Friday, May 31, 2013

105 views from Etsy search.... right only a few minutes after 8 am.  The earliest in a while. Glad to see that.

Off to my grounds keeping job.

Mary Flaherty dream

I woke up to a very good morning.  I actually sold one of the Queen Anne art deco tea cups.  The first one of all of them that I have.  And its not even the best looking one.  Also sold a necklace. Also had the guy pay another invoice for a tea cup and we agreed to the deal of him buying tea cups every week. And I sold a nice blue beaded tassle necklace that I have had listed for a while and has been very popular.

Just before I woke up I had some dream where I was like in a church hall or gym for a grade school or high school?  Michelle was there?  And I was at our table. One of those long ones table like at bingo. And a guy (danny flaherty was there) and Mary and we were just looking in the fliers on the table for our flier? Or notice?  And then Mary put her hand on my forearm, she looked and felt different, and said,

"It will be a beautiful Christmas and you will be able to come."?  

It seemed kinda real when she felt my arm and said that? Not sure if that was a message, a word of encouragement or not??

Well it is a sunny morning. Wish I could stay home and take tea cup pics this morning. But it is off to the grounds keeping job. Then to the bank.  Will be a small paycheck today. Almost not worth it. Probably less than $100.

I hope I will be ok. My eyes. My teeth. My gums. My throat and tongue and ears, too. I still have to get things resolved.........

And, I just checked and already here at 7:22 I have 97 views from Etsy search!  Great to see!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vintage 1940's Gladys Emerson Cook cats drawing, antique cat art

One of my great finds was a pair of Gladys Emerson Cook cat sketches.  4 or 5 years ago I had gone to the flea market in the park right down the street from my house on a saturday morning and as I approached the tables where an older lady and her husband were selling I saw she had what looked like cat prints leaning against the tree.  I thought maybe I'd buy them for a friend I do work for.  She loves cats.  As I got near the prints the lady said, "They're sketches". That definitely raised my interest.  I saw that they both were signed, but I didn't recognize the name.  She told me her price for the pair and I couldn't believe it.  She said, "I'd take less, but that's what I paid for them.". So I got them for that incredible price.

Once I got them home and looked up the artist I realized what I had.  And I saw one in a gallery in the UK for over $3,000. And I saw a post in which a lady said that Gladys Emerson Cook dog sketches sell in NY galleries for over $2,000.

It turned out that my pair of Gladys Emerson Cook cats was featured on the cover of her 1940's book "Cat and Kittens" and the single cat sketch was featured on the inside of the same book. Wow. What a deal.

I've had them in my shop this year and have gotten some favorites. But not as many as  I thought they'd get.  I still love them and I might even have them priced too low:   .

It is good to see that my google views are higher today. I have over 80 from Google near 10 pm.  Etsy search views are ok.  I did make a couple small sales. If I didn't sell tea cups I really woudn't sell much at all.

It has been an ok day. Tomorrow is back to the grounds keeping job.  Then the weekend and see what I can accomplish.  I am looking forward of taking pics of the jewelry I get and also the beautiful Royal Stafford blue & gold tea cup, saucer and plate set trio I got in the mail today. Wow. It's great. And what a steal for a price, too.

Almost time for bed..

Vintage Trifari butterfly brooch

I have been surprised that there are good deals on vintage designer costume jewelry. When I first started looking on Etsy for jewelry to resell I would search by type (rhinestone necklace, cameo brooch, etc...), because I assumed that all the designer pieces were too high.  But once I started searching by designer I actually found some great deals.

One of them from late last year is this very nice vintage Trifari butterfly.  It is in great condition and the asking prices on ebay are much more than I paid on Etsy:

It hasn't gotten the views and hearts I have expected, but I think it is just a matter of time before it sells.

This morning views from Etsy search are lower.  Only about 81 near 8:30 am.  And 17 from google.  I had a good day of views yesterday with 342 from Etsy search, only 69 from google, but more than 1,100 total views.

I did wake up to sale and had one before I went to bed. Happy about that.

Well I have some pics to take and alot to do. Including another load of laundry. I should have Dave come over for the repair.....

Off to work....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Mexican War Streets garden

Right up the street from my home is The Old Allegheny Garden.  It is a large lot that had homes up until the 1970''s and was finally converted into a garden in the late 80's by Randy of Randyland fame:

On the walk home from the convenience store on Western Avenue in Pittsburgh as I was walking along the park on West North Avenue the view up North Avenue with Allegheny General up ahead lit up by the sun caught my eye.  So I decided to go home and get my camera and try to capture what I liked.  My pics turned out dark.  So I think taking pics of that around noon or early afternoon would be much better.  But here is what I saw:

After that I went back up Reseca to go home and also to take some pics of a house that has blooming roses.  Here are a couple of the pretty pink ones:

As I got back home I decided to go up to the garden and try to get some pics of beautiful roses I saw blooming when I walked through earlier in the day.

