Wednesday, April 30, 2014

70 Views from Google!

Here just after 6pm I have 76 views from Google!

This is only the FIRST TIME ALL YEAR I have reached 70 views from Google.

I have 2 explanations for it:

1. My Google Ad & clicks have made my listings "relevant"?
2. My clicks from the Google network and/or Google ads are beign counted as direct Google views?
3. They are legitmate direct Google views.

I am going with number 2. That my clicks & views are beign counted as direct Google views. Some of them anyway.

I will find out when I cancel my ad ad midnight tonight. It is too expensive.
It is nice seeing all the views, but it has already cost $51 just TODAY. And $90 for just over 5 days.

I can't pay $1,000/month. Anything that I do pay is part of my profits.

I just have to make decisions and accept The New Normal of Etsy & Google views.

100 Views after 3pm

Here at 3:19pm I have finally reached 100 views from Etsy search at 102!

Easily the lowest day of the year.

I may not reach 200 today.

BUT, views in many other categories for my shop are very high because of my Google ad. My very expensive google that has already cost me $42 just for TODAY.

I have 981 total views. So that is a positive.

Google Ad (cont)

So my ad is being shown. And it's expensive for the amount it has been seen. But my stat are not good.

My search stats and Network stats were worse yesterday and today. I've read that search stats should be higher than network stats, but my search stats have dropped down below my network stats for yesterday and today.

My network CTR is about .51%.
And my search CTR is about .34%.

I guess a good thing is that here at 1pm I have about 50,000 impressions. Nice.
I would probably have to pay more to get more clicks.

High Google Views at Noon

At 11:30 I had 24 views from Google. The highest in WEEKS. Easily. Here at 12:15 I have 32! Nice to see that.

Probably only temporary.

New Low Search Views at Noon; High Google Ad Clicks

Wow. A new record low for views from Etsy search at 12 noon. Only 57! I probably won't reach 200 today!

For my Google ad I have spent $29.40 already! WIth 223 clicks!

Adding "antique porcelain" as keywords last night made a big difference. And "old jewelry" also has helped.

But no sales. This is about $58 spent for 4 1/2 days.

I also see a number of new sites in my Etsy shop stats from where my Google ad must be showing and getting clicked.

I have the good tea cup order and single tea cup order to pack.

High Clicks for Google Ad Today(cont)

Wow. Here at only 10:23 I have spent $24.72 on my Google ad. That is as much as yesterday's total. sales from it.

I think it is that my ad is being shown more through the "Network". For similar searches. Not for my specific ad or keywords. stats for it are not good. But I still have 189 clicks before 10:30am and all my stats for my CTR are below average. My search CTR is much lower than my Network CTR. For the previous 4 days it was a little higher.

I think today will be my last day for the Google ad. It will cost me $50 just for today. With no sales. That will be $100 for only 5 days.

It is nice seeing the views and clicks, but it is expensive. I have the 189 clicks before 10:30am, and only had about that many all of yesterday. I guess my new keywords and deleting the ones that weren't drawing ads helped? And also adding "porcelain" items to my front page?

My Etsy stats show 89 views from the ad and 12 from another ad st, AND 76 "direct views" already. They are also high just like yesterday when I had 189 "Direct Views" (a topic for another day).

I wanted to get my Google views back, and I have. But it has been expensive.

This Morning: Even HIGHER Google Ad Views, BIG Drop in Search VIews

Wow, only 37 Views from Etsy search views at nearly 7:30 am!! A new low for the month!
But 353 TOTAL views already.

Wow, my Google Ad views are even HIGHER! AND.....already spent so much!

139 CLICKS already before 7:30am! AND $18.99 COST!
Yesterday for the ENTIRE DAY spent only $24.84 with 207 CLICKS!

The increase in Google Ads today is a GOOD thing?? OR a bad thing???
I guess, A good thing.

I am paying for clicks, and I am receiving clicks.

I made adjustments before I went to bed last night. And they made somewhat of a difference?

I did wake up to a sale.

I will raise my limit for the day and go with it and see what happens.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

200 Views before 7pm

This is only the 2nd time or so this month that I have reached 200 views by 7pm, the latest I want to reach 200.

Here right before 7pm I have 209 views from Etsy search.

It has been a fairly productive day:

-high views in my Google ad
-more than 1,000 total views at 7pm also
-got new pics taken of books
-packed and shipped 4 orders
-made a nice tea cup sale
-the weather cleared up in the afternoon.
-am not getting new items listed

I am looking forward to the next couple days. Getting my tea cup order packed & shipped, taking new pics and seeing what my shop holds.

