Thursday, October 31, 2013

ABC 20/20 - College is a Rip Off

How Barack Obama Secured the Most Important Voting Demographic: The Idiots

Industry Watch: Peter Schiff "Obama won the Idiot Vote"

Low views today

Here at nearly 6:30 pm I have only 162 views from Etsy search.  Won't reach 200 til 9-10 pm.

Only 4 additional views from Google search in the past 4 hours since I posted more listings and got so many more google and shop listing views.  So those listings are just creating bot views.  Some people views, but probably 90% bot views.  At least maybe they will help with google relevancy.

It is a rainy evening. I finally made an ok sale.  Another tea cup. That's 2 sales today.  Still the lowest revenue month of the year by far.  The lowest since last october.

Just have to make it through to tomorrow morning and get back to working on things and shipping orders.

Off to the grocery store.

I am very curious

I am very curious what all the views are from when I post a listing.  It must be all google bot views.  It can't be people. Maybe one or two or handful.  But not hundreds instantaneously.

I posted more

And I believe those all are NOT real views.  They are all bot views.  Even the listing page views.

For me to list them and then suddenly get so many views I don't believe they are people.  They are just google bot views still registering on Etsy.  Even though that was supposedly stopped/fixed 2 years ago.

It at least makes me feel good to see all the views. lol.  Maybe they will still help with Google relevancy.  Time will tell.

Close up my vintage Etsy shop sooner rather than later?

It has been a bad 8 days.  Easily my slowest in more than a year.  If next week continues this way, and especially if october goes at this pace, I will have to close. And get a job. To go from $3,000-5,000/month for more than 15 months down to $1,000 would not be good.  It would be a major step back.

One day at a time for now.  

Google views this morning

So here right after 9:30 am I have 16 views from Google.  That is the most in a while.  I am guessing that my posting my links played a part.  Views from that site are counting as google views? Or they helped my relevancy with google search?

See how long the affect lasts.  And where I end up later today.

Etsy search views are ok at 67.

No sales.  Wow.  This is so bad.  I can't believe I am making no sales and have made such little money.  Only $203 in the past 8 days.  The worst in more than a year or more. By far.

177 views from Google! More than 1,600 total views!

I was having a low day of total views and google views only in the low 40's.  I then discovered/realized a place to post my listings to help with their SEO.  I started on page 1 and just kept posting each listing on the site. When I checked my shop stats 599 views in that hour!  And more than 100 Google views!

I ended with 177 views from Google search 1,690 TOTAL VIEWS and my "your shop" stat was 768.

I have 599 views that first hour I was posting my listings and then 418 views the next hour!

HHHHmmmmm.  I am not sure how to take those stats.

It looks like Etsy does count BOTS.  I believe each time I posted a listing it was counted as a view.  And maybe more than one bot was counted.  But I think people were browsing my shop from posting my listings??  It appears so.

But for those extra 1,000 views, real or not, there were no sales.  3 of the listings did get favorited on the site I was posting to.

So this is a new way to help get views???  And to help with my SEO with google???

Not sure.  Not sure if all these views were just bots or real views.  It looked like there were hundreds of real views.

That is all of that for tonight.  I will try more tomorrow and see what happens.  I am guessing there are just some bot views in all that.  I will find out.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Views & Sales

Low views today.  It took til 9 pm to reach 200.  Only 1 sale for $12.  In the past 4 days I've made only $74.  Not good.

Only 36 views from Google.

Back to the New Normal

Here after 12 noon I have 74 views from Etsy search.  The new normal is 75-85 by 12:30 pm.

14 from Google.  274 total.

My shop dashboard shows that I have nearly 3,000 LESS total views in the past 30 days compared to the same time last year.  10 Less orders.  But than $424 more revenue.

It is a very nice sunny day.  I'd love to take some pics outside.  And also get some laundry done.  Not sure if I have time for both.  It gets dark by 6-6:30.

300 Views again

I actually made it to 300 views from Etsy search yesterday.  It didn't look like it in the morning or late afternoon.  Or even in the evening.  Things do pick up and get busy from 9-12 midnight.

I finished with 304 views from Etsy search.  Total views were under 1,000 at 872.  The first 7 months of theyear when I'd get more than 300 views my total views would be more than 1,000.  No sales yesterday either.  That's a bummer.  I can't believe sales have been so slow.  This past week and this month.  My slowest month in a year.

Yesterday I finished with only 36 views from Google.  Wow.  That is disappointing.  Maybe it is adding my shop link to all of my listing??? Maybe that is a cause of duplicate content???  I could try taking out the title as the first line in my descriptions and taking out my shop link?

Well today I will go do some laundry and maybe take some pics.  I have 2 orders to pack and ship.

Off to work.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thinking about my shop

With all the years I've been selling and tithing I've only made just over $300 in the past week.  Not good. I have more than 1,040 listings, too. And I've been spending hours every day working on my shop.  From taking pics to sitting at the computer.

So I guess I have choices to make. Will just have to wait it out the next 2 months.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Vintage Stow & Davis Danish furniture arm chair; The Slowdown (cont)

Here at 9:33 pm I have only 237 views from Etsy search.  I probably won't even reach 300.  It looked like I was going to do much better than yesterdays 312, but it slowed down noticeably in the afternoon and evening.

I got some pics taken this afternoon when I returned home from shipping the chair at Greyhound.  Some of the turned out dark and blurry.  I will try retaking them tomorrow.

One of the things I got pics taken of was a Stow & Davis Danish chair.  The seat upholstery is torn up, but the frame is still good.  It's solid and I believe it is still a good piece overall.  I got it listed:

Back to work..

The Slow Down

Yep, I was right.  Views slowed down this afternoon.  They were on a high pace for the new normal.  But here after 6 pm only 192 views from Etsy search.  At the pace I was on by noon I thought I'd have 200 by 5 or 6 pm.  

I will just wait everything out for the next 2-3 months and see how it goes.  Closing in february is a possibility.

I don't sell the small things like I did my first 1 1/2-2 years.  This year has been mostly tea cups.  And not many of them this month.  And not much of other things either.

Just gotta wait it out.  

Record High Views at Noon!

Well, a record since the drop.  I have 129 views from Etsy search at 12 noon.  The previous high since the drop was 118 just last week.

But total views are only 274.  For the first 7 months of the year when I'd have 120's-160's by 12 noon I'd have total views in the 300's-500's.  I believe the new listing page is hurting my shop.  People are not as free to browse my shop even with me putting links in each listing.

