

Nearly 500 Views Yesterday!

I forgot to post that yesterday I finished with 485 views from Etsy search! WOW!  Easily my new record high for all-time!  My previous high was 410.  I think I reached that early this year.

Only a couple small sales though.  That is disappointing.  To have so many views.  Finally. And them not be sales.  Even favorites were kinda low for as many views.

I do owe the high views to my tea cups.  To having so many listed and so many that people like.

I also owe it to Etsy search.  Recently I searched one of my popular keywords "tea cup" and I saw on the 2nd page of search results I had about 20 tea cups!  At other times I've searched I'd have maybe 2 on the second page.  And other pages I might reach 3 or 4 or more.

But to have 10 on only the second page is me experiencing what others on the forums are complaing about, sellers dominating search results.

It is helping me with tea cups.  But it could be hurting me with books or jewelry or pottery or lamps???

Well, the post office was closed today.  Tomorrow I have 7 orders to ship.  I probably won't list new items unless I start making some sales.

Veteran's Day; High Views at Noon

Views from Etsy search aren't as high today as yesterday, but they are still at a high level.  A level I am happy to see.

Here at 12:12 pm I have 141 views from Etsy search.  384 total.  Only 12 from Google.

So today is Veteran's Day.  I do not know how to express how I feel about this day and those "serving" in the military.  Yes, it is a day deserved by all those who have fought for this country.  And those who have served & do serve.

BUT, the truth of the matter is that those in the milatary are serving the globalists.  And the military industrial complex. And have served and do serve under presidents, including the current president, who have done such unconstitutional and UnAmerican things.

Those serving in the military need to wake up.  They need to grow out of their idealist beliefs that they are serving the United States of America and all that it stands for.  They are NOT.  They have been and continue to be used by the government for their own purposes.

I do not label myself as republican or libertarian.  I believe in Freedom, The Constitution, the rule of law, God, Jesus and that life is a spiritual experience.  That the earth is highly intelligent, beautiful creation of God and Jesus that we have all chosen to come to with our own purpose.  It is a school and we each have a mission.  And that as The Book of Revelations says, we are headed to a one world government and mark of the beast.  And Obama is playing a major role in leading us to that.  .

I could say more but I really am not able to express what I think and belief clearly some times.  Some times the words just don't come out.  Or I don't express myself well.  So I will leave it at this.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Here at 9:12 I have 409 views from Etsy search!!  And I still have 3 hours to go!

I believe my previous record was 410 or in the 410's.

Only 2 small sales though.

And a good tea cup I just got in the mail has gotten broken.  So that is wasted cash.

Off to bed.


At 2:51 pm I have 251 views from Etsy search.

A couple small sales.

I don't sell much for having more than 1,050 listings.  I will try to do something about that.

Wow. 200 Views in Record Time

I just reached 200 views from Etsy search at 12:41 pm. Wow.  That is the earliest by about 30 minutes that I have reached it all year.

I have reached 400 views from Etsy search twice.  I believe my record is 418 or so.

All because of my tea cups.

See how my shop continues to do though.  Not sure what 2014 holds for my shop.

Record High Views at Noon! Antique Monet dragonfly brooch sale

Here at just past 12 noon I have 181 views from Etsy search!  Easily my best day since the drop, but also for the entire year.  My previous high, which I reached once, was 167.  I had been in the 140's several times.

I owe it to my tea cups.  To having so many listed and that are popular.

The earliest I have reached 200 was at 1:11 or 1:12 pm. Another time at 1:21.

Not sure if this would keep up into next year like it has the past 2 januarys, but it is good to see it now.

17 views from google.

Total views are just past 400.

I also made a nice sale of an old Monet dragonfly brooch:

Back to work.

Items in my shop

So since I have been emphasizing tea cups for more than a year now, I really don't have the variety of vintage items I have had in the past.  The past two Christmas shopping seasons I had a nice collection of unique vintage items.  And some good, valuable books. Some of my large sales were of more than 10 items.  And not a tea cup in them.  But this year I don't have that.  And I also had been able to accumulate a nice inventory of vintage items from the local thrift store.  And for the past couple years, especially this year, they have nto had a good selection at all.

So this Christmas, I believe I will have to make my living on tea cups.  I probably won't make as much as I've made the past 2 nov & decembers though.

