Wednesday, February 25, 2015

High Views on Yesterday's CopyCat post

HHhhmmm.....So I just checked in and I see that I have 456 views of yesterday's post about the shops on Etsy that are copying me.

When I had only 7 total views the previous day.

And only 621 all of last month???

I guess people & bots like to read about the girl being obsessed with my shop and copying me. lol.

Back to packing orders.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Copycats on Etsy

I don't know if I should give these shops any attention at all, but being copied is bugging me.

It started one time when I was browsing Etsy for tea cups to buy and saw a shop that had bad titles and bad tags.  So I convoed the shop and gave them advice on writing titles and tags.

Then last summer, some time after I first convoed the shop, I was browsing for tea cups on Etsy again and saw a listing from that shop that was exactly like mine!

Here is the shop:

I could see how they have also titled their tea cups like mine. Like "tea cup set", "blue and gold", "antique tea cup set", "pink rose tea cup". And other keywords in the titles.

And it bugged me. I confess that I convoed her and told her about it. I even told people I was talking with on Etsy about her. One lady told me that I should expect to be copied because I have a steller shop and other compliments.

Recently I was looking for Shelly tea cups on etsy and saw a shop with the same Shelley tea cup trio as mine and they stole my whole title!

Here is my listing:

Here is theirs, which they have changed slightly since I convoed them and told them about it:


And when I was browsing for tea cups another time I saw this girl and her Aynsley tea cup that she titled almost exactly like mine.  She also changed her title slightly since I also convoed her and told her about it. I told her, "You learned from The Best":

Not to mention the one shop that has added "Mid Century" and "gift" to their titles after I was doing that all of last year!

And now here I am dealing with another girl who in one convo about a year ago said, "I look at your shop all of the time.".

I have noticed recently that she has priced all her tea cups with "9" pricing.  $149, $99, $249, etc.  Which I believe she copied from me. That is how I have been pricing mine for YEARS.

And I saw her Paragon tea cup listing that is almost exactly like mine.  The pricing and the pic were exactly the same.

And then, finally, I am on Etsy browsing for Stanely tea cups and see she just listed one in her shop!  What a coincidence. I have been selling Stanley tea cups and she goes and gets one and puts it in her shop....AND....for exactly the same price I had mine! goes and sells. Quickly,too.

She is bugging the heck out of me.

But I guess this is business. Maybe I should take it all as compliments.

Especially since there is nothing I can do about it. I wish there was something I could do about it.

Just gotta suck it up and worry about my own shop. And do what I can do for my shop.

Almost time for bed.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I am a BIG Patriots & Tom Brady fan, and I am disappointed in the Super Bowl

I wish the Patriots had won it outright.

The Seahwaks did get lucky with the catch, but they should have won.  They stopped the Patriots running game. And the Patriots were only throwing 2 year passes. And 2 of their very important defensive players got injured. Avril's injury greatly affected the pass rush and outcome.

The Patriots could have and should have dominated.

The way the first quarter was going is the way the game could have/should have gone.

I am disappointed.

But I am glad king Tom Brady did do what he did.

I can't wait for next season.

Starkey: Bradshaw's legacy underappreciated

Starkey: Bradshaw's legacy underappreciated