Only 12 views from Google.

Well, it is sunny out.  I got some pics taken:

Some of the ones I took turned out blurry and dark.  Will try again tomorrow morning with them, if it is clear.

  Time to pack the chair and take it to greyhound.

High Views this morning!

Here right before 10 am I already have 111 views from Etsy search!  Looks like this will be the most views at noon since july or the first week of august.

It is a sunny morning.  I might take some pics.  Have to pack & ship the chair and find the one order.

Off to work.

300 Views Again

Yesterday I reached 312 views from Etsy search. 949 total views and only 46 from Google.
Part of my views from Etsy search are from the Burberrys trench coat and the faux fur coat.  13 views from Etsy search are from them.

My total views were under a thousand.  I believe that is probably because of Google.  The first quarter of the year, when I was averaging 1,000 views perday,  I averaged 85-144 views from Google every day. They dropped may 1st.  Came back some in the summer.  Then have dropped again big time this month. So I may have to investigate how I can improve my Google views, BUT I still have to be relevant for Etsy search first.

Etsy's relationship with Google is probably partly to blame also.  Although they say their google views are the same.  But sellers on the forums have mentioned Etsy's change to the listings with the new format that supposedly is not good for google.

One small sale yesterday, too.  My Napco praying nun wall pocket:

I did just wake up to a message of a broken tea cup.  That is disappointing.  Will refund that buyer.

Today I pack and ship the chair.  I have to find an order too.  I had the large green horse planter out and was seeing it just about every day.  Now I have to go find it.

Not sure what the near term holds.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sales & Revenue are Low

I have to go back to just tithing. And stop donating the extra 10%.  This will be my lowest order and revenue month of the year and since last october.  With views also trending down and even lower than last oct.

Just have to deal with it.  If people don't buy, there is not much I can do.

Only one $16 sale in the past 4 days. Not good.
And with more than 1,041 listings and only one tiny sale in 4 days is not good.  One of the things is that my prices are probably too high.

And not to mention I have donated so much cash the past 12 months.

I will stop loaning and helping others too.

Back to watching tv.  And maybe pizza for dinner.

300 views yesterday!

Wow.  I actually made it to 300 views from Etsy search yesterday.  I finished with 305.  I am very surprised at that.  It didn't look like I was going to get that many.  It looked as though I'd be in the mid 200's, but it picked up alot the last few hours of the night.  It has been busy around the 10 o'clock hour lately.

Only 39 from Google.  And no sales.  That's not good.

And only 776 total views.  That is low.  It is disappointing to see my total views drop so much.  And for so long The first quarter of the year I was averaging more than 1,000 total views every day.  In march I had more than 37,000 total views.  I believe it is because of the google changes, Etsy's changed relationship with google and Etsy internal changes.  I believe the new listing page is bad for my shop.  It is good for shops that sell one type of item.  But for vintage shops that sell a large variety of items, it limits what people have easy access too.  It keeps them captive in one listing/shop ssction.  Not good at all.

Today's views are starting off ok.  Just after 11 am I have 85 views from Etsy search and even 13 from Google.

We will see how the day goes. I am going to go take some pics.  Then watch some football.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Well things picked up starting near 12 noon and through the afternoon.  I actually reached 200 views from Etsy search before 7 pm at 6:43 pm.

And 31 views from Google. So they will be a little higher than yesterday's 32.

No sales though.  

Off to wendy's.  And to pick up the cardboard for shipping the chair on monday.

Then to watch some football tonight.

Views at noon

Well it looks like views have dropped back to the level of the New Normal.  Here at noon I have 82 views from Etsy search.  The New Normal is 75-85 by about 12:30.

Only 9 NINE Google views!  Wow.

I thought the weekends would be the more active days, but maybe not.  Maybe sunday still will be.  Sunday has been my highest view day on average for months now.

Not sure what the next two months hold.  Or the beginning of the year.  I believe after a small uptick for Christmas, views will go back down to the new normal or lower for the beginning of the year.  I don't believe Google views will come back because of the Hummingbird change.

I have gotten some pics taken this morning.  It has been sunny.  So I thought I'd try to get some of my new tea cups listed.

My Tom Brady dream

I love Tom Brady. I love the New England Patriots.

I have been wanting them to win and have so much success every game and every year and it has NOT happened!  It is very disappointing.

And even more so this year when other players and teams are having things I want for Tom and the Patriots.

So last week I had a dream of Tom where I saw him sitting on a stool or in a chair with his elbows on his knees and this look on his face.  A negative look. Serious. Concerned. Upset.  Down.

Then they lose to the Jets and Tom had another bad game. It makes me mad and frustrated and feel for Tom.

It has not been a good NFL season for me. The first 4 weeks had some great things for me.  But not the last 2.


It is going to be a day of Low Views. Another one

Well I see views have dropped again.  Here at 5 am only 33 views from Etsy search.  And only 3 THREE from google!

I ended yesterday with 246 from Etsy search and only 32 from Google.  And no sales.
Total views were only in the 600s!  For the first 4 months of the year I had at least 1,000 total views every day.  In march I had more than 37,000 total views! So far this month I've had about 21,000. Wow.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Low views today

Here at 9:45 only 211 views from Etsy search and only 29 Google views.  No sales.

Shop is on a downward trend.  Views are down thousands.  Not only from my best months this year, but down from the same time period last year. Orders are down  Revenue is up slightly from the past 30 days compared to last year.

I am stuck for now.  I will stop adding inventory and eventually plan to liquidate and close up the beginning of next year.  It is alot of work to sell little. I work at it every day. I deserved better. I deserved much more.
Oh well.

Closing my vintage Etsy shop after Christmas; tithing only; no praying

I really don't sell much in my etsy shop. For having 1,000 listings and all the time and money I've donated I really sell little.  Very little vintage, that's for sure. 75% of my sales this year have been tea cups.  And my shop is on a downward trend.  Views are down by thousands.  This will be one of my lowest revenue months and orders month in more than 14 months.  But I will stay open for Christmas. Til january.  Then see where to go.  Maybe I will give it til feb.  Then close up.

I am also going to reduce my donations to a tithe only.  It is not worth it to pay more.  There are too many people making much more than I make with much better businesses and items to sell for me to give so much away and get little.

And faith is a spiritual law.  If you don't have faith, don't waste your time praying or asking. If you lose faith, you won't get what you want.  Praying for something is like talking to computers.  It is impersonal.  If you have faith, you will receive it.  If you lose faith, you won't.  And it's your tough luck.