Nearly 700 Total Views at 12 noon

I have 674 total views in my vintage Etsy shop. And I am sure I owe that to my Google ad.

Today's Google Ad

I may have wasted the 99 clicks today and all of the clicks the previous 3 days.
By not shipping internationally in my Etsy shop.

I might have wasted the $26 I paid and the $11 I have already racked up today????

A mistake, probably. To not have shipping set for "everywhere else", because the keywords that are getting viewed are "tea cup" keywords. HHmmmm.

Much Higher Google Ad Views & Cost today

Yesterday, for the entire day, I had 941 clicks for only $8.64. I was good with that.
And my average price per click was only 9c.

But here at only 9:23am I already have 81 clicks for $9.42! My budget for the day is $15. So I will have to raise that to make it through the day. My cost per click is still only 12c today.

AND....I already have 504 total views in my Etsy shop before 10am.

An important point is that I have my ad set to run worldwide.
BUT I don't have shipping set for worldwide. I am not shipping tea cups internationally at the moment because of orders that have not arrived in Asia. That's probably not good.

I have a decision to make about that.

Of all the times for any orders to not make it internationally, it is now.

I have a few orders to pack and ship.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Review 888

So to begin with 888 is a very special number. Any number is 3's has significance.

And this number is no exception.

I found a unique Royal Albert tea cup and put it in my shop. And it was bought by a repeat customer.

I try to ship ASAP. And always ship Priority when I can. I even am willing to take a little bit of a loss on shipping to ship Priority.

With tea cups, I have the costs set right so that I am able to ship Priority in the US.

I got the Royal Albert tea cup shipped right out and just this evening I have received a very nice review from the buyer.

"I have ordered now three times from ShoponSherman and have been very pleased each time with the service, items, delivery and delivery time. I ordered this item one evening and received it in a day and a half!!! I look to shop from this seller again and am enjoying this tea cup and saucer set already so very much!"

That makes me feel good. That's part of why I sell. To make people happy. To give people things they will love.

I have felt bad when some transactions did not work out for whatever reason.

This is one that is satisifying. Thank you, buyer.

178 Views at 7pm

It has been a fairly productive day.

I got 4 orders shipped. Made it to the grocery store and thrift store.

Decided to take some pics. And will list some new things tonight.

Made a sale.

Clicks have been pretty good from my Google ad. The stats are terrible, but I am happy with the number of clicks and the cost and low cost per click. There is alot of competition. So I am satisfied with the good number of clicks I have gotten.

Time to watch some tv and then list some new things.

The New Normal

Having 80-90 views from Etsy search at 12 noon?

200 Views from Etsy search at 8-9pm?

Having to pay for Google views?

No more international tea cup sales? Because of tea cups not arriving and costing me HUNDREDS? Which would be a huge drop in revenue.

1 day/month of 300 views from Etsy search or better?

Low to mid 200's views from Etsy search each day?

Just take it one day at a time.

Google Ad views Yesterday vs Today

Wow. What a difference.

My first full day was saturday and I had 93 clicks for almost $15, my budget.

Only 45 total clicks yesterday, a sunday, for only $3.08.
And here rigth before 9am I already have 40 cklcks for $4.10.

Today is all lower Price per Clicks compared to saturday.

No sales yet. So I have $22 on the ad so far. It might not be worth it?

I have orders to get packed & shipped before it rains and have to prepare for the weather the next 3-4 days.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Low View Sunday

Here at 7pm I have only 171 views from Etsy search. And it's a sunday.

One small demitasse tea cup sale.

Even my clicks on my Google ad are much less than yesterday.

I got some organizing done.

Just have to make it through this week and weekend.

Start Tithing Only

My shop has taken a big step back this month. With views and sales.

So it is time to stop donating the extra. And start only donating 10%.

For all of the time I've had my shop I've been donating more than 10%. But it is time to stop that.

I might not even stay open. I might have to close. Or my shop may just continue at this pace and it won't be worth it to stay open.

I will take it a day at a time. I have paid for all of my listings. So I will be open for at least the next 4 months. Even if I don't add anything new.

It is a nice, sunny day here and I have been doing some cleaning and organizing. I have missed the weather. I should go for a walk or a bike ride.

