Saturday, May 28, 2016

159 Search Views Yesterday!!


The fewest in YEARS!

Well, maybe the lowest since last 4th of July??

One of my lowest days in YEARS though.

Last year on the Friday of the Memorial day weekend I had 191 views from Etsy search.

I think the past 2 Christmas Days were than yesterday.

Yesterday was a friday of the Memorial Day weekend.  So it is understandable.  But STILL.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Again Today: 22 Google Views right after 1 p.m.

So here at 1:10pm I have 22 direct Google views???

When yesterday I had only 23 for the ENTIRE DAY.

I wonder what caused the big drop???  Etsy or Google??

Back to work.

Today: 15 Google Views before 11 a.m.

So here at 11:54 am I already have 15 direct views from Google

I wonder what caused the big drop yesterday???

Only 23 Direct Google Views Yesterday! The Fewest in YEARS!

Wow.  I finished the Wed with only 23 Google views.  And I believe it is because of the "improvement" Etsy made to my Shop Announcement in my Vintage Shop.

They changed the coding, and I believe it has hurt my direct views.

I do not remember at all the last time I had Google views only in the 20's!!

I have had some days in the 30's.   Even this year, in fact.  But, the 20's???  It would have to be 2012 or 2011!!


Disappointing.  And discouraging.

Off to bed.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

105 Etsy Search Views at 10:15 AM

About 2 weeks ago views from Etsy search in my vintage shop dropped noticeably.  Then they have come back in the past week.

And then this morning they are the highest in at least a month.

Here at 10:15 I already have 105 views from Etsy search.

I like to have at least 100 by 12 noon.  And this is the earlies I have reached 100 in at least a month.  One of the highest days of the year too, I believe.

A good sign.

Although search views for the first 18 days of May are down more than 100 compared to last year.

Even though I have 1 more order for May compared to last year, revenue is down considerably.

Back to work.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vintage 1930's Roseville Pottery jonquil 8" bowl

I have had success selling Roseville pottery in my vintage Etsy shop.  I have sold nearly every piece I have had listed. Some of the pieces took a while to sell.

I have this great piece of antique pottery listed in my vintage shop and it is popular:

From my experience Roseville is hard to find at a bargain price to resell.  It is popular on other online sites and is almost always priced high.  Unless it is damaged.

My pottery bowl is still in beautiful condition.

All of my Roseville pieces have been popular and I really want to add more pieces to my vintage Etsy shop.  Especially the older patterns. And I know the blue is more desirable than brown, for one thing.

I wonder how much longer this piece will last??  I wonder what my next piece will be??

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Only 84 Etsy Search Views at 2:30 PM on a Sunday

My views from Etsy search have dropped significantly this month of May.

Here on a sunday, my busiest, highest view day of the week for years, I have only 84 views from Etsy search.

Only 572 total views too.

Back to work.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Fewer Than 200 Etsy Search Views Yesterday

I finished yesterday with only 194 views from Etsy search!

The first time with fewer than 200 all year!!
The first time fewer than 200 since last sept or oct!!

With only 1,105 TOTAL views!
One of the lowest total views day all year.
Because of the new layout!!

With only 141 "Shop Views"
 Only 13 views for my teacup section home page!

1 small sale at the end of the day.

The sign of things to come????

Because of the new layout AND Etsy now showing other shop's listings in the MIDDLE of my listings on mobile devices.

After things were off to such a great start with all views, orders and revenue at the beginning of April!

Just have to wait and see.
Could be a BIG drop in orders and revenue this year.  If I last all year......

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Seinfeld Clip - Kramer's Rickshaw Adventure

Big Drop in Etsy Search Views Today

Today is the lowest amount of search views I have had in....weeks.  Maybe a couple months.

Here at 2:45 pm I have only 86 views from Etsy search!
I have been around or over 100 by 12 noon for a good number of weeks.

Only 77 Shop Views
Only 6 views for my teacup section home page!

Back to work.

UPDATE:  I just reached 100 views from Etsy search at 3:49 PM.  The latest in weeks.  Maybe months.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Only 4 Views for My Teacup Section Homepage!

What has Etsy done to my vintage shop???

Here right before 5:30pm my teacup section has only 4 views!!  That is crazy low!

Even with nearly 700 teacups listed visitors are not clicking on the link in the teacup listings for the teacup section home page!

I've had days with more than 100.

This is not good.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Etsy is Showing Other Shop's Listings in the MIDDLE of My Listings!

I have known for some time that other shop's listings were being shown at the BOTTOM of my listings.

I just discovered that they are now being shown in the MIDDLE of the listings on mobile devices!
AND before it even shows "Meet the Owner"! 

Could that explain why visitors are not clicking on the links I put in each listing??  They aren't even getting that far any more??  They are clicking on OTHER SHOP'S LISTINGS instead???

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Rare Antique 1880's Haviland Limoges Porcelain Square Teacup and Saucer

When I was searching for an antique Limoges teacup I was surprised to find this rare Victorian era Limoges china teacup and saucer.  I actually found one in pink and this one in blue and white from the same seller:.

 It is one of my most popular teacups in my vintage Etsy shop.

The pink one sold very quickly to a buyer in China:

I have have had a lot of success selling Limoges teacup in my Etsy shop.  I've sold most of them to Asians.  I try to have ones that are not too plain.  Some of the ones with the petite roses can be plain.  I try have colorful ones and ones with the larger roses and especially with gold.  And, of course, old ones.

As long as I sell on Etsy I will be on the lookout for Limoges teacups.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Vintage 1940's Pink Sateen Arm Chair for the Living Room or Bedroom

Last year at the Mexican War Streets neighborhood yard sale there was a man selling who had a lot of great things at great prices.  He obviously had good taste and years of experience at collecting.  And it appeared he was pricing things to sell to clear out and downsize.

I got to his place early and one of the first pieces I bought was this vintage chair.  Especially after he told  me his price:

I actually went back to his tables 4 or 5 times that day and bought something almost every time.  And even at my last trip I found some beautiful things at great prices.  And even bought some things from the people selling next to him when I went the last time near the end of the sale.

I got pics of the chair taken after I got finished buying in the neighborhood:

Although there is some wear to the arms it is still in beautiful condition:

 It would look great in a vintage bedroom or living room.  Especially, of course, in a room done in pink.  Or just as a pink accent piece.

I help an interior designer, and when we worked together at one of her clients, the clients dining room was painted a pale, creamy pink.

Even though I have had this chair listed for so long,  I am still glad I bought it that day.  It is very popular in my shop.  One of the most popular items in my shop.  So it has been worth it to bring people into my vintage Etsy shop.

Nearly 7,000 FEWER Total Views in April!

I believe the new Etsy layout has hurt my shop significantly.  It has hurt my total views, my "shop views" and my tea cup section views.

I finished April with 6,603 FEWER total views than March 2-30.
And 6,390 FEWER 'Shop Views"!
And 2,077 FEWER views for my teacup section home page!
And 2,400 Fewer Etsy App views.

Although I did have 10 more orders for April compared to March 2-30.

This layout is something that will/has hurt my shop permanently.
It is a permanent change to the layout that relevancy and titles and tags will not repair.
Changing the layout for mobile devices is bad for desktops, where most purchases take place?

I know according to my Google Analytics stats, less than half of my visitors are on mobile devices.

This could be THE change that ends my shop???

Will just have to wait and see.  It does not look good.