Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Waking up to high views in Etsy search

Here at 7:20 am I already have 88 views from Etsy search.  But no sales. wow.  It is looking like it will be a day over 300 views from search.

So views are back.  Now it just waiting to see how the new listing pages will affect my shop.  I think views will change in some way.  Maybe total views. Or shop/listing views. Maybe search views will stay steady?
But people will not be able to browse my shop like in the current format.  So views will be affected in some way?? Maybe positively???

August 6th is the day.

Sleeping outside

The past two nights I have slept in my backyard on the outdoor furniture.  I loved it.  The nights were cool.  The sky was clear.  I would look up at the starry nighttime sky. I live in the city, but it was peaceful. I woke up early both mornings, too.  I woke up after sunrise.  I could see my breath.  I took a blanket and wore pants and a long sleeved t shirt and it was very comfortable in the cool air.  Low humidity, too.

I will do it again. Probably tonight.  And other nights this year when the temp is in the fifties & forties.

High views yesterday

Here just after midnight I ended with 378 views from Etsy search.  The most since april.  NO SALES though.  4 days with only 1 sale.

82 views from Google search.

It is good that views have come back, but now I have to see how the new listing page affects my shop.  I think it will be noticeably negative.  I think it will hurt my shop.  People will leave my shop.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chloe Channell - All-American Girl - America's Got Talent 8

Pavarotti - Caruso (Live in Paris)

More than 100 Google views; Estate sale buys; vintage cane winged back chair

So I ended sunday with 106 views from Google search. The most in a long time.  Since april probably.  The first time over 100 since probably then.  And only the second time I've reached 100 since april.  Also had 225 favorites.  Mostly because of one lady favoriting so many of my tea cups.

At my grounds keeping job the young guy from Lithuania is visiting again.  At one of the jobs he had he said there were things the people were selling and throwing away.  It was a bar in the basement that had alot of 1950's-70's things. He offered

So tonight he had his friend bring to me the very nice vintage cane wing back chair I bought:

and a floor ashtray:

And a large bar sign, a 1910 Ford whiskey decantor, smaller barware signs, green cordials from France, and a very nice 1970's lava lamp.  All that I was able to get good deals for because of him. He did me a great favor.  I will have to compensate him some more.

It was an ok sunday. My shop was active. Although only 1 sale.  I got the things from the estate.  I tried to take pics but most of them were not any good.  Just got one piece of jewelry listed.  I wasted time this morning trying to photograph the mccoy canisters I got at the thrift store a few days ago, but they did not turn out good.  So I will try again tomorrow.

well, it is time for bed.  I have important orders to pack tomorrow. And have to take some pics and do other shop things.  It will be a dry day.  So I have to try to get as much done as I can.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pavarotti "nessun dorma"

200 views from Etsy search

Here right after 3 pm I have 201 views from Etsy search. Nice to reach that so early.  One of the earliest, maybe the 2nd earliest, since april.  I am at 50 views from Google search, too.  Only 70 yesterday.

Also, I ended yesterday with 357 views from Etsy search.

It is a good sign that I am still getting views.  I am still concerned about the new listing page and how my shop will do the rest of this year and during Christmas. I did really well last nov and dec and I am wondering if I can even match that.  The new listing page may keep me from passing it?

High Google search views this morning

I had 36 views from Google search at 12 noon.  That is a good sign.  Although they go up and down considerably from day to day.  But it is a good thing that they are not low every day.

Here after 12:30 I already have 156 favorites.  Mostly from one girl favoriting alot of my tea cups.  I think even most of the 156 are tea cup favorites too.  If I didn't sell tea cups, y views and sales would be LOW.
I believe even lower than before I started selling tea cups and had views in the 120's from Etsy search low.

Waking up to high sunday views. Again

Here at just past 7:30 am I have 80 views from Etsy search already and 20 from google and already 84 favorites from a girl who favorited alot of my tea cups.  But no sales.  Into my 3rd day with no sales.