It will be a Low View Sunday

Right after 1 am only 11 views from Etsy search.

During my good times I was having 22-25 by 12:30 am.

My Google ad is running today. I am sure it will be expensive.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I ran a Google Ad today; Still Low Etsy Search Views

So yesterday evening I signed up for a Google Adwords ad. It would be very expensive if I were to run it every day. Too expensive.

I first set my budget for $5 and the previous evening for the first 6 hours I had it up it passed that. And as I watched it today I had to keep raising it because I was reaching it quickly. Late in the afternoon I raised it to $15 and here about 9:30 I am about to reach it. So I would not even get a full day for $15. Ouch.

I did gain 90 views my Google Adwords stats show. Although my Etsy shop stats show 42 views.

And all my stats are low.

My click through for Search is less than 0.7%. Which I've read you want to be 1.0% or higher.

And my entire click through for showing is also less than 1%.

And my ad was mostly on pages 2-4 for my keywords.

And the only way to increase/improve my ad was to pay more per click. Yeah right.

A Google Ad is too expensive for me. I could easily spend $300 per month. Just to get SOME of my direct google views back. No thanks.

And as far as today's Etsy search views, For a saturday, I had 204 views from Etsy search about 9pm. Very disappointing.


I will stop adding to my shop. And stop renewing.

Stop working on my shop????

It is not worth it to keep adding and have my shop have gone backwards with little sales.

After 3 1/2 years of DAILY WORK.

So I have choices to make.

Maybe close UP???

High Google Views so far today; Still Low Search Views

Here at 12:30pm I have 24 views from Google. That is easily the highest of the month and the highest in WEEKS. The first time I've reached 20 by 12 noon in weeks.

It may slow down like past times.

I have not reached 60 or 70 views from Google in MONTHS. I've reached 70 views from Google only ONCE in MONTHS.

Still low views from Etsy search. Only 94 at 12:30. Very disappointing.

My shop has taken a big step back this month.

Only ONE day of more than 300 views from Etsy search!! Wow. To go along with the low sales. Especially since my income from the beginning of the month was just tea cup sales to Asia. Of which some have not shown up.

Not a good month. Revenue is decent. All the rest is disappointing.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

92 Views at Noon

I have 92 views from Etsy searcy, 5 FIVE from Google and 317 total.

It is not looking good.

Yep, Another Low View Day is Starting

Here right after 9am only 48 views from Etsy search.

And only 2 TWO Google views.


It will be another day of low views

Here at nearly 2 am I have only 13 views from Etsy search.

I was having in the 20's for the midnight hour. But here nearly an hour later and not even 15.

I will not work on my shop today.

My Vintage Etsy Shop's Step Backward cont

Yesterday, only 204 views from Etsy earch. And only 29 views from Google.


Just don't add to my shop any more. Wait it out and see what happens.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lower VIews; Stop Adding to my Shop

Here at nearly 10:30 I have only 190 views from Etsy search.

Views are even lower. And are staying low.

So stop adding to my shop.

Don't renew. Don't add new.

Maybe start more on Ebay.

And only a $9 book sale yesterday. And 1 tea cup sale the day before.

So it is not worth it. I have more than 1,100 listings. If I can't make sales with that many, it's not worth it to sell or add more listings on Etsy.

Add to that the number of orders that have not shown up. That are more than 30 days late. HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth.

Low Views all Month: The New Normal?

I reached 100 views from Etsy search after 2pm yesterday. And finished with 227.

***On november 20th, 2011 I had 234 views from Etsy search with 800 or so LESS listings.

Today I have reached 100 views from Etsy search at 12:41. And will probably still have only in the mid 200's views from Etsy search.

This has been going all all month.

Since it is such a lengthy period of time, I would guess this could be The New Normal

Monday, April 21, 2014

More than 1,100 listings in my vintage Etsy shop.......

......and I make 1 sale. A tea cup.

Not good.

After years of selling and having the shop.

Not sure what to do. Close up or not.

Even Lower Google Views!

I recently had a day of only 19 Google views!

Here at 4:24 I have only 15.

Maybe adding the links to my shop in every listing is considered duplicate content and affected my listings???

I can't believe I would get this low.

I had more Google views when I had 200-400 listings.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Views are no better than 2011....So views are Worse than 2011?

I first reached 200 views from Etsy search in october or november of 2011. When I had 250-400 or so listings.

On november 20th, 2011 I had 234 views from Etsy search.