In the center of the main big garden are 2 large rose bushes that are obviously loving the abundant sunshine they receive every day:

When you enter the garden from Sherman avenue there is a large, healthy, blooming purple flower plant:

Right across from the purple flowers were pink peonies blooming:

I will go and try to capture more of flowers in the neighborhood in coming days.

Here after 11 pm I have 321 views from Etsy search and only 65 from google.  The google views are disappointing. But I have made a couple tea cup sales. Happy about that.

It is almost time for bed. I have some orders to pack and ship tomorrow.  Maybe take some new pics. Do have to organize here and do some laundry.

Vintage Monet jewelry, pink rhinestone brooch pin

I got the Monet brooch listed.  I think the pics turned out pretty good:

So here at about 4:53 pm I reached 200 views from Etsy search.  Pretty good, I guess.  Not nearly as good as when I had record days of reaching it from 1:10-2:30 pm.

I am packing some orders.  I should be able to get them all packed and shipped today.

It is a warm, sunny day. Wish I had a vehicle and my own home.

Back to work!

Aynsley D. Jones fruit tea cup and an antique Monet pink rhinestone brooch

I got some pics taken of my beautiful Aynsley fruit tea cup and 2 Monet brooches.  I got the Aynsley tea cup listed:

The pics for the Monet brooch turned out pretty good. Really not that sharp though. Really are not showing it as well as I'd like:

I noticed 2 more roses blooming on the very old rose bush in my front yard.  There was a gentle breeze blowing so I didn't capture both clearly:

At noon I had 130 views from Etsy search and about 25 from google.  I am happy with that. Glad to see views have come back. And it is at least an up and down thing. Instead of some changes by both that would be long term or permanent.

Still have work to do!  Off to the laundry mat!

Views are back up

I am checking my views here after 10 am and I already have 110 from Etsy search and 17 from Google. Good to see that. And it is a wednesday.  I was thinking that views might just be high on the weekends??

I still have to reply to the 3 customers and a 4th customer about tea cups. And I still have to take some more pics.  And I still have alot of orders to pack & ship today. And I wanted to do laundry.

Yesterday evening even though it was getting kind of dark I was able to get some nice pics of my new Monet brooch.  I sold the same one last year and I just found this one on Etsy:  It has been very popular.  Already 17 views with 7 favorites:

I have to get to work!

Wow, a great antique Monet brooch

I have just been very busy shopping on Etsy and Ebay even though I shouldn't have been lol.  I have spent alot of money just tonight and recently. Uh-oh. lol.

But I can't believe the great orange glass brooch I found on Ebay.  It is just like the campor glass one I sold in 20 mins except the center stone is orange and 4 of the other smaller stones are orangeish.  Wow. It is so nice.

I have found some other nice brooches and bracelets tonight too.  With other things I want to buy when I make some more sales. Hope I can get them all.....and pay the bills. lol.

And here tonight I ended yesterday with 308 views from Etsy search   66 from Google.  Disappointing are the google views. Too bad they both made changes.  Glad to be over 300 etsy search views.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The red roses in my front yard

Yesterday afternoon I took some pics of the very old rose bush in my front yard. It has been there for at least 40 years. Probably more than that.  This is the house in which I grew up and as a boy I remember at last 3-4 roses bushes in the small front yard.  This is the last one left.

I finally took some new pics of an 1800's porcelain handled plate I got from a guy selling from the sidewalk in front of his house.  I think it is a rare piece.

I didn't go to the grounds keeping job.  I could have. Oops.  It is starting to clear up and hasn't rained much since about 10-11. I think he will be upset.  Oh well.

Joseff of Hollywood jewelry, crab brooch

One of my great finds since I opened my Etsy shop nearly 2 1/2 years ago was a Joseff of Hollywood crab brooch.

After work one day I went into the local thrift store and there was a table in the center of the store filled with loose jewelry.  Only $1 each.  I was digging through the pieces when I saw the crab.  I turned it over and there was half of a name on the back.  I didn't know the name, but since it was signed, I bought it.

Then when I brought it home and looked it up I learned who the designer was. Wow. What a great find. I had it listed in my shop for a while for $185.  And when finally a lady offered me $150 for it, I took it. Although even my $185 was lower than other Joseff crab and other brooches on ebay. I am happy with my profit. Not sure I will get that lucky again. Or very often. Maybe once a year. lol.

Off to work.....