I have been waking up to less than 10 Etsy search views/hour this past week.  So to wake up to 80 is alot.  I'd was having in the 40's or 50's at this time during the week.

It looks like sunday is the high view day now?  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tumbler Mobile App on Etsy

Today is the first I have become aware of it and I see that my cotton candy pin back button has gotten 86 views from it. I still don't know what it is or how it works. But I think I like it. lol


8 am views

Yep, it is a low day of views.  Only 41 by 8:01 am.  About 5 views/hour.  Low.  I like to see about 10/hour.

Big drop in views

Yesterday I ended with 305 views from Etsy search. Here at nearly 7:30 am I have only 41!  Less than 6 per hour.  Since views have come back up the past month I was having 65-85 or more by now.

Will see how the day goes.

Have to pack orders.  Try to take some new pics and list some new things. Wanted to go do laundry, but probably won't get to that.

It is a clear, cool, sunny morning here. I love it.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New listing page format on Etsy

I have known they have been testing the new page layout.  I had it for a week or so in the spring.  I did not like it at all.  TAGS are clickable and so prominent.  And they lead people OUT of my shop.  My listing looks like more of an Etsy item than a Shoponsherman item.

Now I see that the new listing page layout will be rolled out on august 6th.  I am not looking forward to it.  I have had a great 12 months.  Since the change in the search box last july.  I think this new page format will hurt my shop significantly.  I believe it will hurt my views and definitely sales.


Nothing I can do about it.  Hope it's not too bad.  All this work......

America's Got Talent 2013 Radio City Music Hall, Anna Christine

I have to say that I was disappointed in the show.  It was not a good show. Most of the acts did not do well.

-The opening act, Anna Christine, had the most talent of any act.  And she did not do her best.
-the rock band picked a bad song.  A weak song.  Not a rock song.
-was Nick Cannon DRUNK???
-the last performance, by the singer Brandon was not good.  I could not believe all 4 judges liked him and gave him such positive comments.  His voice is not that good.  He was off on the first notes of the song. He should have stuck with opera.
-The magician did great.  Wonder how he did that.
-The balancing act dudes did good too.  Although I did not like their costumes or their attempts at comedy.
Their talent and skill I did appreciate.
-the dance act was boring.  Not worthy of being there and definitely not worthy of one million dollars.
-the judges should NOT have put through to Vegas acts they did not think would/could win the one million dollars.  Howard should have not been so critical of Izzy and his sister.  He shouldn't have given them a yes to vegas.
-Overall, I was disappointed in the show. I won't even watch tomorrows elimination show.  I will be watching Big Brother instead.
-I hope next weeks show is better.  I am looking forward to the singers.  And the comedians.
-Dancers will NEVER win the show. They impress ONCE.  The judges get giddy and put them through.  Then that's it. Dancers are one trick ponies.

Time for bed.  It was a pretty good day.  I worked at the grounds keeping job.  Just as I was almost finished Narius got there and offered to take me to the job he was workign to see things that he was throwing away and things I could buy.  And also pay him something for each piece too.

THE MIRROR. Wow. The Bubble mirror. wow.  The chair I have to get home. The barware signs. The etched stemware. Very nice.

I came home and made 2 sales this evening. And bought more tea cups on ebay.

So it was a very productive day.  All I have to do is get my throat healed!    

Monday, July 22, 2013

A sidewalk sale yesterday: vintage LE Smith moon and stars blue glass bowl

So I got paid on friday at my grounds keeping job.  When I was leaving it was thundering and looking like it was going to rain any second.  So instead of walking to the super market and the bank branch inside it I decided to just catch the bus home.  The rain ended up missing the city of Pittsburgh.

So yesterday I decided for something to do to go to one of the bank branches in the local super markets.  It  was going to be either Shadyside or South Side.

I decided on the South Side Giant Eagle.  As I turned down Carson street I saw a lady with tables set up on her sidewalk.  So I went and checked them out.

I got some decent things. For low prices.

Including a nice LE Smith moon and stars blue glass pedestal bowl:


And a pair of ABCO Alexander Backer French boy & girl busts in perfect condition:


I also got a few nice pieces of jewelry.  And some other small, odd things. I was happy when I left.