It is a record high day of views so far.  All because of my tea cups.  It would have been nice if it had been because of my vintage items.  Maybe next year.

Wow! Record High Views Already at 8:30 am!

I just woke up and checked my stats and here at 8:34 am I have 142 views from Etsy search!  Wow!   And it is not from just one item being viewed/searched.

7 views from Google.

Brady, Patriots steamroll over visiting Steelers in record-breaking fashion

Brady, Patriots steamroll over visiting Steelers in record-breaking fashion

Pitt rallies to pull upset of Notre Dame

Pitt rallies to pull upset of Notre Dame

Nearly 400 Views! Again!

I finished yesterday with 390 views from Etsy search!  A new record since the drop and easily one of the best days of the year. Since at least the spring. I believe it was the 2nd or 3rd of this month that I had set my previous record since of the drop of 383.

My all-time record for Etsy search views is 441.

I made 3 small sales. 1 good tea cup sale.

Only 50 google views.  I don't think there is much I can do about that.  I believe it mostly has to do with google changes, Etsy changes and Etsy's relationship with google has changed.  It may also have to do with me repeating words in my titles also.

My record for google views I would say is 141 or 144.  But I did have a freaky high of 181.

My total views were still only 1,030.  I would normally have had 1,300 total views with having gotten so many views from Etsy search.  But I believe the new listing page is bad for views.  It is costing me hundreds of views per day.  And my shop dashboard even shows that with the 390 views from Etsy search I still had 968 LESS total views than the same day a year ago. Not good.

Time to watch a little tv then head to bed.  Maybe I will take some pics of new tea cups, if it is sunny in the morning.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Etsy will be like the mall this Christmas season?

Etsy will be busier on the weekends and evenings?

I have been experiencing sunday as my busiest day view-wise for the past 2-3 months.  And during the year I have had other days during the week that would be above average.  And saturdays has actually been one of my lower view days of the year.

But with the new record high views today, saturday, I am just wondering if my vintage Etsy shop will now have saturday & sunday as the highest view days of the week?
We will see.

Comparing Views from the Past 7 Days

I just checked my shop dashboard in my Vintage Etsy shop and was surprised at what I saw:

In the past 7 days:

Compared to the same time last year:  1,933 less total views
                                                          12 less orders
                                                          $446 less revenue

Although the stats comparing the past 30 days aren't as bad.

Vintage Royal Stafford china Irish tea cup set; High Views at Noon!

Here just past 12 noon I already have 143 views from Etsy search at 12:04 pm.  That is the new record high for 12 noon since the declilne & drop.

16 views from Google.  That is low, but that is higher than it has been. They have been in the single digits for a couple weeks.

1 small book sale.

I also ended yesterday with 339 views from Etsy search.  So views have come back??  At least they don't stay down.

And I got some pics taken.  I am pretty happy with them.  We had a sunny morning so I was able to even retake some of the pics from yesterday that were blurry & dark.

I got the nice Royal Stafford Irish tea cup set listed.  Although the pics from yesterday actually might be better:

Back to work.

Friday, November 8, 2013


I just reached 300 views from Etsy search at 10:12 pm.  A little earlier than I was expecting.  Part of the reason I reached it today is because my faux fur coat is popular.  Views are still not where they were for the first half of the year.

Google views are at 59.

It will be a milder afternoon tomorrow.  Maybe I will take some outside pics.  Or just do some organizing.  I still will find the green horse and ship it.

Off to bed.

7 pm Views

I like to reach 200 views by Etsy search at the latest.  Tonight I have 231.  Glad to see that.  I should reach 300 by 11 pm or so.

3 small views.

It has been an ok day, productivity-wise.  I got some pics taken.  But only a couple of the items were worth listing.  Some of the pics turned out dark or blurry.  I got 5 orders packed & shipped.  I've had decent views.  So maybe I will work on my shop this weekend.  And take advantage of the relatively mild day we will have tomorrow. Before it is in the 30's for a high temp the beginning of the week.

I am still banned from the Etsy forums.  My 3rd or 4th offense was calling a guy "comrad" and a "socialist".  When I got the email that  I was banned I replied and told them the reason was weak.  Which it was.

If I don't work on my shop tomorrow, I will do some organizing. and try to find the one horse planter.

Off to watch some tv.