Back to weatherproofing.

Low Google search views

Yesterday I ended with only 39 views from Google.  Wow.  And here this morning at almost 11 am I have only 4!

Not sure what I can do about that?

It may be because in all of my listings I have the same links?  I put "I have more vintage & antique items in my shop" with the link.  Does that affect me as being duplicate content?  Don't know.

I don't think I really have much duplicate content.  I have so many tea cups, but they are all titled slightly differently.

I also don't put descriptions with my listings.  I just repeat the title as the first line.  And Google now wants quality content?  That may be hurting me?

My total views are trending down still.

I don't think I will match the success I've had this year and in the past 12 months going back to last november in 2014. Changes Google and Etsy have made and cost me thousands of views.  Not to mention I have sold so many of my best things and have not replaced them.

So I will just have to take it one day at a time and see how things go through the winter.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday I almost made it to 300.  At about 11:20 I have 291 and I was thinking I'd make it, but I ended with 297.  That's pretty good.  Again, because of some of my newer listings that are popular.  It is still not like it was the first 7 months of the year.

Only 43 views from Google.

It was a decent day.  I made a couple sales.  Got 3 orders shipped.  And a decent day of views.

Tomorrow I want to get the other 3 remaining orders packed & shipped, maybe take some new pics.  Maybe even take some outside.  Also do a load of laundry and weatherproof.

Off to bed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yesterdays good Etsy search views

I made it to 341 views from Etsy search.  I think part of that is due to the recent items I listed that are popular.  Like the faux fur coat, the flapper dress and the men's Burberrys trench coat.  But I am glad Etsy search views have made somewhat of a come back.  Orders are way down compared to august though. By about 14.

I have some orders to pack today.  I had a good day of sales yesterday.  I have to get a box for the chair to ship it safely through Greyhound.  Also should do some organizing and weatherproofing.

The guy still has to come back and finish the work he said he'd do.  Then I will end my work and financial relationship with him.  

Off to work.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It has been a good day; 300 views!

So I worked at my grounds keeping job today and it was a beautiful, crisp, cool sunny fall day.  I started the day indoors and it was cloudy after having rained over night, but when I went outside to do those tasks there was not a cloud in the sky.

I earned some cash there, and came home to another tea cup sale.  One of my great Aynsley tea cups:

But then had to deal with the guy asking for the advance of the pay to do some repairs.  The one bad financial experience I posted about recently.  But then I also got 2 of my orders packed & shipped, and made another sale.  A Coro rhinestone fly brooch that I just listed a few days ago:

I went and helped a lady friend put her plants away in the house.  Then came home to a nice sale.  An old print I found at the local thrift store.  Spring Song by Simon Glucklich:

And....I have 319 views from Etsy search at 10:53 pm.

It has been a productive day.  Just have to get past the guy coming to do the repairs and get him out of my hair and then work on the house, organizing, work on my shop and try to prepare for Christmas..

Almost time for bed.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Not good financial experiences

So I just had to pay a guy to redo his own work. And then had to also pay for him to repair damage I caused because I had to recheck his work. I also have to refund for 2 orders.  And not to mention that sales this month are the lowest of the year by far. The lowest number of orders by far too.

I am frustrated for sure. All the tithing and seeding for this. I will cut back to tithiing only.


Just reached 100 views from Etsy search at just after 12 noon at 12:04.  Good to see.  Better than what I was considering the New Normal of 80-85.

Off to the laundromatt on this sunny nice day.  Til it gets cold tomorrow and this week.

Last night's dream

I was in my front yard when a young mom with her young daughter walked to the house next door.  The mom had done something or bought something?  And I felt that 7 or 8 or 9 other people had done so too? They all bought a car or something???  And I thought it would be good for business next door?  They'd all be buying insurance??  The mom was the girl that lives next door now?? And she went to the house and rang the bell??

I don't know who she was or what the dream meant.  If anything.  I don't care. I don't want message dreams any more anyway.

300 Views Yesterday

I had 324 views from Etsy search yesterday.  That was another encouraging day.  Although, I will have to see how the week goes.  See if it is active like last week.  Or was that just another busy weekend day?

Also had 1,001 total views.  That is also good to see.  I have been making it back over 1,000.  Just like I did most days the first 7 months of the year.

58 views from Google.  The New Normal.  40's-60's.

The weather will be getting cold this week.  I have to do some weatherizing of the windows and doors.
And do some laundry.  No shop work today.  Other than packing & shipping orders.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

It might be time to consider moving on from Etsy

I have more than 1,000 listings, but barely make any sales.  When I do it is just tea cups.  Today I made 2 small sales.  And after having tithed and donated so much in just the past year alone.

Nothing I can do.  If people don't buy, there is not anything I can do.  And if people aren't seeing my items, for whatever reason, then it will just be time to close up.

In the past 4 days I have more 5 orders for $160.  After having put in 25-30 hours taking pics, listing and sitting at the computer working on my shop.  And not taking a day off.  I work on my shop every day.  Even on the weekends.

And this is going to be my lowest month of the year for orders and revenue.  With total views still down by thousands.  And google views down significantly.

Time to cut back to only a tithe.  And just wait out the Christmas season.

And it is time to look for some extra work.

darn it! The patriots lost! Again! To the jets!; Don't pray, if you won't have faith

And tom brady had a bad game. my prayers were not answered.

It is a waste to pray for anything if you don't have faith.  It is like making requests of computers. It is very impersonal.  Faith or nothing.

It was not a good sports weeknd for me.  Besides the patriots losing, the ravens just lost and the browns lost and usc lost and clemson lost.

It was a terrible weekend for my prayers. lol.  I just learned not to pray, that is all.  Don't pray if you aren't going to have faith.  Don't ask for anything if you are not going to have faith. If you lose faith, you won't get what you want.  We have to help people, but the angels don't have to help us.
If someone asks us for help and we don't help them, it's a sin.  But if we pray for something and don't have faith, we won't get help. oh well. Lesson learned.

Andrea Bocelli "Can't Help Falling In Love"on stage

Andrea Bocelli - SOGNO

Andrea Bocelli - Canto Della Terra

High Views Yesterday!

So here right before midnight I have 346 views from Etsy search!  A new high since the drop and steady decline.  The previous high was 340.  Part of the reason for the new high was that I have some popular items listed.  In the past week I have listed the men's Burberry trenchcoat, the faux fur coat and the flapper dress.  And also just because more people are visiting? I am more visible now?

