Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oh, No! The Neighbor is having "Poison Arrows" toward My House!

The next door neighbor is having a new fence put up for the past week or so.  On one section that was already a brick wall he had a decorative fencing that extended, with the brick wall height, to about 10 feet. I just saw that on top of that he is having the angled pieces that extend PAST the decorative fencing!!  There are all the ends of the boards pointing right at my house!!

Before he had them flush at the end of the decorative fencing and they were still pointing up at my house.  Now they are pointing directly at my house AND up at my house!!

Not Good!!  Not Good AT ALL.

That is bad chi.

They are Shars.  Poison Arrows.

"Poison Arrow: A type of inauspicious energy pattern. A very common poison arrow is where a corner of a room or an overhead beam points towards the inhabitants."
-Karen Rauch Carter, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life

Oh my.

Not good at all.

I already have one mirror on the outside of my window sill from the corner of his house pointing at my house and bedroom.

I will be using more mirrors and other advice I gain from Karen Rauch Carter, my favorite feng shui practitioner:

***I will add pics soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vintage 1950's Trifari Alfred Philippe Patent brooch, 1952, Art deco gold enamel brooch

It was in 1930 that Trifari hired Alfred Philippe as its chief designer.  And he designed many beautiful pieces up until 1968.

Well, I had a jewelry phase in my vintage Etsy shop. I would try searching by maker and also by type or stones or colors, mostly.

I got lucky and got a few bargains on Trifari jewelry in my searches.  Most Trifari brooches are priced high. Especially the older pieces.

I would try to find pieces that were unique.  And try to get lucky to find a nice piece listed by someone who did not accurately describe their piece.

I did find this nice beautiful gold enamel art deco Trifari brooch on the internet:

The seller did show the mark, and I saw it had the patent number, which the seller did not add to the title or description of the listing.  So I bought it.

I got good pics taken and listed it in my vintage Etsy shop:

Although not a highly valuable piece, it is a desirable piece, I believe.  The patent pieces are some of the most desirable by Trifari collectors.

I am sure this beautiful shiny gold brooch is just waiting for that perfect buyer.

Vintage 1930's Aynsley Bone China butterfly handle tea cup with Hydrangea

It was back in the 2nd half of 2011 when I started to put time and effort into selling vintage teacups in my vintage Etsy shop.  And browsing the teacups on the internet, bone china, Limoges, Japanese, and others, I would see the teacups from specific makers that were priced high.

One of the first ones high priced English bone china I saw was the Aynsley butterfly handle teacups.  So I intended to acquire one of them some way.

I searched the internet constantly and it was one evening when I saw an Ebay auction for one ending in only minutes.

I put in a low bid not thinking I would win.

The auction ended a short time later and I was very surprised that I won it!

Of course, I had not fully looked over the listing and the pics.  And it did have a couple of flaws.  One was a short old crack in the rim. Another was a small black dot on the inside.

I was still very happy with it and thought the condition was good enough on which to still make a profit.

My original pics that I used in my Etsy shop listing were dark, but I used them.

A while later I retook the pics to the ones currently in the listing:

I have had it listed in my shop for a long time, and I believe it is the flaws that have kept it from selling.  Because the price is LOW compared to other Aynsley butterfly handle teacups.

And even the current pics are a little dark. I will retake them at some point.

I have had A LOT of success with Aynsley teacups and saucers.  Those and Paragons have sold very well in the Vintage teacup section in my Etsy shop.