Last nights dream

I think I dreamt of a white hearse?  It was driving around the neighborhood?  I saw it turn down Wolfrum?  The alley behind my house?  And then it was for sale? for only $250?  There was a note on the window that it was for sale very cheap?

Not sure if that is the vehicle I dreamt of or not.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today's views (cont)

Here at right after 7 pm only 178 views from Etsy search. Only 31 google views. 2 small sales.

Lower Views Today; Comparing Stats to Last Year

During the New Normal I was reaching 100 views from Etsy search at about 2:11 pm.  Today near 2 pm I have only 89.  So I will not be reaching even that level.

This type of drop didn't happen last fall, november & december. It was steady high views the entire time.  With steady sales.

Comparing the past 7 days to the same time last year my shop dashboard says:

673 fewer views
9 fewer orders
$172 less revenue

And comparing the past 30 days to the same time last year my shop dashboard says:

1,691 less views
18 less orders
$144 less revenue

The difference in  views for the past 7 days and past 30 days is actually greater because when I was posting listings on another site at the end of last month it was giving me many artificial "bot" views.

So that says things are slower in the past week more so than in the past 30 days.
That the Christmas shopping season is off to a slower start?

Drop in Views

Here at noon only 69 views from Etsy search!  13 from Google.  267 total.  1 small plate sale.

Yesterday's Views

I ended with 316 views from Etsy search.  But total views were only in the 800's.  And 69 Google views.  That was decent.  Not as many as I'd like though.

My views from Etsy search were partly due to my Burberry trench coat being popular.  Views have not come to where they were the first half of the year.

And my Etsy search views ended at many more than I thought.  It picked up in the evening and at night.
I was only at the New Normal at 12:30.  So I thought I'd end the day around 250 or so.

And only 1 small tea cup sale.

It is not looking like it will be a good Christmas season.  I think I will make about 2K/month.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back to the New Normal

For today at least my views from Etsy search are back to the new normal.  Only 83 of them at 12 noon. One small tea cup sale, of course.

I just got back from the laundromat and the thrift store and I found 10 nice vintage Hallmark Christmas ornaments, a beautiful salt shaker set from Russian, an old, small tole tray and some books.

Well off to my outdoor and indoor work.

Slow sales

For having more than 1,000 items in my shop and having donated so much cash just in the past twelve  months, I barely sell anything.  Just tea cups here and there.  So I should just go to the tithing only.  I had a good 13 months. It is looking like 2014 will be much slower.  More like sept & october.

The Christmas shopping season so far

If november is a start to the Christmas shopping season, my shop is noticeably slower than last year. Views from Etsy search are better than last month, but google views, order and revenue are down.

It is looking like it will be noticeably slower than last year.  Uh oh.

Views (cont); Survivor Night

Well I finished yesterday with 315 views from Etsy search.  1 sale and 2 sales that will be canceled.

Today views have dropped back down.  Here about 8 am only 50 views from Etsy search.  I was around 90 during my recent uptick in views.

I am about to go do an early load of laundry.  Then some work outside.  Some work inside. Then pack & ship my orders.

I am looking forward to's Survivor night.  Although it is not that a good of a season.  It is still somewhat entertaining and interesting to watch.  They really don't have characters on their this season like in just about all of the past seasons. I was not a fan of Rupert.  So I didn't really care that he left early.  I was surprised that he seems so mean.  I thought everyone liked him because he was some nice guy on the show.  But it showed this season that he has some meanness and anger to him.

Off to work.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Low Google views

Here at nearly 5:30 pm I have only 27 views from Google search.  Disappointing.  I was having that many by noon for the first quarter of the year.

I did reach 200 views from Etsy search about 4:30.  So that's good. No sales today.  I should not have paid the extra 10% today, but I did.  I have made less money in the past 7 days and past 30 days than I did last year.

Stop listing new things.  Just sell what I sell.

High Views at Noon!

Here at 12 noon actual time I have 131 views from Etsy search. 17 from Google and 344 total.

It is good to see that google views are at least in the teens at noon.  Not as good as the first quarter of the year though when they'd be in the 20's-40's with a high of 67.

Off to work to pack and ship my orders.


I have already made it to 100 views from Etsy search.  Here at 8:49 am I have 102.  A very good sign.

3 consecutive days of high views is good to see.  It is the first week of the month though.  And the month before Christmas.  So I will take it a day at a time.  And see what next yaer holds when the time comes.  I am not sure it will be high views the first 4 months of last year like it was the past year.