Vintage 1960's trunk

A piece I have had for a while and finally decided to list was this very neat retro trunk. It came from my neighbor.  It is in great condition with just some light rust on the exterior metal piece.  It even has the tray.  Which I have not seen on this style of vintage trunk. Most of the trays are missing:

My Etsy shop ended yesterday with 346 views from Etsy search and 95 views from Google.  And most importantly, 4 sales.

It has been a rainy morning so I haven't gone into my grounds keeping job.  So I have other things I can take care of.  Like still answer 3 customers. Pack and ship my orders. Take some pics?  Do some laundry?  Use my hands for my throat and face?

I will see what I can get done today...

Monday, May 27, 2013

VIews & Sales

Well I just made it home from the grocery store to a sale.  A large, pink McCoy pottery swan vase.  I am sure I didn't charge enough for shipping it.  Grrr.  Only $15.  the sale is to Washington state and it will probably cost $17-19 or more in a big enough box.  Oh well.

I am just about to reach 200 views from Etsy search here at about 4:30 pm eastern time.  That's pretty good.

It is disappointing that Google and Etsy have made the changes with each other.  Now my individual listings will not be shown as much on Google. The search results will show "popular items" like that on Etsy.
HHHmmmmm.. what to do....

For right now anyway, maybe take a couple more pics outside. Maybe a bike ride

Judge blasts Obama & Clinton on Bhenghazi

Old Jewelry, Vintage Monet brooch pin

It has been an ok day. I was able to get much better pics of the Uttorno Intarsio wall hangings in the kitchen compared to outside.  They look very good.

I am kinda bumbed about the broken Shelley set I got from ebay. I left positive feedback before I fully inspected it and there is a big crack in the saucer.  That was $60.

Last year I sold my great old Monet brooch that I got at the flea market.  Well, I just got lucky and found another one on Etsy. Found 2 of them actually.  I used my pics from the old sale to list one of them this morning.  The pics are ok.  When I receive it I will take better pics: 

I still have things to do. Have to find the other Doulton plate. Go through my albums for a customer, take more pics and try to list a few things.

Views are up today.  I had about 135 from Etsy search by noon.

Vintage Stiffel Lenox porcelain torchiere lamp

Happy Memorial Day.

I woke up this morning to a sale.  A nice Henry Pollak hat.  But.....I definitely didn't charge enough for shipping.  It is going to Australia and the hat is one of the listings I did not adjust after the raise in the postal rates.  Grrrr. lol.  I think it will cost about $18 and I had it at only $9.50.  I will still make a profit. I think. Not much. When I consider the purchase price, listing and sales fees.  Oh well.

I love this Stiffel and Lenox lamp I got lucky to find at a local thrift store.  I was surprised at the price when I I saw it in the store and then when I got it home, looked it up and saw it was also a Lenox, I was very happy.  It didn't have the milk glass defuser/shade, but I just got lucky again a couple days ago and found one at the local thrift store.  I think my price is competitive with others on the internet:

I have reached 102 views from Etsy search right before 10 am.  So it looks as though views might be higher today than yesterday.  And today's the holiday.

I have things to do.  Have to take some pics. Reply to 3 customers. And try to list some things or not??  I have over 820 listings.  That should be enough.

Off to work....

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vintage Swank cuff links for men, blue knights

Well I got some pics taken today after my bike ride.  The tea cup pics turned out pretty good.  The outside jewelry pics only turned out ok.  A couple of the pieces are white and I had trouble showing them as being white. The one necklace didn't look good on pink paper. I did get some pics retaken for my beautiful Ciner jade green glass beaded necklace (that I've had listed forever lol):

And my Swank cuff links pics turned out pretty good, too.  This is another pair that I got at the neighborhood sale last weekend:

It is still a nice, sunny evening. I want to take some more pics outside. Maybe another bike ride?  I still have to reply to the 2 customers!

A sunny bike ride to the South Side of Pittsburgh

I just got home and it was a nice ride to and from the South Side.  Once I left I decide to make the ride all the way over and back instead of just to Point State Park.

It was a clear blue sky and nice temps.  The ride was easier this time too. And not that long.

I rode all the way over to the convenience store again. Bought an unsweetened tea. Drank it in front of the door on my bike.  Then headed back home.

On the way back on Carson street near Station Sqaure as a car was starting to pass me a kid in the car said, "Hiiiiii" looking out the window with a smile on his face lol. I think he was a young gay dude. lol.

The Yoga Girl:
As I first got over to the Point there was a sexy blonde in red doing yoga in her yoga pants.  She was just bent over in a pose as I got there.  Very sexy.

Now I am back home and ready to try to take some more pics.  I should have taken the tea cup pics before I left. so that there wasn't as much glare and brightness behind the tea cup. But I will see how it looks.  Then go outside and take some jewelry and other pics.

