Monday, September 30, 2013


So I just reached 200 views from Etsy search at 7: 44 pm.  About 2 hours later than yesterday.  Still glad to reach it.  Should reach 270 or so.

It has been an ok day.  Got one order packed and shipped. Still have to pack the tea cup order.  Might do that tonight or tomorrow.

Soon to bed!

Vintage cuff links for men, pink & black enamel cuff links, Mad Men style: Mexican War Streets yard sale

This past may I did great at the neighborhood yard sale.  At one of the houses I stopped at I got a box full of vintage cuff links.  One of them was this very cool pink & black enamel set:

Very quickly in june I sold a pair of patented crystal cuff links I got from the same people.  Maybe these retro pink ones will sell for Christmas.

Time to head to the post office and ship the green gazelle planter/lamp base.  I don't think I charged enough for shipping.  Lucky for me a guy in Florida bought it..

Good views today!

Here at just past noon at 12:17 I have 103 views from Etsy search!  Glad to see that!  Almost as many as yesterday.  I was expecting a big drop today.  But, so far, so good.


I ended sunday with 311 views from Etsy search.  The most since at least august. Maybe july?  That is encouraging.

Today I have things to do.  Have to get the chair boxed up and taken to greyhound, pack the tea cup order, and ship it, get a box for the green gazelle and ship it, other shop things and maybe do laundry?

Off to work!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Here at about 11:48 pm I have 300 views from Etsy search!!  I believe that is the first time all september I have been at 300!!!  That is very sales....and only a small tea cup sale yesterday.

Google views are about 20 less than yesterday at only 62.

I got some things done today.  Got pics taken.  A good number of new items, including tea cups, listed. Tomorrow I have a lot to do.  Have to pack the chair, the tea cup order, find a box for the green gazelle, take the chair to greyhound, ship the tea cups, go put the plants inside, get up on the ladder, organize, laundry?, and take pics?

It is supposed to be a mild dry week.  I need to take advantage of it and make the most of it.

Almost time for bed!

Royal Chelsea tea cup and saucer; 300 Views??

I found this beautiful Royal Chelsea tea cup on Ebay.  It is still in great condition. No chips. No cracks.  The inside is clean and white.  I just got it listed today:

Here at 7:23 pm I already have 243 views from Etsy search!  Will I reach 300 views for the first time this month???? 


Here at 5:51 pm I have reached 200 views from Etsy search.  That is a good sign.  Well, it is good to see, anyway.  Views will probably drop.  Total views are high, too, in the 600's.

100 views! ; Coalport and Paragon tea cups

Here right after 12 noon at 12:10 I have 104 views from Etsy search.  That is encouraging.  I like reaching it at this time. Even though it is still lower than most of the year.

My google views are in the teens at 18.  That is good to see, too.

I just read that Google made another adjustment on the 21st of this month and I do see a drop in my views on about the 24th into the fifties.  But they were back yesterday.

Well, I was wrong about the sunshine.  It did get sunny enough to get some tea cup pics taken.  I had trouble getting the Royal Staffords clear.  So I probably won't be listing them.  But 2 of the others turned out ok.  My 1800's Coalport and 1950's Paragon:

I am off to go buy some drinks.  Might take a couple pics outside.  Should post a few things.

Google search views yesterday

I actually ended yesterday with 82 views from Google search.  That was good to see. Better than in the 50's and 60's that it has been. I would have loved to have kept grown from google this year and been in the mid to upper 100's.  But with the change in may and then the recent drop again, that didn't happen. I will see what happens for christmas.

Well, it is a cloudy morning.  So I don't think I will be able to get pics of new tea cups taken.  I should take pics of other new things. And views from etsy search are low again.  Lower than I was hoping for. Only about 35 at 7:30 am.

I want to go do a load of laundry too.

Off to work to see what I can get done.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sleeping outside & a 444

I slept outside on the glider again last night.  I have for most nights this month.  Except for one night it rained.  Last night was a comfortable night with a cleary, starry sky.  I woke up about 4:30 or so and came inside. When I went back outside to go back to sleep as I was laying there I was thinking about something.  Then I checked my watch and the time was 4:44.