Today, April 20, 2014, with more 1,100 listings I have 237 views from Etsy search just past 11:30 pm.

And this month I also had the 199 views from Etsy search day. And most of the days in the low to mid 200's.

That is TERRIBLE. When comparing stats to 2011.

There are millions more listings on etsy since that time. And I probably have less vintage non-tea cup items listed.

But it is also that views have dropped starting on the 1st of this month. And that views were in the 350's-370's for the last week of march.

And today will be the 20th consecutive day with less than 300 views from Etsy search! Easily the longest stretch in more than a year!

And for all of the listings I have and for all of the tithing, I do not sell much (Today with more than 1,100 listings I sold a dinner plate and a Limoges plate).

Time to rethink selling on Etsy?????

Stop working on my shop so much??
Start trying to sell on ebay??
Start back focusing on work, too?
Cut back on donations??? Probably.

The Hallelujah Chorus Lyrics - Handel's Messiah

Royal Choral Society: 'Hallelujah Chorus' from Handel's Messiah

Hallelujah, from Christ on the Mount of Olives - Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Still Low Views Yesterday

Even though I reached 100 views from Etsy search at 10am, the earliest in days or weeks, I still only finished with 244 views from Etsy search.


The first time I reached 200 views from Etsy search was the fall of 2011. When I had only 200-400 items listed.

Now I have more than 1,100 items and my views from search are not much better nearly 3 years later.

Not good.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

High "Other" Views, Indirect Google Views?

Here at only 12:30 I have 70 views from "Other". Which is indirect views from the Google image redirect???

I'll take them!

This past week I'd be only in the 40's by now.

I got some pics taken. New items listed.

Have to get orders packed.

Viwes are Back? 100 Views at 10 am!

This morning is the highest view morning in weeks. I think all month.

And it is a good sign that it is a saturday. The weekends are/have been my highest view days.

I have actually made a few sales, too. Wow. lol.

I have been taking pics and I have orders to pack! Hopefully I can get everything shipped today. I want to take some outdoor pics, too.

The Unfolding Fiscal Disaster Behind ACA Enrollment Figures | e21 - Economic Policies for the 21st Century

The Unfolding Fiscal Disaster Behind ACA Enrollment Figures | e21 - Economic Policies for the 21st Century

Thursday, April 17, 2014

200 Views before 11pm

I now have 201 views from Etsy search at 10:58 pm. This will be the second lowest view day of the year. Less than 700 total views, too.

And Google 17 so far!!! Holy Heck!

151 Views after 7pm

I just got back from the post office after shipping 4 orders. It is a disappointing day view-wise. Here at 7:14 pm only 151 views from Etsy search.

I did make 2 sales early in the day. That helps.

Hope this is only temporary.

Wow. Even LOWER Views!

Wow. Here at 12 noon I have only 63 views from Etsy search!


The lowest since at least last september.

I will probably end in the 170's-80's.

What has Etsy done????

Yesterday morning, more Chem Trails over Pittsburgh, PA.

When I left for my groundskeeping job and got to the end of my street I looked up in the sky and there are so many trails crossing each other!

By the time I made it out to the East End of Pittsburgh the trails were all spreading out...

They dissipated by the afternoon and it was a clear, sunny day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

200 Views before 8:30 pm; The New Search Results Layout is to blame???

It is another low view day. ANOTHER ONE.

I won't reach 300 today. I will probably be less than 250.

My views took the noticeable drop on the 1st of this month.

That's the same time the new search results layout was implemented??
The displayed results went from 4 columns to 3.

That was also when the new results for search ads was implemented?
And there was an additional row of search ads placed in the middle of search results.

Something has hurt my shop this month.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

200 Views before 7pm!

Here at 6:19 I have 201 views from Etsy search.

The first time I've reached 200 before 7pm in at least a week.

Something changed on Etsy on april 1st to affect my listings and my views.

And 3 sales today. Wow.

Words and Phrases I will never use

1. Passion. Passionate.
2. "Next Level"
3. Resonate
4. Authentic
5. "your truth", "my truth". Huh? That makes no sense. lol.
6. Twirk/twerk. Nope. Never. Too ghetto.
7. "As well". I will just use "too".

There are more. As I think of them, I will update. lol.

Yes, My Vintage Etsy Shop has taken a Step Back this Month

Views from Etsy search have been below and much below 300 every day this month. With one of those days being only the 2nd day below 200 in the past 2 years.

