Friday, May 30, 2014

146 Views at 10pm!

Wow. I will NOT reach 200 views from Etsy search today! Will probably end around 175 or so.

The THIRD time in the past 8 weeks I have not reached 200 views from Etsy search!

It was RARE that I wouldn't!

Before sept 6 of last year I had not been below 200 since 2011.

Now in the past 8 weeks I have been that low THREE TIMES! WOw.

Etsy did something!

111 Views right before 5pm; Lost the horses I wanted on Ebay

Wow. How disappointing.

I have made 2 sales though. With an inquiry about a third.

I had to bid on the great horse vases before I left for work and when I got home I see that I lost them. Oh well. lol. I am not surprised. I will see what I can do about that. lol

31 Views at 7:30am

The low views are dissappoiting. It is now 8 EIGHT weeks of low views. With only 2 days of more than 300 views from Etsy search. Wow.

I believe this is all Etsy's fault. They did SOMETHING. Starting on april 1st, too.

It is my tea cup sales that are saving me. If not for them, I don't know what I would have done by now.

Views have mostly been in the low 200's. I did just have 277 views from etsy search this holiday weekend.

Just gotta take it a day at a time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

114 Views at 4:30pm

Wow. I don't think I'll reach 200 today.

I just got home from work and had several convos. Including a couple of interested buyers. So I guess that makes up for the low views.

Views will stay low. And not come back. It is now nearly 8 weeks since the drop.

And only 2 (TWO) days of more than 300 views in 8 weeks. Wow.

I do have orders to pack. So that is a good thing.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

104 Views at 12 Noon

It is an active morning in my shop. Not like the first 3 months of the year, but decent, I guess.

It is a beautiful sunny sunday holiday weekend morning. I need to go out.

I think I will go for a bike ride.

450 Total Views at 8am

Only 58 views from Etsy search, disappointing, but 452 total views at 8:14am.

No sales though. Possibly a plate sale. Oh well. No working on my shop today. Or tomorrow.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Only 201 Views Yesterday: Low Views Today

Wow. Only 201 views from Etsy search yesterday.

And today, a saturday, only 81 views at 1:46pm!


Discouraging and disappointing.

I did sell a comic book today.

And I found a good number of interesting books at the thrift store. And a few neat things at the local very small flea market in the park.

But I have spent ALOT of money lately. I need to stop. And get things listed.


Friday, May 23, 2014

210 Views from Search Yesterday

Wow. That's not good at all.

In november of 2011, with only 300-400 listings I had 237 views from Etsy search.

Not good.

I was right. I should have stopped adding to my shop and working on it. And buying new items. All I am selling are tea cups. Internationally. if I didn't offer to sell tea cups internationally my revenue would be 75% less.

Oh well.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

UPDATE: My Monet Brooches Not Showing in Etsy Search Results

So I just checked the titles and tags of my 23 Monet brooches.

Some of them do not have "monet brooch" as a tag. But they do have "brooch" in at least one of the other tags.

So shouldn't the brooches still show???? Shouldn't search also pick up the key words from all your tags and then determine the relevancy???

And if I have "monet" and "brooch" in separate tags the brooch should still show, but just further back in search???? I believe that is how I was told Etsy search works with tags.

21 of My Monet Brooches are NOT showing in Etsy search results!

I was curious if any of my items are showing in search. I did not know which item to try to find. So I picked "monet brooch".

I have 23 Monet brooches in my Etsy shop.

My first brooch showed on page 18. The 2nd showed on page 24.

On page 22 or 23 there was a brooch that had "monet brooch" in the tag, But NOT in the title! Supposedly for Etsy search you have to have the keyword in BOTH to be relevant!

I did not see another one of my monet brooches!!! Only 2 showed in 56 pages of search results!

AND on page 52 there was a Sarah coventry brooch (mistagged) and 2 Napier brooches (also mistagged)

WOW. I can't believe it. 21 of my brooches were not even in the search results.

Unless I did something wrong? And did not read the results correctly? And did not sort the results correctly??

Wow. Not good at all.

200 Views at 11:20pm

At 11:20pm I have 204 views from Etsy earch.

Not Good.

A result of Etsy testing????

100 Views at 2:30pm

I have 102 views at 2:34pm. This is the New Normal, unfortunately.

Or it is because of testing???

An Etsy TEST is What is Affecting my Search Views???

So I found this post on the forums recently and have been following it:

This is the reason I had only 161 views from search recently????

Carrie Underwood - Keep Us Safe - ACM All-Star Salute to the Troops 2014

Florida Georgia Line - Cruise

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I don't think I am going to reach 200 views today!

