Friday, August 30, 2013

6 Favorites

Holy heck!  I just wake up here after 7 am to only 6 favorites. lol.  That is easily the lowest in years lol.
And only 127 total views.

I would normally be in the 20's with favorites and nearly 200 or in the 200's total views.

It will be a day of low views

Here right before 3 am I have only 17 views from Etsy search.  I'd normally have in the teens in the midnight hour.

I expect to end in the mid 200's again.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

the low views today

holy heck, here at 9:39 only 205 views from Etsy search!  I did have orders today.

Low views

Today here right after 6 pm only 154 views from Etsy search.  Yesterday was low too.  Ended the day with only 251.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Yesterdays views

Yesterdays views in my vintage Etsy shop were the best in a while.  Definitely the best since the change in the listing page format.

I ended the day with 343 views from Esty search and more than 1,200 total views.  That is the most total views since the change in the listing format.  By more than 200.  The day before was the first day I had gone over 1,000 total views since the format change.

It is a hopeful, encouraging sign for the holidays.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A sunny, warm, summer sunday; LE Smith avocado green moon & stars glass candy dish with lid

I got up early and got some more pics of tea cups taken.  It was frustrating again.  I spent the 2 hours I had available with the morning light and alot of the pics turned out blurry.  They looked clear on the camera, but when I downloaded them onto my computer they were blurry.

I was lucky in that the light this time of year gave me more time to take pics and have the tea cups show as white.  So I did keep taking pics over and figured out to use a different setting on my camera to make the pics turn out clear, in focus.  Now I will add pics in that setting to all my tea cups pics just to try to get clear ones:

I also retook pics of my beautiful pink rose Limoges charger.  I took pics of a couple teapots and a pottery ashtray.

 Also of my green moon & stars candy dish with lid that I got at the guys garage  And I got it listed:

I just got back from the laundry mat.  Bought a pizza.  Made a stop in Goodwill and got a nice basket, a print and a fall shirt.

Now I am going to watch some golf, hang up my laundry, go to the store for drinks and maybe take some outside pics.  Still want to watch Big Brother tonight and work on the floors downstairs and upstairs.

It was a nice, sunny, summer sunday.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

39 views from Google search

Here after 6 pm only 39 views from Google search.  The first quarter of the year I was getting that many by 11 am- 12 noon. At least.  Some days in the 40's by noon and even as high as 67 by noon.

Antique Guardian Service cookware, roasting dish with glass lid, 3 stars

I have been selling on the internet since the beginning of 2006.  And I have been shopping at the local Goodwill since then.  There were managers that worked there for years that called me by my first name because I shopped there every day for years.

When they had brought in a new guy I assume they told him that I was a regular customer and to offer me pieces they had and offer me deals.

So one day I went in there and they had 2 shelves full of different Guardian Service items.  They were already priced fairly low.  After I picked out a couple different ones I wanted the new guy offered me all of them.  He gave me a great price and I filled up a large box and brought them home.

This piece is one of them.  Although I do now know what it is and have not seen it online, I believe it is a chicken roaster?  It is shallow:

Although I am not certain, I believe the glass lid dates it to the late 40's & '50's?

It is a unique piece, I believe, and waiting for the perfect buyer.

It is a nice, sunny, clear, warm summer saturday.  I need to get out and do something.  I took pics of tea cups earlier this morning.  I was somewhat disappointed.  The pics didn't turn out that great.  I have been wating for so many days for a clear sunny morning to take tea cup pics and it did not go well. I spent the 2 hours I had with the good light and too many pics were blurry.  Or dark.

 Also, my adaptor and cameras are not working.  And my batteries, that I had charged for hours, showed as not being charged.

And.....I didn't go to the garage sale I wanted to go to.  hhhhmmmm.  He probably won't be set up again this year since next weekend is the holiday.  .

Friday, August 23, 2013

Low Google search views today

Here at just about 6 pm only 34 views from Google search.  The first quarter of this year I was getting in the 30's regularly before 12 NOON.  even in the 40's and as high as 67 by 12 NOON. Since the change in may it has been mostly low views.  I thought things had come back when I reached 100 a couple times and even got into the 80's and 90's, but they have dropped again.

It might be duplicate content. Or repeating my title as the first line of my description. Or repeating words in my titles.  But I can't fix it, whatever it is.  Because I don't know and because I have so many listings and because I list my items to be relevant on Etsy FIRST.

Oh well.

One of my best sales, a vintage clay pottery pitcher

I woke up to a grey, cloudy morning.  And it is starting to drizzle.  When the weathermen said it would only rain til midnight.  It is supposed to clear up today.  Better views this morning in my vintage Etsy shop also.