High Views today

It is good to see that here at 7:46 I have already 93 views from Etsy search.  If I were to count the views in the 11 o'clock hour, I would have over 100 already.  Good to see!  Encouraging!

I guess Christmas shopping is starting? Or changes on Etsy were corrected? Or just more people shopping on Etsy now?  It is a big change from most of sept, that's for sure.

Total views yesterday were only 890.  With having more than 340 views from Etsy search and less than 1,000 total views is not good.  I believe it is partly due to the new listing page and also from lost google views.  In march I had 37,000 total views.  That is more than 1,000 per day.

For october I had over 27,000.  Wow.  10,000 less views in one month.

Today I have orders to pack & ship. I want to find the green horse.

Yesterday's views

Well I ended yesterday at 12 midnight with 343 views from Etsy search. That is a very good sign. That is encouraging.  Only 1 small sale though.  One other sale of tea cups was to a lady who I reserved them for her a month ago.

See how tomorrow goes.  I still have orders to pack & ship and want to take some pics and list new things.

Off to bed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

300 views. Again

Here at 10:27 I have 303 views from Etsy search.  Counting the views from the 11 o'clock hour that is 330 views for the day.

In a half hour I will have what I consider my total views for the day.


Here at 8:53 pm I have 273 views from Etsy search.  Counting the 27 views from the 11 o'clock hour last night I have 300 views for the day. Still 2 hours to go, I am thinking, for now.

Tomorrow or some time this week I still start to calculate my views by the actual time.  Instead of considering the hour in time change.

200 Views. Again.

So here at 4:46 pm actual time I have 202 views from Etsy search. That would be 229 total views for the day counting the views from the 11 o'clock hour.


So it is another day of high views.  Here at what would be 5 pm I have 189 views from Etsy search.  And counting the views from that 11 o'clock hour that would be 216.  I reached 200 views from Etsy search after 4 pm.   The lady followed through and bought the 4 tea cups.

Views at Noon

Here at 11 am, what I consider noon, for now, because of the time change, I have 97 views from Etsy search and that would be 124 counting the 11 o'clock hour last night.

Only 11 from Google.  Maybe repeating words in my titles has affected my google views? I don't have much duplicate content.  I know I don't really have descriptions either.

I am about to have some lunch.  Then try to get my order packed today.

Views are still high

Here at what would be 10:17, but really only 9:17 because of the time change, I have 76 views from Etsy search.  And counting the 27 views from the 11 o'clock hour I have 103.  Good to see!  I made small sale over night too.

I have 9 views from google.

I finished yesterday with 413 views from Etsy search.  Because of the extra hour from the time change.

My high views yesterday weren't from any one item getting alot of views. My faux fur coat that I have listed in the past month got 11 views from search, but most of the search views I got on a variety of items.  That was another good sign.

I want to get all my orders packed & shipped today. It is a sunny morning. I'd like to get some pics taken.

Off to work.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nearly 400 views!

Here at 11:01 pm, which is what I consider the full day since the clocks were turned back this morning, I have 386 views from Etsy search!  Easily the most in a long time.  Probably since june or july or earlier.  I think over the summer my high might have been in the 370's.  So it might have been since the spring when I last had 386.

58 views from Google.

Total views are 1,119.  That is more like the way it was the first half of the year.

As far as sales & revenue go, I am slightly ahead of the first 3 days of last november.
Although for october I had 8 less orders and $200 less revenue than last october.

I have nearly 190 less views from Google in the first 3 days of '13 compared to '12.  Wow.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  I have a number orders to pack & ship. Including my vintage Pope John Paul II plaster relief photo that I sold on ebay.  Finally.  It was one of the first things I listed in my vintage Etsy shop 3 years ago in january.  So I finally decided to try it on ebay and I sold it on the 3rd or 4th listing.
But.....I sold it with free shipping and only had one bid.  And it was a man from across the country who bought it.  So I will hopefully be able to get it there safely for as little cost as I can.

Almost time for bed.  And I can't find the green horse. I will have to cancel that one.


I just reached 300 views from Etsy search here at 7:49.  That would be 8:49 before the time change.  Total views are high, too, at 907.  This is more like the way it was the first 7 months of the year.

Only 44 from Google.