Here before 10pm I have only 168 views from Etsy search!

I think this will be my 2nd time this month that I have not reached 200!!
Unheard of!

104 Views at 4pm

Wow. Views are just staying low. Record low.

I haven't been this low since 2011.

40 Views before 8 am

Something has happened.

I finished yesterday with 204 views from Etsy search. And today I am back in the low range.

Etsy has done something to affect my search views.

This is not just a lull in views.

It is now 7 weeks with only 2 TWO days of more than 300 views from Etsy search.

It is the new layout or something.

My Etsy search views have dropped by about 1/3 and stayed down. Something happened.

Monday, May 19, 2014

It is a Beautiful, Sunny Morning!

I just got back from the post office. I rode my bike to ship to packages and get costs for another. It was great.

It is cool and sunny with not a cloud in the sky! And peaceful. I loved it.

I do not think I have much to look forward to in the next few months though. Unfortunately.

I will just have to take it a day at a time.

I have alot to do today.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

High Total Views Today; Vintage Tea Cup Pics

Right before 6pm I have more than 1,000 views at 1,051. Still the lower Etsy search views at only 172. Probably won't reach 200 by 7pm.

It is an active sunday, views-wise, in my shop. At least the weekend has been active again. Even with the lower search views.

Had a couple orders today, too. I have a good number of orders to pack & ship tomorrow.

It was a nice sunny morning and I got some good tea cup pics taken.

Time for some dinner and maybe pack some orders. It is the season finale of The Amazing Race! I wanted the cowboys to win, but I hope the blondes win it!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Only 210 views from Etsy search for the day. Very disappointing.

29 Views at 7:30am!

I finished yesterday with only 226 views from Etsy search! Wow.

And views are lower this morning!

Yesterday was a great day for sales though! I had 7 orders for a very good amount of revenue.

These low views really bother me. Something has happened?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

34 Views at 7am

I finished yesterday wit 245 views from Etsy search.

Here at 7:12 am I have 34.

After having 33 in the midnight hour just 2 days ago.

I have 2 orders overnight. So that helps.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

40 Views Right after 8 am

Yesterday at this time I had 98.


36 Views at 7 am!

When yesterday I had 33 views in the midnight hour!!

Something is up!!!

312 Views Yesterday; A One Day Bump in Views

Well, I can already see that the 300 views was just a temporary thing.

Yesterday in the midnight hour I had 33 views from Etsy search. Here a day later I have only 8 EIGHT!

I will probably be in the mid 200's today. Hopefully.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Wow! I just made it to 300 views from Etsy search at 10:44pm! The first time in FIVE WEEKS!! And only the 2nd time in six weeks!

AND....on the 8th, only 5 days ago, I had only 161 views from Etsy search! WOW!

It was a problem with stats?? Or the stats are accurate?? Something else???

I also had 5 orders today for good profit. So that helped.

I ran a Google Adwords ad again, I shouldn't have, and it cost me a very quick $20. I don't think I've gotten a sale from a Google Ad and I have spent $200 on them!! No more.

Off to bed. Have to pack my orders tomorrow morning and try to ship all of them.

Almost 100 Views at 8am

I have 98 views from Etsy search here just after 8am. Glad to see that.

I wonder how long it will last......

49 Views at 1:35am

The very low point this past week I had only 65 views from Etsy search in the afternoon!
Something is up!

I have more now than I did at 9:30 am yesterday!!

This is just a couple hour thing? Etsy did something to give me my views back?

This is just temporary?

My views are back??

For a couple hours at least.

33 Views in the Midnight Hour!

Wow. This has not happened in WEEKS.

Here at only 12:59 am I have 33 views from Etsy search! I have been in the single digits to around 10 or so in the midnight hour for WEEKS!

It is a one day thing? It is only an hour thing? It will slow down in the afternoon again?

I will reach 300 today?????

I ended yesterday with only 224 views from Etsy search.

I am very curious to see how it goes!

Monday, May 12, 2014

46 Views after 9:30

Yep, views have dropped and will stay down. Only 46 views from Etsy search here at 9:41am. Disappointing.

Will probably have only 70 at noon.

I finished yesterday with 240 views from Etsy search. Which is 3 more than I had on nov 17, 2011.

I have been lucky to make sales these past 6 weeks though.

But I am so far in to working my shop, I have so much time invested into it, I'm so deep into it, that I pretty much should keep going.

Although I wish I could leave. There is nowhere else to sell. Ebay does not do good for me.