One of my favorite sales that I made in my vintage Etsy shop was in february 2012.  A year or two even before that I had found a very nice, handmade pottery pitcher in the local Goodwill.  I thought it was very well made.  Symetrical and good proportions. It looked to me like an experienced potter, even with the little I know about pottery. I got it very cheap.

I took what I thought were good pics.  Even though I had that embarassing, streaky, purple paint on the wall. Oops.  :)  (I painted it a little bit later in 2012).

It was getting views and favorites and i was wondering why it didn't sell.  Then when it finally sold that day there was a note from the buyer on the receipt,

"This vintage clay pitcher will be used at the church's Baptismal font."

I was touched.  That was nice to know something I sold would have such a special use.  It was an honor.

It was purchased by a female and the address was a Lutheran church in Florida.

I hope it got some use.  And it is nice to think it still may be being used.

Well, I have alot of work to do with my shop.  It is already the end of august.  Have to get done the projects I want to outside while the weather is still nice.  Have to organize inside.  Winter will be here before I know it.............

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie, her near death experience, Universal Laws

I first learned about Near Death Experience, NDEs, back in the mid 1980's.  I would go to the library and browse the non-fiction section and one time I came across Dr Raymond Moody's classic "life after life" from 1977.  From there I would read other books of peoples experiences. And watch stories about them on tv.

My mom and I would watch Unsolved Mysteries together and the experiences they showed on there were alwyas very interesting.

One of the best books I have read in my life, NDE or otherwise, is Betty Eadies account of her near death experience.  I found it when I was browsing the book store when it first came out back in 1992.  I was immediately attracted to it and when I read it, I felt it in my heart, my spirit.  It felt right to me.  It felt true.  

I read it over and over.  It is full of knowledge.  Knowledge about heave, Jesus, God, life, prayer and more. I have passed it on to people who I thought could use the positive message, the encouragement.  Unfortunately, I feel that some people didn't read it or believe it or didn't want it.

I have just passed it on again recently and visited her homepage again myself.  Her message on her homepage is about the Universal Laws.  Here is the message:

 Universal Laws Bless Us
       Dearest Friends,
       We sometimes look to others to blame when life challenges us, and more often than not, we blame God first. Years ago this seemed fitting to me because I felt I had no control over my own life. But since those earlier days, I was taken to the spirit world and taught God's plan for all his children. I learned that our lives are blessed with free will, that we live in a universe of Law and Order—and that God created it for our ability to have greater joy. He created laws that apply to everything in life, including laws which govern the unseen forces that protect us. Through use of these laws, we attract to us either positive or negative, such as bliss or misery, wealth or poverty, health or illness. Regardless of our understanding of these laws or how effective our use of them is, or even whether we are aware of Universal laws or not, they serve us just the same, facilitating our needs.
       These timeless, ageless and eternal laws govern every living thing. They are unchangeable, fixed, and unalterable by man. God has absolute command over them as they always serve his will. He, by his own will, allows them to administer to our needs without his interference so that we might learn. Universal Law is impersonal. Just as the sun, stars, and moon shine on all God's children, the laws serve without discrimination.
       Universal Law embodies laws such as (to name only a few) Cause and Effect, Law of Gravity, Magnetism, Repulsion, Impermanence, Suffering, Sacrifice, Abundance, Destiny, Attraction, Expansion, Energy, Action, and Love. These, and other laws, govern our success, happiness and destiny. In becoming aware of these laws and by understanding and living the principles they teach, we can transform our lives and succeed in goals that will bring us to our highest good.
       We can choose to use each law for our personal success or failure. Our Heavenly Father desires our success and happiness. He blessed us with this birthright that is both natural and spiritual. If we consciously live our life in alignment with the Universal Laws, we will achieve the success that is according to God's will for us, and we will live our lives in harmony and in balance.
       Today and every day, I send you my love. I also feel to send you encouragement and hope in our Heavenly Father's plan for us and in his Son, Jesus who completed his mission of love having triumphed over evil, that we can learn from our experience of mortality and return unscathed to our heavenly home when our time on earth is complete. If life is difficult and gives you cause to despair, remember to look towards our heavenly home, to see the light and peace which flows from there in unimaginable abundance! Our trials may challenge us, yet our Creator supplies every strength, every tool, every help we need to see us through. As you grow in greater understanding of God's Universal Laws, never forget that every hardship has its purpose, which is to bring you to greater faith and greater love. Open your heart to The Father, and he will show you the way.
       With all my love,


wow, low views this morning!