It is a nice sunny, holiday sunday.

It is a beautiful, bright, sunny holiday weekend sunday morning in Pittsburgh

I just got back from the store and it was such a nice walk. So bright with a clear blue sky.  Nice temps. I walked to the store to get a new clean notebook for taking jewelry pics and then to get some drinks.

Now I am going for a bike ride. A short one down to the river and Point State Park maybe. Then come back to take some more pics. I still have 2 customers to reply to.

I still have to get things resolved so I can keep my shop open this year. So I can keep the part time job and my shop. Which I like. I like the idea of trying to grow my business.

I did see one vintage shop on the forums that is doing about 800 sales more than me and she started 2 months AFTER me.  And I have been tithing and seeding the entire time???  HHmmmm.

Well, I am going to take some tea cup pics of my very nice green Paragon set, then off for the ride.....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A bike ride around the city

I just got home from riding my red huffy around Pittsburgh.

I started by going through West Park through the underpass at the Clark Building.  Through the parking lots around Heinz Field and then up the ramp and over the river to the Point.  Through Point State Park.  It looked like there was a wedding being held at the entrance to the park in front of the hotel???

I rode up the Boulevard of the Allies and made the right on Smithfield street and over the smithfield street bridge to Carson Street.

I made the left on Carson and rode down through The South Side. There is the bike lane for the first section, but at about 12th street it merges to just one lane for traffic.  I felt safe riding in traffic. I made it down to the convenience store past the Birmingham Bridge.  I stopped in and got a coke.  Drank it outside their door as I sat on my bike. Seeing all the people out kinda made me feel....

I drank almost all the coke and drove up to the garbage can and tossed the bottle in and took off for the ride to Oakland.....

I made the right onto the Birmingham bridge.  I took my steady with continuous peddling. It was actually kinda hard. Harder than I thought it'd be.

I made it across the Birmingham bridge.  It was sunny as I rode across.  I kept looking over both sides of the bridge.  Up the river.  Down the river towards town.  Up at the blue sky with clouds.  Up ahead there was a guy and a girl walking towards oakland.  I wondered where they were going?? Why where they walking?? What they were going to be doing tonight?? What their lives are lke???

I rode by them and made the turn up the hill to Oakland.  I actually peddled the whole way up. IT was much easier than I thought it would be.  I did have to stop and get on the sidewalk as a bus came and I almost got run over lol. But I made it.

Then I peddled down into Oakland in the bus lane.  There were not many people out at all.  It looked kinda lonely.  It is aholiday weekend.  A friday, too.

In Oakland as I peddled down I was trying to decide which way to go.  I finally decided to go through Oakland and Bloomfield and through the strip to home.

There were not many people out on the ride over to Bloomfield.  It was kinda lonely. And kinda thinking about being there after working at the grounds keeping job.

Made it across the bridge to Bloomfield and cut through the neighborhood and then back up to Liberty Avenue. I made the left on Liberty and took it all the way to Penn.

I made the left on Penn and there was not traffice as I drifted all the way down.  A car didn't pass me til I got down near the bend near Lawrenceville.

I peddled down Penn toward the Strip.

I decided to ride into town instead of taking the bridge over to the north side.  There were more people out in town. Mostly theatre visitors. Some sexy looking females in their dresses.

I made it through town back to Point State Park and peddled up the ramp to the bridge.  Even though I was not sure I'd make it when I was at the bottom starting it.

Rode over the bridge and coasted down the ramp and down the streets past the parking lots.  Past the Clark bar again and up the street through the underpass where I stopped at the top to reflect and think for a sec.

I then got started again and rode through the park. As I entered I saw that there was noone around pretty much.  Just a few people. And realized again it is a holiday weekend. I rode by the lake and then by the playground and onto north avenue and up Sherman to the house.

It was a sunny ride. Nice blue sky with some clouds. Nice temps. I made it.

It was actually an easy ride.  It took some time and some effort. But I made it. Not sure how long it took me. Probably over an hour. Hour and half?

Now here I am.


It has taken me til 11:35 to get 100 views from Etsy search...and only 10 from google. Wow.

The antique Royal Doulton decanter

I just got some pics taken of the 1939 Royal Doulton sherry decanter.  It is a great piece. I am still disappointed that I probably took the one that is missing the hat.  It is in perfect condition otherwise:

It has been a busy morning taking pics. And retaking pics.  I think I got some good ones.  I think I can list some of the tea cups and things I took pics of so far.  I still have alot mroe pics I want to take, but I have things to do.  Hit the flea market.  Find a box for an order and I really have to ship all 6 of my orders today.

I made a good sale, too.  The very nice Rosenfeld leather box I just got at the neighborhood sale on saturday.

Back to work!