Vintage Grosvenor Jackson and Gosling tea cups; today's views

I was shopping on the internet for vintage china tea cups for my Etsy shop when I saw this pair of Grosvenor tea cups.  Wow. They were great looking....and the price. I couldn't believe that it was for just one of them let alone the two.  But the price was for the two   It was a very good seller and I got them only 2 days are I bought them.

I was able to get some pics of them before going to my grounds keeping job and yesterday I got the green one listed:

And just tonight I got the red one listed:

They are some of my favorite tea cups I have had since really I started selling tea cups about 2 years ago.

Todays views are so low.  I am experiencing even below the new normal.  Only 162 views from Etsy search here at 9:30!  WOW!  I might not reach 180 which was my previous record low for the year that i reached on the 6th of this month.

My google views are decent at 70.  I did make a tea cup sale.  And sunday has been my day of highest views for a few months now.  But I don't see them getting near 300 tomorrow.  Probably low to mid 200's.   I might not reach 300 again until november!

Well, time for bed.  I got some pics taken today and 2 orders packed & shipped.  Still have the big tea cup order to Kuwait, the gazelle lamp base planter and I have to get the chair boxed for taking to greyhound.

Good night!

Yesterday in the garden: Views at noon

It was a beautiful sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky, when I left yesterday for my grounds keeping job:

I loved being in the garden on such a sunny, cool, comfortable morning:

The pool fountains were still running:

When I went to the job earlier in the week I saw the begonias in one bed had fallen over. I believe it was from the rain we had the previous weekend:

It was probably one of the last days to water the garden.  Here at the end of september he did not want me to water it.  I had inside work for the day.

The summer has gone so fast.

Here just after 12 noon today I have the lowest total of views from Etsy search in a while:  only 67!
I would at least have about 80-85 during this big drop in Etsy search views.  I thought my views might actually be higher today with it being a weekend.  Sunday has been busy.

I have been lucky to keep making sales this month.  My revenue is about 70% of last month with a few days to go.  It is disappointing that views are so low.  That, to me, means some lost sales.

Glad to be making sales though.  That is what is keeping me motivated.

Well, it has been a sunny morning and I got some pics taken.  Now I have to try to get some orders packed and shipped and watch some college football.  I wanted to go do laundry, but I don't think I have time for that.  Maybe tomorrow.....

Friday, September 27, 2013

wow, low views; still making sales

Here at 8:13 pm I have only 158 views from Etsy search!  Wow.  That is low. And only 39 from Google!

Still made 3 sales today and 2 yesterday.

I don't think there is anything I can do about the views.  It is the new normal.  I believe views will probably pick up just to where they were or a little lower during nov & dec.  I don't think I'll hit 400 like I did last dec and this spring. I think I will max out in the low 300's.

The new normal is kind of discouraging and disappointing.  2014 is not looking good. If I am even open.

Google hummingbird search change; another morning of low views

I just learned yesterday on the Etsy forums about Googles recent algorithm change.  The just announced it and said it was first made about a month ago.  They call it Hummingbird.

The USA Today has a story about the change:

And so does Forbes:

There was an argument on the Etsy forums in one of the threads about Google that was about whether our views from Etsy search originate with Google search.  Whether people are finding Etsy through Google and then searching Etsy.  Or whether Etsy search views are soley from Etsy.

Well, this could be a cause of my drop in Etsy search and total views????

I know my Google search views have dropped again recently.  After having come back some during the summer.  They have been back in the 50's and 60's  after recovering back into the 80's and 90's.

I woke up this morning to low etsy search views again. Only 33 after 7 am.  Not the lowest though.  That was on sept 6 when I had only 25. No sales yesterday. I did make 2 sales this morning already. One of them being the nice antique chair.

I will just see how things go in the coming days and weeks. And whatever happens in nov & dec, happens.
It will be very disappointing if I don't do well then.

I am curious how next year will turn out?  The past 2 years for the first 4-5 months I did very well.  Especially this year.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The new listing page on Etsy; views at noon

Views in my vintage Etsy shop are down considerably over the past 6 weeks since I got the new listing page on aug 9th.  My shop dashboard says I have 4,600 LESS total views over the past 30 days compared to the previous 30 days.  It is disappointing.