It is also the highest total views day since july!  I have 1,243 total views.  The first few hours after midnight contributed to that.  And also, more visitors who were browsing my shop.

Only 55 Google views though. Disappointing.

UPDATE:  I just ended with 349 views from etsy search.

I am not sure all these views mean anything. Views could go back down.  Sunday might be a good day.  And it is also just another weekend day of views.  The weekends, one of the days or both, are the days of highest views.  I've seen that for a few months now.   And only one small sale.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Low Google views cont.; My Shop overview

Here at nearly 7 pm only 37 views from Google search.  That is disappointing. For the first quarter of the year I'd that many be 12 noon.

Time to do some research?

I think it is time to face shop has taken a step back.  Because of Google and Etsy changes.  And I am not sure if I can recover.  You can't beat search engines. Not selling vintage.  If I were selling one of a kind items, yes.

I was growing at a good rate.  Views kept getting higher.  Sales were steady and growing.  Now, sales are slow.  I am about to have the lowest order and revenue month in more than 12 months. When it is getting closer to Christmas.  And people say the summer is the slow time.  Not so.  At least not now. Not this year.
And views are on a downward trend.  Total views are thousands less than I was averaging the first quarter of the year.  My views are thousands less than the same time last year even.  Less orders, too.


Small Business Owner: Obamacare forced me to close my restaurants

Small Business Owner: Obamacare forced me to close my restaurants


Yep, things slowed down since this morning.  I had a current record of 125 views from Etsy search at noon, but it still took me til 6 pm to reach 200.  The other recent days when I reached 200 by 4:53 pm I had less views at noon than 125.

I got some pics taken and new things listed today and overnight.  I may try to list new things this evening, but I will just be watching some football.  Maybe do some organizing.

DirecTV Commercial : Don't End Up In A Roadside Ditch

Vintage Viking glass compote, avocado green glass, swirl pattern

On one of my trips to a church sale I saw a garage sale.  So I made it back to the garage after I left the rummage sale empty handed and I got lucky and the guy in the garage had some nice things.  Including some very nice glass.

One of the pieces I got was this very cool green glass compote in a swirl pattern.  I haven't seen any others like it yet on Etsy or Ebay.

This morning I finally got pics taken and got it listed:

Well things have slowed down in my shop.  After a record high morning of views things have dropped off some in the afternoon.  As has happened a couple times recently.  Here at 4:42 pm only 183 views from Etsy search.  When other days when I had less views at noon than I did today I was having 200 views by 4:53 pm.

It is good to see the views.  It is encouraging.  Although I have spent many hours the past few days on my shop for only a couple small sales.  I will keep at it.

Off to eat and watch some football.  Maybe take some cookbook pics.

High Views at Noon!

Here at 12 noon I have 125 views from Etsy search!  That is where they were before the drop. This is the new high since the drop.  The previous high was 118 just a few days ago.

I also have 563 total views!  My "Your Listings" stat is 273.  People have been browsing my shop.  Going from one listing to another.

Only 12 views from Google.  Disappointing.  But I have to keep my shop relevant more for Etsy search than google. There are probably some things I could tweak.

I got pics of a few things taken. I have some orders to pack  Want to watch some football too.

100 Views! High total views!

Here at 9:57 I already have 102 views from Etsy search!  And 497 total views!

In the first few hours after midnight is when I got nearly 300 views.  From my stats page map I saw that it was someone from China who was going from listing to listing in my shop and looked at 167 listings.

So it is a very active morning view-wise.  See how the rest of the day goes.

Low Google search views

I ended yesterday with only 46 views from Google search.  That is discouraging.  And disappointing.  All because of the changes google has made this year.  I have gone from averaging 80's to130's down to this.
I am not sure there is anything I can do about that.  It might partly be a result of Etsy's changed relationship with Google??

I made it to 312 views from Etsy search.

I thought I was going to keep growing.  I was doing great with all types of views for the first quarter of the year.

Time to just accept the New Normal of google and Etsy views.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Vintage Hutschenreuther Germany hand painted china platter; 300 Views!

One of the items the young guy who was visiting at the home of my grounds keeping job for the summer got
for me was a beautiful platter.  The flower are very well done.  One the back it inscribed that it was given as a gift.

I just got pics taken of it today and got it listed tonight:

I made it to 300 views today!  I am surprised. I've done better than I thought I would.  Here at 11:36 pm I have 304 views from Etsy search.

I got some pics taken this morning and then got some of those things listed.  Those pics turned out a little better than I thought. I made1 small sale.  So it has been an ok day.

Tomorrow I want to take more pics, pack and ship a few orders and watch some football.

Yesterday's Views; Today's views?

So I ended yesterday with 248 views from Etsy search.  My total views were only in the 700's.  That is at least 300 lower than the first 6 months of the year.

Google views were only in the 50'.  Low.  The new normal.

It is already looking like today will be a day of low views.  Here at about 12:30 am I have ZERO views from Etsy search.

I can almost always tell in the midnight hour how my views for the day will be.  I normally have at least 10-20 by 12:30 am.  To have zero is not a good sign.  AND only 7 total views!  I would average 25-50
at least.  Usually the midnight hour is when my views end for the overnight period.  Until about 8 am or so.
Some over night periods I would have hours with high views.  But the average is for them to drop at the 1 am hour.

I will see how this goes. I have orders to pack.  And I have to find some tea cups.

I am going to bed.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's views

Here at 4:40 pm only 126 views from Etsy search.  That is much lower than early in the week when I had 200 views at 4:53 pm.

I got a couple orders packed & shipped.  Including the 2 tea cup order from yesterday.  Have more to pack and ship by tomorrow.

It is a rainy day.  I am looking forward to a sunny morning soon so I can take tea cup pics.

Google views, Hummingbird

Yesterday I ended with only 43 views from Google search!  Wow.  What a change.  Since the first quarter of the year and since the summer rebound.

Hummingbird has affected my shop.  As has Etsy's relationship with google.  That has changed somehow, I am sure.  With individual listings not showing up in google search results like in the past.  And with sold items showing in search results.

My only duplicate content really is jewelry, not many duplicates though, and for sure with tea cups.  But I do mix their titles up.

Not sure exactly what it is.  Maybe it is repeating my titles as the first line in my description??  That could really be the only wide covering issue that would affect all of my shop and listings.  And having to now put a description in each listing??

Hhmmmmm.....something to think about for sure.

Off to work.  To pack some orders, run to the post office real quick this morning and try to get more things done with my shop, house and laundry.