And 2 tiny sales in the past 4 days. With my only significant sales being international tea cup sales. Which I will now stop selling to Asia.

With so many other vintage sellers on Etsy complaining about a drop in sales and views, I believe that is what I have to look forward to, if I even stay open.

Not to mention replacing all the good items I've sold the past 2 years will be almost impossible. Especially for the bargain prices I did.

So prepare for a continued slowed time in my shop, with continuing of low views and low non-tea cup sales, and tea cup sales.

It was a good run. Much better than I was expecting or hoping for.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Less than 300 Views Yesterday; 98 Views Today at Noon

So yesterday I finished with 296 views from Etsy search. I have not reached 300 in more than a week.

Today is starting off as the best day in a week, too. Not 100 at or before 12 noon, but better than it has been.

I should reach 300 today.

1 small sale on saturday. That's it.

I am packing a couple orders to ship today.

6 Lessons on Living Longer and Staying Sharp From a Nonagenarian Track Star

6 Lessons on Living Longer and Staying Sharp From a Nonagenarian Track Star

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Most Overused Word in the English Language

Passion. And Passionate.

Count how many times you hear it each day.

I believe Tony Robbins and the other self-help gurus of the mid to late 1980's started the use of the word.

I will never use it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Harry Reid behind BLM land grab of Bundy ranch

I just saw this on

168 Views at 7 pm

Not Good.

Worse than yesterday.

And it's a saturday.

This drop in views is concerning and upsetting.

Just have to take a day at a time.

Chem Trails over Pittsburgh, PA this morning

I went downstairs to take tea cup pics and I looked out my back window and up in the sky were trails crossing almost the entire sky I could see!

It was.....worrisome...scarey...concerning....wanting to stop it....angering.....

Emily's Hair - FlyPress Films

100 Views at 1:45 pm

I now have 101 views from Etsy search. Not as bad as yesterday. A little better.

But not Good. It is a saturday and it has been one of my highest view days of the week after only sunday.

I am packing orders. Probably won't get them all done today. And will have to get more bubble wrap and pack and ship the rest on monday.

It is a sunny, mild day. I am looking forward to getting out in it. While I can.

Yesterday: The 2nd Lowest View Day of the Year?

I finished yesterday with only 222 views from Etsy search. That makes it the 2nd lowest view day of this year and one of the lowest since sept of last year.

5 orders yesterday softened the unpleasantness of that.

Today is starting off slightly better than yesterday, but still not as high as the beginning or end of march.

Friday, April 11, 2014

175 Views at 7 pm

Well today is noticeably better than yesterday.

Yesterday I had 137 views from Etsy search at about 6:50pm.

Today I have 175 right at 7:02pm.

And I have had 4 orders.

So I feel better.

But I don't think I am out of the woods yet. Not sure how this summer will go....if I make it that far.

I have actually GAINED Google Views???

For months now I have posted about my low Google views. About how they are so much less than the first half of last year.

Well, in reading the thread on the Etsy forums about Etsy images from Google image searches redirecting shoppers to items of "similar" listings I saw that one seller mentioned that now sellers may be getting MORE views from Google because of being found on the Etsy Marketing Pages that shoppers are redirected to from Google image searches.

She mentioned that stat is "Other".

So I checked and I was amazed!

For Jan 1-April 10 2013
Google Views: 9,556
OTHER Views: 707

For Jan 1-April 10 2014
Google Views: 4,396
OTHER Views: 7,900!

OTHER Views went from my 11h highest source of views on Etsy to 4th highest!

Is it a net GAIN of 2,200 Views from Google?????

Could Be! Makes me feel so much better!! Makes me feel better about my shop and the future! And just this year!

Here is the thread on Etsy's forums again:

I am not sure if I have gained from my Google images being shown on Etsy Market pages or not??? Some on the thread don't like it. As one seller said, "I want my direct Google Views back."

As the one seller said, Etsy knows that they are the cause of the redirect.

So maybe I should be upset by the redirect and my lost direct Google views?? Or not??

I am happy that I have gained thousands more views, if they are from Google redirect.

100 Views at 2pm

Here at 2:02pm I now have 102 views from Etsy search. Not as bad as yesterday. So I should make it past 200 for the day. But it will still be one of my lowest view days of the year. Another one.

The 3 orders today have saved me. Saved me from being even more disappointed.

It was the drop in views in sept of last year that started me posting every day about my views. I didn't intend for my blog to be all about my views. And now it has happened again.