I just woke up to only 34 views from Etsy search right after 7 am!  I've had from 45 to 105 by this time.  This is the lowest in a while

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Better views today

Yesterday's views were low.  I didn't reach 200 views from Etsy search til about 8:30 pm.  I just reached 200 here about 5 pm.  2 small book orders.  I am going to make a 2nd run to the post office.

It is a nice, summer warm summer day: 444 views

I just got back from Wendy's after going to the post office and shipping 3 packages.  It was a nice, sunny, warm day so I didn't want to go back home.  So I walked down to Wendy's.  I got a couple double stacks and a coke.  After that I walked past Gus the ice ball man and around through the park.

I just got home and made a small book sale to the UK.  But I know I didn't charge enough shipping.

I checked my stats and I had 444 total views.

Now I have more orders to pack. Hopefully I can get them done and get a little caught up so I can work on the big order to Kuwait.

Back to work.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sleeping in the moonlight

I slept outside again last night and loved it.  It was a cool night with a clear, starry sky.  The moon was full.  Here it is through my next door neighbor's tree

The moon was actually much larger than shows in the pics.  Taking night time pics is something I still have to learn.

Last night before I went outside to sleep I bought 2 beautiful Limoges plates.  2 on ebay.  1 on Etsy.  Here is one of them, a TV Limoges plate, from Ebay:

I need some more nice things for my shop.  Especially some nice Limoges and/or antique plates.  I've sold so many of my best things over the past 12 months and I really haven't replaced them.  From the Joseff of Hollywood brooch, plates, Tiffin gold encrusted goblets, prints, and many other things.  It's been a pretty nice run.  Have to add nice things, besides tea cups, if I want to continue.

I woke up and came into the house to low views in my vintage Etsy shop.  Only 46.  And only 141 total with only 11 favorites.

Off to the grounds keeping job today.  It will be a nice day, weather-wise.  Then to home depot.  Back home to try to ship a package or two.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Views in my vintage Etsy shop

So yesterday I ended with 315 views from etsy search.  Which was much better than it looked like it was going to be because of how low my views were by noon.  My shop got busier in the afternoon and evening and that caught me up.

Still, I ended yseterday with less than 1,000 total views.  Normally with more than 300 views from Etsy search I'd have 1,100 or more total views.  But the new listing page format is affecting my total views and hearts.  People are not viewing as many items because the new format makes it difficult to navigate a shop.

And according to the Shop Dashboard I have less views today than I did a year ago today!  Even though I have hundreds more listings.  More proof of the new format affecting total views.

Also had only 76 views from Google.  That is not at all where I thought I'd be now.  I had gotten my views consistently up to the 80's-130's, but since Google's change on may 1st my views have dropped.  I thought my views would keep going higher from there.  I don't think there is a way to increase my total google views.  If I had my own site maybe, but I have to set up my shop to be relevant for Etsy first and google second.
Today  at almost 10 pm I have only 253 views from Etsy search and 834 total views.. The evening views were my highest.  I'd have 40's-60's/hour, but have been in the 30's & 40's since the new listing format.

HHHMmmmmm.  All this is disconcerting. Google & Etsy have affected my shop.  I had a great thing going for 12 months. Not sure what to think or do now.

Today was a good day for sales though.  Made the big sale to Kuwait.  And sold the Backer French children busts that I got at the ladies sidewalk sale that sunday morning when I went to Giant Eagle on the south side. I got a few things shipped.  Now I have to find that book.  Not sure that I will.  Have to pack and ship the tea cups to Asia, to Australia and the milk glass urn.  And of course the big tea cup order to Kuwait.

It will be an interesting next few days.  See what I can accomplish.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chem trails over Pittsburgh, PA

On friday morning when I was taking out the garbage about 7 am the sky was clear blue.  Except for 2 chem trails crossing the sky.  I stepped right outside my front yard to take the first pic:

On thursday evening on the walk back from mcdonalds the sky was full of them.  By the time I got home and could get my camera they had moved out of the area.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

444 orders

I just checked my stats for the year in my vintage Etsy shop and I have 444 orders for the year.

All of last year I had 683 orders.

My total daily views are down though, because of the page format change.  Darn.

It has not been a good morning

I spent time taking pics of 4 tea cups and of the 30 pics, none of the tea cups were good enough to list.  So I have to take them all again as the morning daylight is running out.  I saw that I broke one of my really good Aynsley bailey tea cups, my adaptor stopped working on my camera and I can't find the other camera, I couldn't find the saucer for the one tea cup, I spilled coke on the floor and it sprayed, too, and I knocked over my blue Stafford expensive set I just sold last night and now I have to check it and hope I didn't damage it!