Yesterday I ended with 268 views from Etsy search.  This morning views are back down low at the new normal.  I have 43 here at about 7:30 am.  They have been in the 70's at this point this past week.  I did wake up to a nice tea cup sale.

I have things to do today. Would like to take some more pics.  I should take pics of the many books I have to list.  And some jewelry. And another load of laundry.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I just reached it at 8:40 pm.  Later than I'd like.  Later than recently.  Later than the normal for the first 7 months of the year.  But at least I made it.

Only 1 sale today.  A tea cup, of course.  I don't sell much vintage. Only tea cups.  Probably 70% of my sales this year have been tea cups.

Almost 300 views!

I ended yesterday with 299 views from Etsy search!  I almost had 4 consecutive days of 300 or more views from Etsy search.

The day started off higher than average, but slowed down in the afternoon and evening.  It looked like I was going to do better than the 349 I had the day before.

Well, at least I just logged back on to a nice tea cup sale. 2 tea cups to California.

I am headed to bed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Comparing views

So my views during the summer for may, june, and july were pretty steady.  The big drop happened in august and especially september.

All types of views are still down significantly.  And comparing this months stats for the first 15 days compared to the first 15 days of july here are the numbers:

                                         July 1-15           Oct 1-15

Etsy search views                4,490                3,892

Google views                        1,176               805

Total views                         15, 965              12,197

Orders                                  27                      21

So that is nearly 600 less views from Etsy search (before the end of today oct 15),
more than 370 less from google,
nearly 4,000 LESS total views!
And 6 less orders.


Views at noon

118 views from Etsy search at 12 noon.  The best since july or aug.  My previous best was just recently when I had 114 the past 2 days.  24 views from Google.

Off to the laundromat.


I just reached 100 views from Etsy search at 9:15 am!  The earliest since july or august!  This should be my 4th consecutive day of more than 300 views from Etsy search.  Glad to see that!  That is a good sign for the holiday season!

I actually didn't think I would see this again.  Especially so soon since I was just under 200 recently.

22 views from Google.

Back to work!

Good views this morning

Here at 7:41 am I have 77 views from Etsy search and already 20 from Google.  It is looking to be an active day.  I believe the Google views will end up like the other day.  I had 29 at 8 am but ended with only 54.  I think it will be the same today. I got some views from international shoppers through google, but the rest of the day will be the new normal.

I have to try to squeeze in the important things today.  Work inside and out, laundry, taking pics, moving furniture, organizing and cleaing. I have a day.

Off to work.


I made it to 303 views from Etsy search. I did better than I thought yesterday. And that is 3 consecutive days of more than 300 views from Etsy search.  I do think it has to do with having listed popular items.  My new Burberry trench coat and my red beaded dress listings got views from Etsy search.  The burberry is very popular.  Already 37 views in a day and a half.  That is rare for my listings.

So I believe some of the reason my views are up because I have desirable items listed.  And also just more searchers? More viewers? More customers?  And/or my items are visible?  They were/were not hidden?

Not sure what the answers are.  But the increase in views is encouraging.  And I am looking forward to the next 2 1/2 months.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Year Ago this month

Wow, I just checked my stats for the first 14 days of october 2012 and I can't believe that I have thousands LESS VIEWS from Etsy search & total views compared to last year.  With Hundreds more listings, too.

Here are the numbers:

                                  Oct 2013:           Oct 2012

Total views:               11,461                 13,091
Etsy search views       3,584                     4,884
Google views            743                         1,207
Orders                       21                            23

I have at least 400-600 more listings this year and so many LESS VIEWS. Wow.  That is discouraging.
Not sure about next year.

I am about to head to bed.  I have an important day tomorrow.  I have to get some things done outside.

My Shop Dashboard; Comparing long term stats

We got a shop dashboard over a month ago.  It is a little helpful.  Except since the decline in views it has just shown bad news.

So here right about 10:47 pm here is what my shop dashboard has to say:

1.  About TODAY:

A. Compared to the Same Time yesterday: 150 less views, 78 more favorites, 3 less orders for 1,300 less revnue
B.  Compared to one year ago:  337 LESS VIEWS, 118 more favorites, 1 less order for $15 less revenue


A.  Compared to the day before yesterday:  143 more views, 35 less favorites, $7 less revenue
B.  Compared to one year ago:  3 LESS VIEWS, 40 more favorites,  1 more order for $104 in revenue

3.  The LAST 7 DAYS:

A.  Compared to the previous 7 days:  1,049 LESS VIEWS, 52 more favorites, 3 LESS orders for $533 LESS revenue

B.  Compared to one year ago:  1,884 LESS VIEWS, 350 more favorites, 5 LESS orders for $539 LESS revenue

4.  The Past 30 Days:

A.  Compared to the previous 30 days:  2,188 LESS VIEWS, 308 Less favorites, 3 LESS orders for $401 LESS revenue.

B.  Compared to One Year ago: 143 More views, 927 more favorites, 9 LESS orders, BUT $1,465 MORE revenue.

So it is a mixed bag.  I am actually doing worse than last year in the short term. But for the year I am nearly double what I made last year.   My views are down significantly or only up a very little bit.  Especially when I have hundreds more listngs this year.

Well, all I can do is hope that I have a good christmas.  I might do the same or less than last year.



Here after 12 noon at 12:36 pm I have 103 views from Etsy search.  A good sign.  Views are a little lower than yesterday, but decent.  Maybe a little bit higher than the new normal.

Antique Moser glass tea cup and saucer, Bohemian glass

One vintage shop on Etsy gets nice tea cups.  And one evening the shop had a set of very pretty glass tea cups.  I knew they had to be something valuable.  They were too nice to be just plain glass tea cups/coffee cups.  So I bought them.

As I did some research I found out that they are Moser glass.  I did a google image search and saw one just like mine sold on ebay for a good price.  I was excited.  I felt kinda bad too.  The price was very good.  And I kinda felt like I was getting too good of a deal.  But, I did buy them fair and square. I paid the asking price.

There are 4 pink and 2 blue in the order.  I got some decent pics and got one of each listed in my shop:

The blue glass set has gotten more favorites than the pink.  I thought the pink would be much more popular.

Maybe I will sell a set for Christmas?  I think they'd make a beautiful Christmas present.

Comparing my views

I ended yesterday with 339 views from Etsy search.  Very glad to see that.  The most since july or august was 340.