Hope it was Etsy.

I have orders to pack.

Less than 200 Views from Etsy Search!!

Oh, no! Yesterday I finished with only 199 views from Etsy search!!

Only the 2nd time in more than TWO YEARS that I have been below 200!! At the end of last month I was in the 350's to 370's!!


The last time I was under 200 was on sept 6 of last year. I started a thread on Etsy. And there were a number of people on the forums talking about a sudden drop in views then! And it was happening again in the past week! More sellers were complaining about a drop in search views!

This time whatever happened/Etsy did affected me later than others???

A small part of this could be that I sold a high number of tea cups last week that were getting search views????

I did awke up to 3 orders today for a good profit.

But it is another low view day with only 77 views from Etsy search just past 11:30am!!

This is worrisome.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wow! The Lowest View Day of the Year???

here at 6:49 pm I have only 137 views from Etsy search! Holy Heck!

Are stats not working correctly????

This can't be right!

Holy Heck.

I won't reach 200 today!

An Etsy Forum Thread about Google image search redirecting buyers on Etsy

I am unable to post on the Etsy forums because I am banned from them. One of the reasons is for calling a guy a communist in one of the Obamacare threads.

I just found this thread about Etsy images on Google image searches redirecting the searcher to other similar items. Instead of the actual listing:

I like what one seller, Erin, said on page 17:

" My husband does this for a living. Etsy has created pages that are being crawled by Google (search pages that can be changed to not be crawled). Etsy is hoping that you, as a shopper, are going to easily forget the image you clicked on by taking you to their "popular search images".

This is very easily rectified, but won't be by Etsy. They will continue to tell you that they don't have anything to do with this, but they do.

How I shop... I find an image I like, I click on it and if it takes me to that page, I buy it or I don't. However, I can tell you that if I click on the image and it takes me to an Etsy "popular search page" I leave. I leave and I give to craps less about that search. I don't buy from Etsy or anyone else that pulls that crap on me.

Etsy won't care if you're that kind of shopper because so many shoppers are easily distracted from their original search. That's what they are banking on by making those search pages, those "popular search pages" crawl-ab;e by google, they're hoping you don't care about that original item and that you just buy from them.

Etsy is definitely doing this, but they aren't going to admit to it. My husband does this for a living. He's researched it. It isn't just a natural thing that happens, they have done this.

Sure, they'll do whatever feels "right" for their business, but to let them pretend they didn't know this would happen is simply lying to you.

Yes, mute me now."

This is probably a major reason for my loss in Google views since last fall.

Another Low View Day

Here at about 12:20 I have only 81 views from Etsy search.

Wonder if it is because of another Etsy test? Or something Etsy has done to affect my listings??

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Low Views Today, cont

It has taken me to close to 9:30 to reach 200 views from Etsy search.

Here at 9:29pm I have 203 views from Etsy search.

One of the lowest days of the year.

Low Views Today, pt 3

Here at just about 7:30pm I have only 170 views from Etsy search!

Not good.

No sales today either.

I think cutting off the Asian tea cup buyers will hurt me big time. That is where I've sold most of my tea cups. Especially my multiple tea cup orders.

100 Views before 3pm

It took me until between 2:45-3pm to reach 100 views from Etsy search.

This is one of the lowest days of the year.

I have some orders to pack. I have to obtain some boxes for my final Asian tea cup orders.

Low Views continue today

So I have gotten only 2 more views from Etsy search in the past 1 hour and 12 minutes!

That is VERY unusual.

I average 10-15 or more views from Etsy search/hour.

An Etsy test is affecting my listings???

More of a Drop in Search Views

Here at 12 noon only 80 views from Etsy search.

It could be partly the result of so many tea cups I have sold recently.

This is still the lowest this year, I believe.

Revenue is still high for the year. Not sure it will continue since I will try to no longer sell tea cups to Asia.

I've Made the Decision to STOP SELLING TEA CUPS to Asia

This morning I have decided to go ahead and stop selling tea cups to Indonesia, Singapore and any other country. I believe almost all of the buyers were not only reselling my tea cups, which I was ok with, but they were reusing my pics!

I've worked at taking pics for years. I actually even like it. It's fun. And I take some of the best tea cup pics on Etsy AND ebay! And I won't let them be stolen so freely. Even though they can still be stolen, BUT they won't get my tea cup too!

So this will be a HUGE drop in revenue!!

