Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yesterday: Another High View Day; Today, Lower Views

So I finished yesterday, a saturday with 407 Etsy search views and 2,285 total views.  Glad to see that.

Only 1 small order though.

And google views were down and have been down for a couple weeks now.  Another change to Google search??

Today, here before 10pm I have only 307 Etsy search views.  So I won't reach 400.
AND only 1,452 total views.  So I will end with many fewer total views than yesterday also.

Overall, it was a good weekend view-wise.

Too bad orders and revenue are down so much.

Oh well.

I am looking forward to spring and getting to work outside and spend some time outside in the sun.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

AFC Championship Game 2004 Patriots vs Steelers

171 Etsy Search Views at 12 Noon

Wow.  This will be the earliest I have reached 200 search views since the freaky highs of January.

It does not seem like that though.  It does not seem as though I am trending.  They'd be much higher.  It just seems like people are searching for me or finding me now or there are more people shopping here??  I don't know what it is.  It is good to see though.  This is back to 2012-2014 days.

I also have more than 800 total views.

Back to work.

More than 400 Search Views Yesterday; High Search Views this A.M.

So views from Etsy search have stayed high for some reason.  I finished yesterday, a friday, with 403. And 1,997 total views.

And here before 10:30 am I already have 130.  I like to reach 100 by 12 noon.

For most of February I was finishing with search views in the mid 200's.  With the high view day of sunday.  Wonder why the jump now??  My shop is trending again??

Back to work.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Today: A High View Day, but...........

So here on a friday I had high search views again.  Surprising.

Here right after 11 pm I have 390 search views, but just 2 small sales. Only $63 in sales today.

And with more than 1,900 total views.


So I will keep the computer off tomorrow.  And I should for sunday too.

I have decisions to make.

High Views But.....

So I finished yesterday, a thursday with 338 Etsy search views and more than 1,770 total views.

Today I had 116 search views at 12 noon.

But my 2 sales yesterday were before noon, and now it is 24 hours, a day in my book, without a sale.

Revenue for march 1-10 is down 66% compared to last year.  And even more compared to 2014.

I have choices to make.

Phipps' Spring Flower Show brings art to life

Phipps' Spring Flower Show brings art to life

Thursday, March 10, 2016

165 Etsy Search Views at 12 noon

It is an unexpectedly high view day.  This is the most search views I have had at 12 noon since.....maybe january, but probably december or november.

Glad to see it.

This week I have had more than 100 search views at 12 noon as views have jumped up for some reason.

Back to work.

National Weather Service predicts above normal forecasts for March

National Weather Service predicts above normal forecasts for March

115 Search views at 8am

I just woke up to unexpectedly high search views.  I thought my views would drop after such a high day yesterday, but the are higher.

I am "TRENDING" again??

I had contacted Etsy Support about my freaky high days in january and they told me my shop was trending.

I hope so.

364 Search Views & More than 2,200 Total Views Yesterda

What a surprising high view day it was yesterday.

And it was a wed.

I am wondering why my views have jumped up the past few days.  My search views were in the mid 200's for february.  With views being low every day but sunday.

Now, my views have jumped in the middle of the week.  And are about as high or higher than in december.

I am "trending" again??

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

208 Etsy Search Views before 5pm

I have been feeling good that views from Etsy search have been good the past few days.  Better than I was expecting.  Better than february.  They've been as good as early december.

Here at 4:58pm I already have 208 views from Etsy search.  One of the earliest days I have reached 200 in a month or more.

I thought search views would stay down below 300 for the day because of the move Etsy made about clumping in search.  But my search views have come back.

I also have 1,256 total views already.

So people are finding me, and browsing my shop.

It has been a fairly productive day so far.  And it is mild and sunny too.  But the morning wasn't clear enough for good teacup pics.  Now I have to wait until next week at least for the next chance to take some.

Back to work.

Dan Vitale Highlights - Northwestern

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The End of ShoponSherman is Near

Today, with more than 1,300 listings, I've made 1 sale for $39.

With sales and revenue down dramatically and my shop starting the 2nd year of a downward trend, I should close up.  It would be the right thing to do.  The smart thing to do.

With such a large inventory, so many items listed and all the DAYS of working on buying & selling and donations for more than 10 years, it is the right thing to do to close up.

To give up all this stuff.

Get a job.  And start over. Somewhere else.

So I have choices to make.

Oh well.

Monday, March 7, 2016

At Goodwill today, A Nice Lady and a Teapot

After taking some pics this morning I decided to take a walk to the local Goodwill and then tot he supermarket because it was such anice day.

I went into the Goodwill and one of the first things I found was ahand painted fruit coffee pot "Made in England".  I thought it was Franciscan.

I browsed a while longer, as I usually do, and I found another inexpensive hand painted teapot and a t-shirt for myself.

As I walked up to get in aline a lady who had been shopping inthere said, "Did you see the other teapot like that one?" as she pointed to the coffee pot.  I told her I hadn't and she walked over to the shelf and got it for me and brought it to me.  It was the same pattern and another Franciscan piece.  In perfect condition.

I took it and thanked her and she asked me if I collect teapots.  I told her I sell them online.

She asked me where I sell and I told her Etsy. Then she told me her name and gave me her card.  Margaret from

She told me they are going to have a sale and if I wanted I could set up and sell my wares.

She asked my shop name and I told her.  And a lady that was with her said, "There's a shop on Sherman? I didn't know that." lol.  I told her it was just my online shop name.  Margaret said, "It's a clever name.".

When Margaret talked to me she smiled.  I liked that.  She was a nice lady.  And I appreciated her telling me about the teapot.

Anyway, it was a positive experience and one that will probably be profitable for me.  I sold one of those teapots a few months ago for a good price.  And this one was priced very low.

Time for bed.......

A High View Day in my Vintage Etsy Museum; Vintage Teacup Pic Taking This Morning

Etsy search views were high for the first few hours after midnight.  As they usually are on a monday.  There are people on the West Coast still awake and I am sure that is where the views come from.

Then when I got up early I saw that search views had dropped off.  But they have picked up again after 10am.

Here at 12 Noon I have 133 views from Etsy search and nearly 800 total views.

So people are visiting and browsing my vintage shop.

But with all the views, it has been a down week.

And I am already off of last years reveneu by thousands.

And even more thousands off of 2014.

My shop is on a downward trend.

Teacups no longer sell.

And the prices have gone down a lot.  I see it on Etsy and on Ebay.

Well, I did get up early because it was supposed to be a clear morning.  It was ok.  Not as clear and bright as I like and need for good teacup pics, but I got some taken:

Well, back to work.  I have orders to pack and ship.

I will stay open for now.

I have choices to make........

Yesterday: A High Total View Day

It has been a down 7-8 day period in my vintage Etsy shop.

Views are noticeably higher during the weekend.  Especially Google views.

I finished yesterday, a sunday, with 300 views from Etsy search AND nearly 2,300 TOTAL views.

BUT only 1 sale near 10 pm of 2 teacups to 1 customer.  Disappointing.

SO MANY views, but only the 1 sale.

Only 50 Google views.  I used to have at least that many by 12 noon.  The high Google view days are HISTORY.

I will stay open.  Because I have to.

Time for bed.