It is good to see 2 consecutive 300+view days.  If they stay up or if they go back down to the new normal or lower that is still to be seen.  I believe there will still be a bump up for Christmas.  And after Christmas will be the indicator of what to expect the beginning of next year, when my views have been high the past 2 years.

My total views are still trending down.  Although I have started off the month with more Etsy search views than in the same time last month.

Here is a comparison of the first 13 days of aug, sept and october:

                                          AUG             SEPT           OCT

Etsy search views              3,914          3,241         3,305

Google search views         1,049             903           684

Total views                       13,402        11,000        10,713

Orders                               24                    20            21

That is a big drop in Google views in just 2 months. Hummingbird is really affecting me.  I have to try to do something about that.  That is even much lower than the first 4 months of this year.  Not sure if I will get those views back.  I would have liked to have kept growing. It does not look that way.

Well, I have so much to do in the next 2 days.  Inside and out.  With my shop.  Laundry.  Shopping. Work at my grounds keeping job?  Would like to not go in there tomorrow and just work here.

Well, off to see what I can get done today.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

300 views, Columbus day

I just reached 300 views here at 10:09 pm.  That is 2 days in a row.  We will see what tomorrow holds.  It is a holiday.  Columbus Day.  So views may be high again.  Maybe not 300, but I bet I will still be in the mid to upper 200's.

Google views are low though.  Only 39. I used to have that many by noon for the first quarter of this year.  Then google changes have dropped my views significantly.  There was a little comeback in the summer when I actually reached the 90's and one day of 100, but then came back down with the Hummingbird change. And probably changes in the Etsy communication/relation with google also.

"Do you believe in miracles?"

When I go to the local supermarket I usually walk down.  It's about a 10 minute walk. Today I decided at the last minute to ride my bike down.  When I walked in and went to the back cooler section on the speakers was being sung,

"Do you believe in miracles?
But I have a feeling it's time to try.
Do you believe in the ways of magic.
But I' m beginning to wonder why"
by Fleetwood Mac.

I've been asking for miracles......

The song is "You Making Loving Fun".  It reminds me of my childhood.

Here it is on Youtube:

It was a good day of sales so far.  Made 3 of them.  I don't that is many for having 1,000 listings.
It's been a good day of views, too.  I will be reachign 300 tonight.  Less than yesterday, but good to see.

I have alot to do this week before the weather changes on friday.  Inside and out.  And with my shop.  I have to take care of alot of things while still trying to take pics and get new things listed.  Like all the rolls of fabric that I shouldn't have taken.

I will try to get some things done tonight, too.


Reached it at 9:58 am.  A good sign.

Vintage Burberrys trench coat for men; Views

It was starting in 2006 that I was going to the local thrift store every day.  The one only blocks from my home got alot of great things.  From antique items, designer clothes, books, jewelry.  You name it.  AND they had to have the lowest prices in Pittsburgh.  Especially with the change in managers around 2008.

They were getting very nice designer leather jackets and coats there every week.  One of the coats I got there was this very nice Burberrys trench coat.  It is like new.  I think the manager even pointed it out to me.  I think I just happened to walk in as he was setting it out and he showed it to me.  Well, that is probably not what happened.  They knew I was a spender.  And he saw me come in and just brought it right out.  I got some nice things that way:

So I woke up to the good views again at about 8:30 with 77.  It looks like I may make it over 300 again.

I ended yesterday with 326.  Google views were low.  Only in the 50's. Not sure if I can do anything about that.  But this morning they are already at 13.  So maybe today will be better with them.

I want to take some pics today. Do laundry. And of course watch some NFL.

Off to work.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I have 302 views from Etsy search at almost 10:30 pm!  My first day this month over 300.  I've had a decent day of sales, too.  And I got some pics taken and new things listed that have been getting views.  Things are looking least for this weekend.  I will see how tomorrow goes.....

Dr. Benjamin Carson: Obamacare Is The Worst Thing That Has Happened In T...

High views at 12 noon

I have 118 views from Etsy search at 12 noon!  I think that is a good sign.  At least I still have potential to be seen.  Whether views go back up and stay up is another thing.  At least the weekends will be active.

Only 10 google views.

It has been a beautiful morning.  The sun has come out and it is a beautiful, sunny fall saturday.  I have gotten some pics taken.  I want to find my tripod. So I can take outside pics.

Back to work.

High Views this morning

I just woke up to 78 views from Etsy search right after 8 am.  Glad to see that.  They have been in the 40's and 50's at this time.  It is looking like the weekends are the active times.

I have 3 orders to ship today.  I want to take more pics.  I wish the sun would come out.

Decent views yesterday

Well views turned out to be better than I thought they'd be.  I ended the day with 258 views from Etsy search.  From the look of them at 48 around 9 am I thought I'd end in the 180's or below 200 again. But views picked up in the evening.

So tomorrow I have orders to pack. Tea cups to find. Definitely want to take some new pics. A load of laundry would be good. Watch some college football. And organize and clean.  Not sure if I wll have time to get all of them in, but I will see what I can do.

Off to bed. .

Friday, October 11, 2013

Low views today

I just checked my shop at here at nearly 9:30 am only 48 views from Etsy search!   Yesterday I finished over 200 at 226, still low.  But today is looking like another day below 200.

Google views are already high.  29 from Google!  Wow.  That is the most this early since the first few months of the year.  I wonder why??  And it doesn't show in my stats what items have gotten google views.  I am guessing it is a high morning and will just get the new normal amount of google views the rest of the day.

Off to work!  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Big Valley Creation Science Museum

I am GLAD the St Louis Cardinals beat the Pittsburgh Pirates!!

My prayers were answered!

I have always liked the Cardinals.  And the Astros. And the Reds.  I loved it when the won their 2 recent World Series titles.  I will be rooting for them again.

My Alka Bavaria china tea cup trio: Today's thrift store finds

I just got back from the laundromat.  I got some work clothes done and they are now out back hanging in the sun to dry.

After I put my clothes in the washer I walked down to the thrift store.  Wow. I did very well.  I was surprised.  The shelves looked empty, but I found 4 beautiful pieces of chalkware, a nice, old mccoy pottery vase, a Limoges plate from 1976, 2 vintage Hallmark Christmas ornaments and a couple books.  And also a couple t shirts.  One of them was a unique t that was brand new.

So I am kinda happy about that.  But I am still bummed that I broke my beautiful Bavaria tea cup trio earlier.  I knocked a glass lid on to it and broke the plate and tea cup.  It was beautiful.  I paid $25 for it and spent two different times trying to get good pics of it and I finally did a couple days ago:

Well now I have to pack a couple orders and ship them.  I want to take some pics outside, too.