I have orders to pack.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The New Normal: Low Views

Here on a SUNDAY, my busiest day of the week for months, at 6:15pm I have only 162 views from Etsy search.

Here is is 6 weeks with ONE day of more than 300 search views! Wow.

And part of The New Normal is to reach 200 views from Etsy search from 8:30-9:30. For the first 3 months of the year I was reaching 200 from 2-5pm.

The past 2 days views have been in the 220's. Disappointing. That is lower than 2011 when I had only 400 listings.

I have not even looked at my wed stats when I had about 150 views from Etsy search!

I need to stop adding to my shop. Stop working on it. If I don't sell much except tea cups internationally and views are down considerably, then it is time to find a new place to sell.

Time to start listing and selling more on ebay?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

68 Views at 2:25pm!!

Holy Heck.

Only 68 views from Etsy search right before 2:30. Unbelievable.

Oh well.

54 Views at Noon!

Wow. The lowest day of the year. The lowest day since last sept.


Yesterday: 227 Views from Search

In november of 2011 I had a day with 237 views from Etsy search. That was one of my first days with more than 200.

Yesterday, as the low views and the New Normal continued, I had only 227 views from Etsy search. That is with HUNDREDS more listings, too.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

132 Views at 7pm!

WOW. I can't believe it.

This is the lowest view day in YEARS. Maybe not as low as last sept though.

But still bad.

But I am still very active today with potential buyers. And I did sell 4 items to 2 people for a decent amount.

And I worked at my grounds keeping job.

And I found some books at the thrift store.

So it was an ok day, but still disappointing.

WOW! The Lowest View Day in YEARS!

I just got home from my grounds keeping job, and here at right before 6 pm I have


Holy Heck!!

I have 3 orders to 2 different people. With more convos from potential customers.

Wow. I cannot believe it.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

100 Views before 3pm

Here at 2:44 pm I have just reached 100 views from Etsy search. Disappointing.

Here it is a sunday, my busiest day of the week for the first 3 months of the year, and it's the first sunday of the money, and views are low. Disappointing.

I guess views will stay down for some time to come. If they do come back.

The Mexican War Streets Yard Sale is in this month of May

I have gone to the past 3 and have done very well. Especially last year when I found some great cuff links cheap.

One guy, a well known man in the neighborhood, always has nice things cheap.

It has been nice weather, too.

This year it is being held later than the previous 3 years. It will be on may 31st.

I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Low View Day....On the 1st of the Month

Here at 10:09 pm I have only 178 views from Etsy search! I probably won't reach 200!

Views are staying down.

So this month I won't be listing new or renewing.

If people aren't seeing my items, it is not worth it to keep adding to my shop. I already have more than 1,100 items listed.

I made a mistake of trying another Google Adwords ad this afternoon. It was expensive!

I don't know how I signed up differently, but I had the setting of automatic maximum CPC and it was about $2+ per click! I spent $30 in less than an hour!

But I was on the first page and got the clicks.

I could have spent $400 for not even a full day today.

So I have to figure that out and try it the way I had it at about 20c/click. And set a budget per day. And per month.

I need to advertise. To try to make up for the THOUSANDS of lost Google & Etsy search views.

It has been only an ok day. Made 1 sale. It as a quick one. A brooch I just listed a few days ago sold for a good profit. Took some pics, but did not list the items. Didn't get any organizing done. Tomrrow for that.

A little tv, then off to bed.

I Canceled my Google Adwords Ad

It was too expensive.

It cost about $110 for only 5 days.

I did like seeing all the views in my shop.

And my stats for the ad were low, too. Probably about 50% below average of what would be considered success.

But I like the visitors and the views, it just cost too much. It was $54 just for yesterday. I forget how many clicks but it was more than 300 and maybe mroe than 400 with more than 80,0000 impressions.

I am not sure why I went from 45 clicks on sunday to more than 200 on tuesday and more than 300 on wed.

Also, I was right. My direct Google views that I was happy about were just from the ad. When I shut the ad off right after 3 am I had 12 Google views. In the 9 hours since then I've had 3 more.

I had it set for search and for the Network. So I could set it for just search. And also set a budget. But I wanted the full day.

I may also budget so much per month. Maybe $50-100/month so I can run it for full days.

BUT....with the THOUSANDS of lost Google views since last september and the THOUSANDS of lost Etsy search views just in April, I may have to start paying for views. I may have to start paying to advertise. Especially since I have so many items in my shop.

That would be a big cut into my profit. Since alot of my items are lowered priced items.

Well, I sold a brooch this morning. Have to pack it and the candlestick holders.