I also made it to the bank.

My shop had 327 views from Etsy search yesterday, too. Only 1 small sale though.

Today is going ok so far.....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Money dream

Last night I had a dream in which I was working for a female? And I was working with another person?  I walked by her office and she had her head down and seemed to be in a bad mood.  I went into my kitchen and I heard her coming down stairs and I thought she was going to have something negative to say.  As I got into my dining room she walked in the doorway and walked over to me with a smile on her face and handed me a stack of cash.  She said, "You won't believe how much you have gotten paid."  and there was a $500 dollar bill on the top.

Not sure if that meant anything.

It has been a cloudy morning.  I was hoping the sun would come out so I could take some tea cup pics. But it won't. Not today. I still want to take more pics outside today.  Of art. And kitchen items. Furniture?  I need to get more things listed besides tea cups.

It is still warm and humid too.  The weatherman were saying it was going to be more comfortable starting yesterday.  They don't know what they are talking about.

It looks like sunday is the high view day on Etsy??

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The cherub watching over the garden

Here is the cherub on the stone bench by the pool watching over the garden of my grounds keeping job:

HGTV's House Hunters International, Germany

My first year at my grounds keeping job was 2011.  I started there in march.  In may of that year the many who hired me had 2 young men from Lithuania spend the summer with him and his partner. Their names were Linus and Narius.  I would usually only see them a few mins when I was working.  They had a summer job and I usually left the job before they got home.  I did work with them in the garden several times.  From talking with them and working with them I was very impressed with their character.  They are two good guys, hard workers, and very appreciative of what the people they were staying with were doing for them.

Later in the summer I started seeing the blonde girlfriend staying there.  I learned that was Linus' girlfriend and she sang for the Pittsburgh Opera.  I would only see her occassionally when she'd come out to go for a run.  She seemed nice and was friendly.

At the end of the summer Narius and Linus went back to Lithuania.  It nice meeting them.  I felt then and I still do, that they both have bright futures.  Both are smart, ambitious, talented and hard working.

On the day they both left the man that hired me asked me to dig a hole in the garden and fill it with cement.  After I did the 2 young men and the 2 people they stayed with put their hands in the cement and signed and dated it as a reminder of the summer together:

When I came back to the grounds keeping job in 2012 I was told that Linus and the girlfriend, Lindsay, were living in Lithuania and were going to get married.

Then, when I came back this year the man who hired me told me that if I wanted to watch HGTV's House Hunters International that Lindsay and Linus would be on it.  That Lindsay had contacted them with their story and got accepted for the show.

I didn't get to watch their episode, but here is the page of it on HGTV's web site:


The other young man, Narius, is back this summer for a couple months.  For more adventure.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skilyr Hicks 2nd audition tonight on America's Got Talent

I felt bad for her.  She did not do nearly as well as her first.  I don't think she sounded as good at all. I thought she was going to do great and make it to New York.  I am sure she will have other opportunities.  Many of them, too.  She still does have a great voice.  I think it was probably nerves.  She looked very scared.

Best of luck, Skilyr.  I'll be praying for you.

Holy heck, a big drop in views!

Yesterday I ahd 338 views from Etsy search.  Here right before 10pm I have only 210!  Will probably end about 235.

A big drop in google views, too!  Had 93 yesterday. Have only 53 so far tonight!

I wonder what the heck happened??

Monday, July 15, 2013

Views at noon

So here just after 12 noon I have 156 views from Etsy search.  That is definitely the most views by noon in a long time.  Since probably april or march.  I think my record is about 167.  The earliest I have reached 200 views from Etsy search is 1:11 pm.

I made a good jewelry sale of 2 pieces.

It is a nice, sunny, warm summer day here.

100 views already!

Here at 6:15 I have 101 views from Etsy search. It is probably a record.  I think I might have reached 100 around 7-7:30 am a day earlier this year.