Vintage Lego Japan orange poodle bank; 100 views

On one of my friday journeys after getting off from my grounds keeping job I found this great Lego Japan orange poodle bank at the thrift store.  They had put out a bunch of banks from Japan that day. I got 4 or 5 different ones and a large dog that I will be listing (keep it's maker secret for now).  

So I made it to 100 views at 2:20 pm.  Glad to see that. Kinda.  Glad to make it to 100 at the New Normal average time.  It looks like I might make it over 200 views from Etsy search today.  It started low this morning and I thought I'd be in the 180's again. I am guessing the 230's.

I got some pics taken and a few new things listed.  Now off to the laundry mat.  Hopefully I can get back in time to hang dry my jeans and sweatshirts on this sunny day.

Less than 200 views again!

Wow.  I finished yesterday with only 185 views from Etsy search.  Only the 3rd time all year I have been below 200 and the other 2 times were last month.

I have a lot to do today.  Should take a lot of pics.  Also, some organizing, laundry, pack & ship 4 orders.

It is starting off sunny.

I slept outside last night and I loved it.  When I first went out it was so quiet for some reason.  It was a cool, peaceful night outside.  Will do it again tonight.

Off to work.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wow, 7 pm views!

Only 135 views from Etsy search at 7 pm!  Wow!  I didn't think I'd be this low again. About as low as the sudden drop on sept 6.  I might just end up below 200 again!

I wonder if it is related to search ads?  I have been running search ads off and on for the past month or so??
I wonder if running them makes my items further back in search? Or turning them off affects my search results??

Off to get ready to watch Survivor!

Low views today

Wow.  It took me til 4 pm to reach 100 views from Etsy search!  I had been reaching it after 2 pm.

It is sunny nice day here.  I got some pics taken this morning.  I've just been organizing since.  I have to pack up a couple orders.  I have to try to find 3 tea cups, too!  Not sure if I will.  One I might have sent another buyer accidentally and she never said anything.  The other two are just MIA. I will probably just refund the cash in the next couple days.

Back to work.  

Yes, this is the New Normal

Today at 12:30 pm I had 81 views from Etsy search.  I believe this will be the new standard/normal by which to measure my views

My views were steady from may-aug.  Then the big drop in sept.  For sept I had more than 5,000 LESS total views than in august..

Views from Etsy search have dropped for any number of reasons.  Including because of Google changes.  And the new listing page format has cost me thousands of views also, I believe.

So I believe I will have a small uptick in views for nov & dec and then after Christmas views will return to the level they are now.

My shop has taken a step back.  I was growing.  Gaining more and more visitors and views.  But the internet has changed.  Etsy  & Google have changed.  And Ebay beats Etsy for views.  Internally and from Google.

I had a great 13 months.  I did so much better than I thought I would.  Even for just all of 2012 I did so much better than I thought.  But now Etsy & Google changes have affected my shop.

So I will probably just have to stay on Etsy.  At least til after Christmas. And see how next spring turns out.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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Vintage Emmons jewelry, clip on earrings; Early A.M. views

Here at 2:41 I have only 23 views from Etsy search.  During the first 7 months of this year there were many days that I would have them many by 12:45 pm.

I finished yesterday with 240 views from etsy search.  It turned out better than I thought it would.  I thought it would be in the low 200's.

I have spent the night time hours into the early A.M. listing new things in my vintage Etsy shop.  I bought a nice tea cup on Ebay.  One I sold recently.  So I just used the pics form that listing to create the new listings.  I think it will sell and when it does I will make a profit.

I have been going through my pics and trying to list some of the things that I took pics of but never listed.

One of the things was a very nice pair of Emmons white & gold enamel clip on earrings:

Tomorrow will be a nice day.  I need to take alot of pics and get the things listed.  Also do another load of laundry.  And make sure I pack the orders and get them shipped.

I got a few things accomplished yesterday.  Including one load of laundry and I got some decent books at the thrift store.

Time for bed.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Removal of God From Public Schools

E. Presley-The 50 Greatest Love Songs [Full Album] HD 1080p

Today is the new normal

The new normal is to have 75-85 views from Etsy search by 12 noon.  And usually about 85 by 12:30 pm.

That is what I have today.  I had about 80 at 12:30.

The first 7 months of the year I'd have that many by 8-9 am.

Only 10 views from Google, too.

The 2 google changes this year have cut my google views, and probably Etsy & Etsy search views, by about 40-60%.

When I would be over 100 up to 135 or so Google views regularly.  Now I am ending some days in the 50's.

Today is a sunny, comfortable day.  After rain very early.  The weather has cooled off.  From the 80's with humidity.  Now in the 60's and comfortable.  Now I have things to do.  Want to go do laundry.  And ship my orders.  And get caught up so I can spend this week taking pics and listing new things....and not writing.

I made it to 300 views

Yesterday I ended with 304 views from Etsy search. It was good to see that views have recovered some since the beginning of sept.  In sept I didn't reach 300 until the 29th. My total views are still down by thousands though.  I think the new listing page is to blame.  Along with google and other things going on Etsy.

1 small sale yesterday. And only 53 views from google.  I don't believe there is anything I can do about that.  Because of the major changes with Hummingbird.

It is good to get the views.  It gives me hope for Christmas.

Today I have things to do:  organizing, packing and shipping the order and possible the chair, outside work, outside cleaning & organizing.

I will see what I can accomplish today......

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I have 204 views from Etsy search here at 4:43.  The earliest in a while.  Not sure what time I reached it on setp 29.  But this is only the second "normal" day since the beginning of august or some time in july.

Suddenly high Etsy search views!

Here at 2:45 I already have 183 views from Etsy search!  That seems strange!  I haven't been this high since august or july!

Vintage Shafford Japanese lusterware tea cup; Good views so far today

Well today is a frustrating day.  Views in my shop are good.  Already 169 from Etsy search at 2 pm.  During this week I was having that many not until about 5-6 pm or so.  Even later.  Total views are high too at 453.
I think I will not be going on my roof today.  I will put it off til monday or tuesday.

I got the nice pink Shafford lusterware tea cup listed:

Time to do some organizing here.  Maybe some painting.  It is still a sunny afternoon.

Off to work.