I was really looking forward to next year.  Now not so much.

I think views may come back some for nov & dec, then nose dive the beginning of the year again.

Today's views are at the new normal level.  Just before 12:30 pm I have 85 views from etsy search.
And 15 views from Teams from posting in the forums.  Which I shouldn't be doing.  It doesn't do anything. Just causes more people to copy my shop and increase the competition.

It is a nice sunny day.  I just got some pics of tea cups taken.  Since the sun came out late morning I thought it was too late to take tea cup pics, but I happened to look at the window behind where I take pics and the sun still hand't come in it yet.  Because of it being the time of year it is and the sun being lower in the sky.  That is a good sign.  I know I have a little more time on sunny morning to take good pics.  I haven't downloaded them yet.  I hope they turned out good enough.

I have things to do today.  I should take pics of new things. I want to go do a load of laundry.  And more organizing.  I did a little of that too.

Back to work!  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It was a beautiful sunny day at my grounds keeping job

When I first left for the job the sky was cloudy and grey.  But on my way over there the skies cleared up  By the time I got to the job the sky was completely blue.  There was not a cloud in the sky all day.  The temp was slightly cool but very comfortable.  The humidity was so low.  It felt great.  I got some things accomplished and the day went so fast.

I came home and check my stats and my views turned out to be better than I expected.  I even made a sale of 9 tea cups.  But I just got to 200 views from Etsy search at 9 pm.  So that is kinda of disappointing.  Not sure how it will play out.  If my total views will ever come back. Because the new listing page format is bad.  Bad for my shop. Bad for my total views.  I am not sure I will equal what I did last nov & dec. I doubt even my views will be as high as they were.  Even if they are the same, that is a drop.  Because I have hundreds more listings and more popular tea cups than last year.  I will see, I guess.

It is a cool night.  I want to get some things done tomorrow.  I hope to be able to take tea cup pics and pics of many other things.  I want to just spend the day taking pics of as much as I can. Even of fabric.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

simply the best by Tina Turner Lyrics onscreen

wow, low views!

Oh my!  I just checked my stats and I have only 25 views from Etsy search at 6:33 am!! Wow.  I just had that many after 1 am a couple days ago.  This is going to be a day around 180 or less! wow.

I wonder what has happened???

Monday, September 23, 2013

The new normal of views on Etsy

So this morning I had only 50 views from Etsy search near 8:30.  Yesterday views had recovered.  I finished with 279.  But with this mornings drop back to where they were, when I have known that sundays is my day of highest views on average, it shows that having less than 100 views from Etsy search before and finishing in the low 200's is the new normal.  Until the christmas shopping season?  Beginning of november? Beginning of december?

I know that sales are the most important thing, but I really did like seeing the high views the past 2 beginnings of the years.  If my views do recover this Christmas shopping season, I am not sure what the beginning of 2014 holds.  It will be disappointing if views stay low then, too.

Just gotta keep working at it.  One day at a time..........

Well, for today, I have orders to pack.  I have to find 2 tea cups.  Want to go do laundry. I want to take some more pics.  And list new things.  I have bought a number of things the past few weeks.  But I have just been taking pics of and listing tea cups.  Time to add new things.

Too bad this morning has been cloudy.  The weathermen said it would be sunny mon through wed.

Off to get things done..........

Sunday, September 22, 2013

a 444

I just closed all the windows I had open and the last window I saw was my stats page for my vintage Etsy shop and the total views were 444.

100 views from Etsy search!

Here at 10:49 am I have 101 views from Etsy search!  The earliest in weeks!  It has been rare that I have this many views so early in the past month and a half or so.  

Yesterday morning was looking good, but only ended with 268 views from Etsy search.

Google views are still low.  Only 68 total from google search yesterday.  Have to learn what I can do about that.  If anything.  It might be Etsy's fault.