I am up early and have orders to pack and ship. Other things to do.  Even take some pics of things I found in storage yesterday. Work on some project pieces? At least take pics of the befores?  Would like to do a load of work clothes.

I will see what I can get done today.

wow, high views so far

I just woke up here before 5am and I already have 92 views from Etsy search!  The most since the first quarter of the year!

I am very interested to see how the day goes.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Antique French Provincial furniture, naugahyde arm chair, shabby chic

3 years ago at the flea market in the park down the street from my house I got a great Louis XV black leather arm chair for $10. I sold it to a girl in New York city for $250.  Even though it had some wrinkling on the leather of the seat.  It was probably a bargain for NYC:

I wanted another one.  So I started visualizing having another one and also using suggestion in my mind as I sat with my eyes closed.  Last may I went to the neighborhood yard sale and, boom, a man had about 8 of them.  I bought 2 of them and think I got them for a very good price.  I sold one already:


 I have had a couple covoes about it.  But I will see what happens with it.  I'd like to get another one of them. Or even another Louis XV.

Back to work.

Vintage Coalport English bone china tea cup

I got pics taken of the very nice set I found on Ebay.  I got it listed this morning.  I think the pics turned out very good:


Time to take some pics outside?

A better day of views

So it has turned out to be better than yesterday. Here at 5pm I have reached 200 views from Etsy search at 204.  Made a couple sales too.  Just tea cups though.

I just got in from the garage and found some really nice things I forgot I had.  Some nice art. Planters. German christmas demitasse set. Books. I have to get busy and get the things listed.  Don't need to buy anything new at the moment.  But you never know when you might find that highly valuable item for a dollar again.  Like I've done so many times the past 7 years!

I shouldn't buy.  But there are great deals out there waiting to be discovered!  Plus, I have to restock.  I've sold so many of my best things the past 9 months and I need to find more.

Today is off to a good start

I can tell in the midnight hour how they day is going to go view-wise.

Today right before 1 am I have 21 views from etsy search.  That is very good compared to how things have gone recently. The one day recently I had 3. Even just 2 nights ago I had only 35 views at 4:30am.

I will see how the day goes.  It is a sunday and I have alot of things to do. From taking pics outside. To taking pics inside.  To taking pics of projects and furniture outside. Go do laundry.  Watch my ebay items I want to win. Yard work. Indoor work and cleaning and organizing. Watch some golf?  Alot of choices.  I should get up early.

Vintage Drexel furniture, chartwell end table, 1970's

I was walking back from the thrift store one day when a guy had 2 pieces of Drexel furniture on the sidewalk selling them.  I looked at the bottom and saw the designer name and when he told me his price I could not pass them up.

I ended up getting the Drexel chartwell end table and cocktail table for a small amount of cash and a box of 1991 baseball cards. lol.

When I brought them home and did some research I learned that the chartwell line was registered in 1978.  And this is their English tudor style.

Both pieces are in great condition.  The end table has been more popular.  I think it is partly because of shipping costs that they have not sold yet:


So I ended yesterday with 280 views from Etsy search.  And 80 from Google.  Google views are not bad.  Etsy search views are lower than I think I should have. Especially with having so many more items in my shop over the past year.  I think competition on the site has a little to do with that.

I did make 6 sales yesterday.  So I can't complain too much.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A very important tip for repairing vintage jewelry

When I first started reselling jewelry I would come across some very nice designer pieces and be disappointed when seeing big blobs of yellow glue around some stones.  What I have learned is that there are certain types of glue to use for jewelry.  Some glues will turn yellow.  And, of course, some people do not know that.  So they use any type of glue and end up ruining a piece.

One type of glue to NOT use is super glue.  It will yellow.

Here is a good article on RockTumbler.com a handmade jewelry site:


Hope this helps!

Vintage Corocraft jewelry Adolf Katz rhinestone necklace and bracelet set, patented, 1955

Nearly 2 years ago when I first saw some very nice Corocraft jewelry I searched and found a beautiful ice blue necklace. When I researched it I saw the patent on a Coro patent site.  It was patented in 1955.  I sold it for a good profit to a lady in Europe. She loved it and left me positive feedback.