100 views this morning; high total views yesterday

Here right after 12 noon I have 103 views from Etsy search. Glad to see that.  It is looking again as sunday is my high view day.  It has been that way for months.  Only 13 google views

Yesterday I had nearly 1,300 total views.  Easily the highest since july or beginning of august.  Also had 243 views from Etsy search.  It turned out better than I was thinking it would at 7 am.

I even got some pics taken this morning.  It was sunny and the right coniditions for tea cup pics even around 10:30 am.  So I took a couple tea cup pics, a couple book pics and a Beswick England figurine:

It is a sunny, warm day so far.  But heavy rain is on the way.  And I have to go up onto my roof.  I don't want to.  The neighbor lied about checking my roof.  He didn't even go up there.  The ladder is in the same place as before I asked him to go check.  No more loaning money to him.

Almost time for some NFL.  Til 11 pm. lol.

ASU lost last night! I am not happy about that either! lol

I really thought they were going go win.  I am not happy they lost.  Oh well.  There are still other things I can do.

I got to watch some of the Georgia-Tennessee game.  Great game.  Was hoping for the Vols to win.  Georgia beat them on a field goal in overtime. I liked their uniforms.  The military inspired:

I will not be working on my shop much today.  I have things to do today. I have to get ready for the rain, do some cleaing and organizing and watch some NFL.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Waking up to low views; Stats for the first 4 days of October

I woke up at nearly 5:30 am and decided to check my shop and I was very surprised to see only 28 views from Etsy search.  Views are even LOWER this month than last.  And sept was significantly below average. Even Google views are lower.

Here are my stats for the first four days of august, sept and october:

August 1-4:

1,252 views from etsy search
332 Google views
4,583 total views

Sept 1-4

1,146 views from Etsy search
292 Google views
3,566 total views

October 1-4

963 views from Etsy search
209 Google views
3,448 total views


I will not be going to the auction today.  I don't need to go.  And I don't think I'd win anything good.  And I have so much to do here.

Friday, October 4, 2013


It took me until 11:36 pm to reach 200 views from Etsy search.  Up and down they go.  But at the level of the New Normal..

It could because of Google changes, or vintage not being visible on mobile devices, or Etsy search changes, more competition, or the economy???

I know my views are already lower than the first 4 days of sept. Which were even lower than the first 4 days of august.  Which were lower than the first 4 days of july.

Maybe to the auction tomorrow morning???  Not sure if I would win anything good.  Or, if I did,  if I'd win it at a good price.  There were some beautiful paintings and beautiful china sets. And some nice carved chairs.

I will see in the morning if I decide to go or not.

I might go to my first auction tomorrow

I went to the preview day today and saw a couple beautiful sets of china, carved chairs, beautiful paintings, and some other nice things I checked off on the list.

I am not sure I will have a chance with any of the nicest things. I am not sure I'd win anything. If I would go there and win just the cheap tea cups, I would not be happy.  It would be a waste.

I want to go.  Not sure if I should.  

Low views again!

I thought they had recovered, but I see that I was wrong!  At 5 pm only 118 views from Etsy search!  Wow!
This will probably end below 200 again.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


For months I have been reading on the Etsy forums about Zibbet.  Other show owners have been mentioning it as a place to sell vintage & genuine handmade.

I am keeping my eye on it and hoping it does well and grows so that at some point in the future, if need be, I would have another place to go.

I have not been happy with the changes recently.  Especially the change in the listing page.  I believe it has cost me thousands of views and is not conducive to showing my shop. To giving potential buyers the freedom to browse my listings and all that I have available.

 However, I am skeptical of it.  People keep mentioning it, but it is a newer site with such a small amount of visitors.  Even Etsy's traffic is small compared to Ebay.  Also, it takes years to develop a site, to grow one,
that I am not at all sold or convinced that Zibbet is a place to sell and be successful.  I think it is just another place to have listings in case someone happens to fall into your listings lol.

Because of Etsy's redefining handmade at the Town Hall yesterday there was a flood of sellers from Etsy opening up shops on Zibbet:

So maybe there's hope for the site.


Well at 7:05 pm I reached 202 views from Etsy search!  Good to see that!  That is encouraging.

I finally got the tea cup order shipped.  I hope it all makes it safely. A few more Etsy shop things to do tonight.  Then it is time for Survivor.

I am still mad about the Reds losing.  I do not like that at all.  lol.


Well it has taken me til 1:20 pm to reach 100 views from Etsy search.  Still hoping views will return for Christmas.  Google views are decent at more than 20.  They have been going up and down
from the 50's-80's.

Now off to the post office........

Etsy Handmade Guidelines news

I just googled Etsy Guidelines News and I was surprised that a number of major news sites are carrying the story of the Etsy changes:

Even ABC News:

And the LA Times:,0,3353957.story

And Entrepeneur:

And others:

It is getting much more press that I thought it would.  I wish some of the ways the site treats it's sellers and its negative changes, like the new feedback/review system and the new listing page format would get this much exposure and attention.

Etsy is selling out.

Hope I can stay there. Would like to   I have done very well.  Much better than I was hoping.

Etsy's new guidelines for "handmade"; USA Today article

So there was an Etsy online townhall yesterday.  I was not able to join it because I was at my grounds keeping job.  It turned out it was mostly about Etsy announcing it's new guidelines for handmade. Wow.

I am glad I sell vintage.

I think they are "relaxing" or "loosening" the definity simply to allow resellers on the site because they generate so much revenue.  And, from what I have read on the forums, and my experience selling vintage, is that since the search and Browse are set up to favor "relisted" sold items, then with the resellers make high volumes of sales because their items are so inexpensive/lowest priced/cheap, then they are mostly on the front pages of search.  And the cycle continues.

While genuine handmade items that are made by individuals at higher costs are pushed further back in searches and on Browse.

Here is USA Today article:

The Etsy forums are FILLED with Etsy handmade sellers:

I have done very well on there for all my 33 months.  Especially the past 13 months.  Although I have lost thousands of views each month every month this year.  I have been lucky to make steady sales.  Due mostly to selling tea cups.  I plan on continuing to sell there.  Through next year.  Unless I have a dramatic drop-off in sales this christmas season.

And I can understand why the handmade sellers are so upset.  Etsy has been going for the money with their changes.  And it is not close to what its original intent was. \

But I am still happy at this point and am looking forward to see if I can continue to grow my shop in the coming months and possibly years.

Now off to the post office for me.

The Reds lost! In the one game playoff! I heard the fireworks last night

I am not happy about that. I will be mad about that all day.  I am not a Pittsburgh sports fan lol. Just gotta pack my big order and think about other things. lol.