Today's views

At 6 pm, which would have been 7 pm before the time change, I had 271 views from Etsy search.

Only 38 from Google.

 I made a tea cup sale to Canada.  I rarely make sales to Canada since the postage rate increase.


Here at what would be 4:18 (3:18 since the time change) I have 208 views from Etsy search!  That is easily the highest and the fastest I have reached 200 since july probably.  Maybe the beginning of august.  Since the drop to the new normal the earliest I had reached 200 was about 4:53 pm.

No sales though.

22 views from Google.  So those views have dropped today.  From 74 yesterday.  I think I will probably be about 50 again.

High Google & Etsy Search Views. Yesterday & Today

I just saw that I ended yseterday with 74 views from Google. That is easily the most in weeks.   I've been in the 40's & 50's most of the past 2 weeks.

And here at what would be 1:14 pm (12:14 pm since the clocks are turned back) I have 154 views from Etsy search. I didn't see how many I had at 12 noon.  But it was probably around 135 or so.

And I missed out on a great pink Paragon tea cup!  A very nice pink & gold one.  It ended either last night or this morning.  Grrrr. lol.

It is a sunny nice day.  Maybe some organizing. Have to run to the store.  Then watch tv.

Views this morning

The clocks got turned back.  So the time is 9:30.  But if it were still 10:30 I have 107 views from etsy search.  10 from Google.

300 Views yesterday; High Views in the 1 am hour

I just checked my stats and saw I finished yesterday with 318 views from Etsy search.  That was more than it looked like for sure.  I didn't reach 100 until about 1:30 pm.  I thought I'd be in the low to mid 200's again.  It picked up again in the evening.

Then, I see here at 1:09 I already have 38 views from Etsy search!  wow.  That is the most in the 1 o'clock hour since I don't know when.  See if I make any sales today.

I can't believe with so many listings I sell so little.  1 or 2 things.  When I have more than 1, 050 listings. Not good.  I have choices to make.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Low views, A lot of favorites

I went to bed after 12 midnight and had checked my shop stats, but here when I first check my stats I have 246 favorites.  And only 149 of them are for today.

Only 44 views from Etsy search.  They've dropped down some to the New Normal.

I did wake up to a sale.  A tea cup, of course.

I have orders to pack today. Will try to take some pics, too.

Yesterdays views

I finished with 322 from Etsy search. But only 861 total views.  I believe that is partly because of the loss of Google views.  I ended with only 45.

When the first quarter of the year when I was averaging 85-144 google views/day I was also averaging 1,000-1,300 total views.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Here at 10:33 I have 301 views from Etsy search.  It has picked up since about 8:30 pm or so.  The 9 o'clock hour was very busy.

Made a couple sales this evening also.  Maybe I will have a better month than october???

The Who - Eminence Front

200 views; The future of my shop

Here at 5:18 pm I have 209 views from Etsy search.  That is good to see.  I have reached 200 earlier today when I had only 109 views at noon compared to when I had 127 at noon recently.

I actually found the one tea cup.  I will ship it out today or tomorrow.

This is actually getting kind of, not sure what the word is, boring? Not interesting any more?  Since my views have dropped so much and I had my lowest revenue month in a year last month and in the past 8 days I have made only $137, I am not that motivated to work on my shop. I don't think the future looks good for it.  I think that next year will be like october was.

There have been changes by google & Etsy that have greatly affected my shop and it has taken a big step back. And...I am still relatively new.  January will be only 3 full years.  Ben & Jerry's was a multi million dollar company after 4 years. lol.  Starting with one local shop.

These changes are changes I can't do anything about.  Their affects I can't do anything about.

I guess I have choices to make.

Vintage Queen Anne tea cup set; 100 views; Ecclesiastes 11:7

Well the views this morning are decent. I have 104 views from Etsy search here before 12 noon.  Total views are in the 200's.

Only 8 Google views. Wow. What a loss.  The first quarter of the year I'd be in the 30's & 40's and even had 67 one morning by noon.

It has turned out to be sunny & nice after raining over night and early in the morning.  I would like to get more pics taken and things taken care of around here and ship my orders.

I did just take some pics and got my new Queen Anne tea cup listed:

It is good to see the sun.

"The light is sweet, and it is delightful for the eyes to see the sun." 
-Ecclesiastes 11:7

Off to work.