Then last year when I searched for more Corocraft jewelry I found the same one.  This time with a bracelet. And for a fair price.  I bought the set and was able to get some decent pics and get it listed in my vintage Etsy shop:


It has gotten some views and some favorites.  I think it is a beautiful set and I am waiting for that perfect buyer.

Here it is a warm, sunny, summer saturday evening.  It has been an ok day.  I got some pics taken.  Made 4 sales. Including an old brooch and more tea cups. I packed & shipped a large box of tea cups.  And did a little shopping at the Dollar Store.  Can't beat that. lol.

I might take some more pics tonight. But I will be here watching tv.

Better views today

It is almost 6 pm and I have 194 views from Etsy search.  So I will be reaching 200 before 7pm.  That is a good sign.  Also made 3 good sales. AND....I got a box of 10 of the tea cups shipped to Australia!  That was important.  Still have a number of orders to ship on monday.

It is a sunny, warm, summer saturday evening here in Pittsburgh.  I will be here watching tv.

Low views!

Here at nearly 5 am only 35 views from Etsy search!  Wow!

Ended yesterday with 247.  wow.  That was low, too.

Just a few days ago had 376.  One of the highest days of the year.

Something is up? With etsy? Or my shop?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Forte "Singing Group" America's Got Talent 2013

Chloe Channell - Wows With Cover of Carrie Underwood's "American Girl" -...

Views are back up this morning

Here at almost 8 am I have 77 views from Etsy search.  That is about 30 better than yesterday.

I ended yesterday with only 217. Wow.  That is the lowest since last may or june at least.

Google views yesterday were 83.  Which was good.  That tells me it was an Etsy issue with views.

I will see how the day goes.....

Thursday, July 11, 2013

WOW, record low views!

Here it is almost 11:30pm and I just reached 200 views from Etsy search!  Holy Heck!  Lowest ever!  I think the lowest or 2nd lowest all year!!!

Low views today

Wow, almost 10pm and only 168 views from etsy search. I have been reaching 200 by 4-6 or at least 7pm.

I did make 2 sales though.  And I bought some nice tea cups.  I got some new ones listed today too.
I still have to ship the tea cups and other orders. Shipped 4 orders today.

Vintage Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater book, 1965, English & Italian

One of the most famous architects of the 20th Century, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed one of the most famous homes, Fallingwater.

I found this great hardcover book at the local thrift store.  The text is in both English and Italian.  It is filled with photographs and blue prints of Fallingwater:


  It is a very popular book in my Etsy shop.

Today is going ok. Sold a very nice Monet brooch.  Got some pics taken this morning and some new tea cups listed.  Now I am packing orders.  Hope to get as many shipped today as I can.  Will have to run and get some envelopes though.


Well it has taken me until 3:22 pm til get 100 views from Etsy search. 47 google views and over 400 total views.

Low views today: vintage Windsor china tea cup

It is almost 2:30 and only 91 views from Etsy search. Not even 100 yet.

I got some pics of tea cups taken.  Some of them turned out pretty good.  I was able to show the gold on the outside of the Windsor tea cup.  When I took the pic up on the shelf the gold didn't show much at all.  So today, with the sun out, I tried it down on the counter front of me. Just like the gold in my green Hammersley tea cup showed:


My Aynsley black & gold fleur de lis tea cup is looking good:


I got some other tea cup pics taken.  Most were good.  A couple I was disappointed were too bright when the color of the white was good.  Oh well. I will try again saturday morning.

Time to pack orders and take care of things.

big drop in Etsy search views today

Here after 12:30 I have only 82.  But google views are back up and I have 34.  I didn't see if I reached 30 by noon or not  Possibly.

I think I have peaked.  I don't think I will equal my first half of the year for this half.  I don't think I will find such nice things for bargain prices like I did last year and the first half of this year. I sold alot of my best stuff the past 8 months. And I really haven't replaced them. I've only replaced the tea cups.  Oh well.