The Anti-Gravity Secret of Coral Castle - FULL VERSION

Ed Leedskalnin - Secrets of Coral Castle Pt.1

The fall equinox is today; The Angelic number

I just checked the weather video at  I saw we got about an inch of rain.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be.  We only got a steady light rain most of the day.  The weatherman were hyping it like we could get 2" of rain. I also saw that the fall equinox is late this afternoon/early evening at 4:44.  A good time to start fall.

I first learned about the number 444 when I started using the internet back in 2001.  When I searched for angel web sites the first one that came up was  They had a forums page with a 444 Forum.  It was started by a man who had a vision of the number and was told the number represents the power of God's love.

I hadn't been on there chatting since 2002 or so.  I just checked again and all of the forums and chat pages are gone.  That is a little sad.  I met some nice people there.  Including a girl that gave me a free reading.

Well, today I have to try to get things listed.  I have bought a number of things over the past few weeks.  So I should take pics and organize.

I wish we had some sunny mornings.  More than just one.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Current Media Deceptions Regarding Russia and China

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera

200 views from Etsy search

Well I just reached 200 here at 6:34 pm.  Only the second time this month I have reached it before the average latest time I'd reach it, 7 pm.  Up and down it goes here.  Mostly below average.  I am lucky to be making sales.  So I can't complain too much.  Except about the lost sales??

I will keep working and listing and I am looking forward to the Christmas shopping season.

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (1977)

England Dan & John Ford Coley...Love is the Answer

The Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music ~With Lyrics~

Friday, September 20, 2013

200 views from Etsy search

Here at 11:26 pm I reached 201 views from etsy search.  That is disappointing.

Another day of low views in my vintage Etsy shop; the new normal

So yesterday I ended with only 207 views from etsy search.  Here at just about 8 pm I still have less than 200 at only 171!  That is low.  When all year I'd reach 200 at anywhere from 1:15 to 5:30 pm on average.

The latest I would want to reach 200 views from Etsy search is 7 pm.  And now the new normal is to reach 200 late after 7 pm.  For september I have been averaging 180-243 views from Etsy search.

I don't know if it is because of Etsy, or the economy or something I have done.  But the change has been sudden.

Not to mention the thousands less total views because of the new listing page format.

Will just have to see what the next 3 1/2 months hold.  Hopefully I can match what I did last nov & dec.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great scientist: Creation too amazing not to be God’s

Great scientist: Creation too amazing not to be God’s

Another day of low views

Here before 9 pm only 172 views from Etsy search.  Only 58 from google.  654 total.  No sales.

It is disappointing the negative affect the new listing page has had on my shop.  I have more than 2,000 less views in the past 30 days compared to the previous 30 days.  The new listing format is bad for my shop. Nothing I can do about it. 12 good months were wasted.  I don't think I will do as well in the next 12.

See what happens over the next 3 1/2 months................

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dr Ben Carson and Obamacare

I love Dr. Carson.  America needs many more men & women like him:

"I have been interested in the political atmosphere of our country since my preteen years. It has been particularly interesting to observe the political shenanigans adopted by many of those wishing to obtain or maintain power. Fortunately, there have also been many who were truly interested in serving the people who put them in office. Looking at one’s life, voting record and words can provide significant insight into which of the aforementioned categories a political figure fits.
In the 1960s, John F. Kennedy wrote a book titled “Profiles In Courage,” which was very inspiring, as he examined the lives of individuals who had enough daring to go against the flow and make a real difference in society. As a young, very intelligent president of our country, he was faced with many daunting problems, not the least of which was an attempt by the Russians to supply Cuba with nuclear weapons, which would have been situated just 90 miles off of our shores.
Although there have been many attempts to rewrite the history of the Cuban missile crisis, the bottom line is that Kennedy had the necessary backbone to stand up to Nikita Khrushchev and avert an enormous detrimental shift in the power structure of the world while enhancing America’s international image.
Some readers are probably already irritated that I have said something positive about someone who is not a member of their political party. It is my belief that if JFK were alive today, advocating personal responsibility and patriotism, he might find his views at odds with many in the Democratic Party.
Perhaps it is time to de-emphasize political affiliations and labels, and instead concentrate on the philosophies that define one’s beliefs and actions. The direction of our country is not good, and “we the people” — not we the Democrats or we the Republicans — are in desperate need of courageous leadership, guided by an understanding of our Constitution.
Our divided government was formed by diligent men who had studied the history of governmental structures throughout the world and wanted to design a system that would not succumb to the temptation to continuously expand its size and scope at the expense of the people.
An important concept was the separation of powers with checks and balances among the three branches of government. It was a rather ingenious idea to invest each of the three branches of government with enough power to check unwarranted power grabs by the others.
There is, however, a breakdown in this system when officeholders are more concerned about their legacy or their re-election than they are about the proper functioning of government. Our Founders were most concerned about the possibility of the executive branch seizing power and disregarding constitutional constraints.
I suspect they would have been horrified to witness the manipulative and secretive strong-armed techniques utilized by the current administration to push through Obamacare. I’m sure they would also be shocked to see an administration that picks and chooses the laws it wishes to enforce, thereby diminishing the power of the legislative branch of government.
This practice in some ways resembles that of the centralized government system that swept the Soviet Union, whose notorious founders wrote that it was sometimes necessary to force ideas on a populace that will eventually come to accept and endorse the ideas. Similarly, our current leadership is certain that Americans will eventually see the wisdom of governmental oversight in almost every aspect of their lives.
If we are to pass a free and prosperous nation on to our progeny, it is imperative that the legislative branch of government exhibit the courage to exercise the check function it possesses. Lawmakers cannot be afraid that they will be blamed for a government shutdown if they defund Obamacare.
They have the ability to separate the health care law from the rest of the federal budget and fund one without funding the other. In doing so, they need to make it abundantly clear that they are willing to fund the government and its essential functions, but they feel that Obamacare is detrimental to the future economic health of America.
If the Democrat-controlled Senate reattaches the law, or if the executive branch makes the decision to fund Obamacare at the expense of other vital national functions, the electorate must take notice and act decisively in 2014. Many say that those who want to restore constitutional restraints are fighting a useless battle, but we must remember that freedom is reserved only for those willing to fight for it.
I am confident that the people will awaken from their apathy and vigorously support whoever has the backbone to stand up for them."
Ben S. Carson is professor emeritus of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University.

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

Yesterday in the garden; vintage tea cups

It was a clear sunny morning so I took some tea cup pics yesterday morning before going to my grounds keeping job:

After taking some pics I then left for my job.  I made one stop in the nearby neighborhood and found a nice item for my shop.  From there I walked over to work.  It was a clear, sunny, cool morning as I walked across the bridge:

When I got into the garden, I loved it.  With all the flowers blooming, the pool and fountains flowing, and the clear, sunny, cool weather, it was a beautiful moment:

More of this post to come.....


Just reached 100 views from Etsy search here at 11:19 am.  The earliest in a while.  Yesterday was a low day, Only my 2nd day under 200 views from Etsy search in nearly 2 years. Ended with only 193.

Not sure what the next 4 months and the Christmas shopping season holds.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A gifted Pittsburgh woodworker, Christopher Bandy

I was just googling woodworkers of pittsburgh to find a video I saw on public television and a result from a Post-Gazette article came up.

Here is a very talented ballet dancer who works with wood.  Who would have thought?

Time to organize some in the house and garage, find a place for the vintage fabric I just acquired and go do some laundry.  Also have tea cup orders to pack & ship.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chem trails over Pittsburgh today

I just went to go to the corner store and looked up into the sky and, wow, clear trails, and so low, too:

And more......

I hope the truth about this comes out.

The Mexican War Streets House Tour; High total views

Today is the Mexican War Streets neighborhood house tour.  It starts at 11. I should try to sell some of the fabric I just got yesterday.  I should even ask Allan if I could set them at his set up.  I don't know anything about them, their quality or even how much to ask.

I woke up here near 7:30 wtih 321 total views.  That is the most this early in a while.  I have been having in the 100's or low 200's at this time.  It is good to know people are looking.

Yesterday, for the day, my "your listings" stat was 151.  This morning it is already 135.  This is due to the midnight hour when I had more than 100 total views.

I have 59 views from Etsy search, too.  Which is low, but the new normal it seems.