I have been making my living off of Asian tea cup buyers. Now...I can expect to probably have to drop my prices significantly since I know it was just resellers buying from me.

And just have to give it time. And see what happens......

Go back to work?? Focus more on work this year???

I will NOT match or break my income from last year because of this decision.

My revenue will probably drop by half??? I wlil see.........

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Vintage Etsy Shop has taken a Step Back this Month

My views from Etsy search are down noticeably for the first 8 days of this month. They are much lower than the first 8 days of march.

I believe it is caused by Etsy. A test is affecting my views??

My google views have been low. In the 30's and 40's mostly. With one day in the 50's. I will have to accept at some point that my Google views are GONE. Long gone. Never to return. Because of Google and because of Etsy.

I have had good revenue for the first 8 days of the month though. More than the beginning of march. It won't keep up though.

So with me probably not being able to replace my tea cups and other nice things this year, due to haveing other expenses, this year will head DOWNWARD. I got teased by the great first 2-3 months. If I can even stay open, my shop revenue and views will go down.

Oh well. One day at a time. If I stay open.

Low Views, but a Big Sale

Here at 7:30pm I have only 191 views from Etsy search.

But early this morning I made a big tea cup sale to Australia.

Views have dropped on april 1st. Etsy did SOMETHING???. Again.

Views are MUCH lower compared to the beginning of march.

Just have to deal with it. If Etsy caused it, there is not anything I can do.

I am on a record pace. As long as I can stay open, that is.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Today I Learned Why I Have Been Selling So Many Tea Cups to ASIA

Well, I have learned recently that the buyers from Indonesia I have been getting have been resealling the tea cups. Several have just told me so by being honest. I am ok with that. I know I have been making good profits on all the tea cups I sell. And if they can still make a profit on them, good for them. If they can find people willing to pay even more than I list them for, good for them.

BUT....I just realized today that the resellers are also REUSING MY PICS!!

I did not suspect that! I really didn't suspect that the buyers from Asia were reselling my tea cups. Mostly because my prices are high.

But today it hit me when a lady from INdonesia contacted me and said she was a reseller from Indonesian interested in my tea cups and even ASKED FOR PERMISSION TO USE MY PICS.

That is when it hit me!

So I asked my most recent regular customer from Indonesia who had told me she/he resells them and I asked if they were reusing my pics.

They got very defensive and said they saw others doing it, but they don't. Yeah right.
And the buyer wouldn't show me where he/she sells.

One of the things that buyer had told me when they look for tea cups is they "look for good pics."


This bothers me. Not sure why. Or if it should. But it does.

So I have contacted the Asian buyers of my most recent orders and told them I do not give permission for my pics to be reused. I have not heard back from them.

ALSO, I now have the dilemma of whether I want to continue selling tea cups to Asia??? They have been reusing my pics for the past couple years. So should I care? Or stop selling to them even??

I don't know. I might do it out of spite and pride and ego. And I just don't like it. For whatever the reason.

Maybe I am overreacting??? Maybe not??

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Drop in Views This Month

The drop is noticeable.

At 12 Noon I have been averaging only about 90 views from Etsy search.
For the last week of last month I was averaging about 125-145.

I have also been in the low to mid 200's from Etsy search for the day.
Last month for the last week I was in the mid to upper 300's.

I thought the beginning of the month would be busier. But not this month.

I have made a couple sales today. And every day. So that makes it bearable.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yesterday was the Lowest Search Views Day of the Year?

I finished with only 223 views from Etsy search yesterday! Wow.
The day before, april 2nd, I finished with 276.
The day before that, the 1st, I finished with 286.

I have been making sales, mostly tea cups, of course, but it has been a low view month. Last month ended with most days in the mid to upper 300's. And the beginning of the month is usually more active. But I am not sure why the big drop in views.

I wonder how april will turn out???

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Low Google Views

Here at 7:42pm only 23 views from Google search! Wow.

I don't know if I will get over losing all my google views.

The first quarter of last year I'd average 84 to 144 views from Google each day.

I don't think there's a way of getting them back.

Big Drop in Views Today

I've been having high views lately. Finishing with mid to upper 300's from Etsy search.

Today at 7:36 pm I have only 170 views from Etsy search!

This will be my lowest view day in weeks or months.

And this is only the 3rd of the month. I expected the first week of the month to be high. With people having gotten their checks.

I still have had 3 orders today. So that is good.