Milton Patton - Whiskey Lullaby - AGT Audition 2013

Skilyr Hicks - Sings Song Written for Her Late Father - America's Got Ta...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jackie Evancho first audition Americas Got Talent full with result and c...

Vintage Fitz & Floyd china fleur de Paris coffee cup plate set, 1982

I found a box of these sets, and also in another pattern, at the local Goodwill.  I love the bright white with the peach & gold all together.  I thought they would be much more popular.  I like my pics, too.  I was able to get the pics taken on a sunny morning before the sun came into the windows in the room.


Back to work!

This mornings views from Google search

I ended yesterday with 232 favorites.  That might be a record.  Except for when I had an item on the front page of Etsy. It is unusual for me to get more than 200 favorites

So here at noon I have 29 views from Google search.  That's pretty good.  That is the most in a long time. I haven't had 30 views from google by noon since april. I had those days the begging of the year in which I'd have in the 30's and even 40's by noon.  So today is an encouraging sign.

I have orders to pack today. Would like to list some new things. Would like to take some pics.
Tomorrow might be a better day for that.  I want to organize today too.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Andrea Bocelli - SOGNO

Yesterdays views in my vintage Etsy shop

So I ended the day with 376 views from etsy search!  The most since march or april!  And 4 sales. Also 89 google views and 1,823 total views.  So it was a pretty good day.  Except...I spent more money. lol. I kept buying more tea cups. Even now I am buying 2 great Shelley tea cups:

I love them.  I think I should be able to sell them.

I also lost money on the one order I shipped today.  The one white milk glass kitchen bowl cost $5 more to ship than I had in the listing.  And I think I didn't charge enough for shipping earrings to Australia. I think it is one of the listings I didn't change after the increase in postal rates.  But I will try to get it there in a legal envelope that is taped up for protection.

So I have 2 orders to pack and ship today. AND...the tea cups. I will ship them today or tomorrow.

It has been a rainy half hour or so here.

Monday, July 8, 2013

High views for the 8 o'clock hour

I just checked my shop stats and I had 745 listing views for the hour.  Also had 145 listing views for the 7 o'clock hour.  Looks like someone went through my shop one listing at a time.

200 views today in my vintage Etsy shop

So here right before 5pm I have 207 views from Etsy search. The times I have reached 200 has been early lately.  Views have come back some.  Not as high as in april, but they have come back. Now just have to see what happens with the new listing page and how that affects my shop!

I have gotten some of the orders packed.  Still have to pack and ship the tea cups.

The vintage Paragon bone china tea cup

The beautiful Paragon tea cup I won recently I got pics of and listed yesterday.  I think the pics turned out pretty good.  I only had to take 1 of each.  Only had to take 5 pics.  All of them were bright and clear enough:


Back to work

The blooming hostas in my yard this morning

When I was out in my front yard after sunrise I decided to take some pics of the flowers on the hostas in the morning light.  I thought it would better then the bright afternoon sun.

I got some pretty good pics:

I caught a big bee just about to go into a flower:

I took a pic of the hosta in the bed too:

I went back to the hosta in the big black pot to shoot some close ups.  Just as I had my camera set to take one the big bee flew right into it! Thank you, Angels.

There are more buds ready to open:

It has been an ok day so far.  I got some pics taken when it was sunny this morning.  Still have to start packing the orders.

A couple more pics of the pretty purple flowers before I get to work:

127 views from Etsy search and 27 from google here at 12:30.  Those are good numbers. Glad they have come back.

Sunrise in the Mexican War Streets in Pittsburgh, PA

I was on my porch early this morning and saw the pink clouds as the sun began to rise.  I tried to capture it:

I ended yesterday with 325 views from Etsy search, 91 from google and 1,035 total.  2 sales. Including my pair of Tiffen crystal goblets.  So it was a pretty good day.

Today I am still dealing with my throat. Have alot of orders to pack and ship. Especially the tea cups.  Want to take more pics, too.  Would even like to do laundry.

I will see....