And I have things to do today too.  Dave. Laundry. Hardware store for mortar. organize outisde.  Take more pics.  Find the book. pack orders.

It has not been a good morning.

But I made a tea cup sale.  To Em in Thailand again.

Back to work.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

200 views from Etsy search

So I am reaching 200 views from Etsy search here after 5pm.  That is good to see.  Although I have only 546 total views.  I think my total views are down because of the new listing page format.  People are not able to browse consecutive listings.  Only the listings shown.  I do have links in each listing for the shop section and my shop homepage.

41 views from Google search.  It was good to see that I had 96 from google yesterday.

It is turning out to be a nice, sunny, comfortable evneing with low humidity.  Temp only around 70.  Average temp is 82.  It will be nice tonight.

Off to the post office.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunset in the Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh, PA

I was walking back from the store when I saw the beautiful sky.  There were big puffy clouds in the pink & blue sky.  I wanted to hurry home and come out and take some pics.

I missed the large clouds in the eastern sky, but was able to capture the moon in the southwestern sky and clouds in the western sky

                                                            And more.........

It was an ok day.  Made a sale of tea cups.  Views in my shop are ok.  It was an ok day at the grounds keeping job.  Didn't complete all the tasks for the day.

Now I am ready to watch America's Got Talent.  It was a decent show last week.  Much better than the first week.  I am looking forward to seeing it.

Alot of work to do tomorrow.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

This mornings views

So today at 7 am I have only 57 views from Etsy search.  When yesterday morning at the same time I had 102.  Oh well.   That is the way it goes online. I did wake up to 2 sales.  An order of 2 tea cups, of course.

Today I have alot to do.  Laundry. Dave. Pics. Find the book & pack it!  Other orders to ship! Kitchen. Upstairs back room. Yard? Organize?

Off to work.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reached 200 views from Etsy search

At 3:22 I am at 202 views from Etsy search.  That is a good thing to see.  I am happy about it.  I made a nice sale of a Monet brooch.

Only 26 views from Google.  562 total views.

It is a nice sunny day.  I got a load of laundry done.  When I walked to the backyard to hang up my luandry and walked by the back kitchen window I got a BIG HUGE SURPRISE.  Uh oh.   :)

Back to working on the kitchen.

Views by noon

Right after 12 noon I have 153 views from Etsy search. That is alot.  I am happy to see that.  20 views from google search.  Decent.  Total views of 427.  That's good to see too.

I am off to do some laundry.

Then I have to try to clean the kitchen and upstairs back room.  And organize.  Big Brother is on tonight.  Golf is on at 3pm, too.

Waking up to high views

Here right after 7 am I already have 102 views from Etsy search.  25 of them are from "gold tea cup" searchs. It has been after 12 noon-3pm that I have been reaching 100 lately. 1 small sale.  A book.  No sales yesterday.  1 tea cup sale the day before that.

I had started the month off great. But it has slowed down the past few days.  Oh well.

I will just try to pack my orders today. Find a couple of them first.  I will probably not do much with my shop today though. I have other things to do here.  I have to go do a  couple loads of laundry.  Outside work.  Kitchen work. Maybe organize some.  Maybe pics tomorrow morning.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Old Navy back to school commercial

I laugh out loud when she is in pink after throwing the ball, with her chin in the air says, "It's Allie.". LOL.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flowers in the Old Allegheny Gardens in the Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh, PA

The Old Allegheny Gardens is on Sherman avenue right up the street from my house.  I remember when there were houses there when I was a boy.  It has been a garden since the 1980's.

Lately I have been walking by there on the way home and saw some very pretty flowers growing outside the fence.  So today I decided to take some pics of some of the flowers on the outside and inside of the garden.

I had my contrast set at the mid level when I first started taking pics along the sidewalk:

A busy bee

                                                                     And another one

                                                                    More flowers

                                          I went inside, my contrast still set in the middle:

Everything seemed to be glowing.  So I turned my contrast down for the rest of the pics:


                                                       Amazing nature.............

                                                    More beautiful creations of God.....

                                                                   The last one.....

I love flowers.

Well, it has been a pretty good day so far.  I woke up to a nice tea cup sale.  I got one international order of tea cups packed & shipped.  Now I have to find a box large enough for the antique flow blue toureen, find the book, and try to pack two other orders.  Also would like to take some pics outside. Also have to work on the kitchen.  Try to get that taken care of today.

Back to work!