Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Low Google Views

2 days ago I finished with only 29 views from Google!
Yesterday was only 32!
Here at 5:21 pm (that number again) I have only 14!

Something is wrong.
Something has changed again?

I have some duplicate content with tea cups, but with the rest of my items, not much at all.

Not sure what it is. But it is disappointing. Still.

The first 6-7 months of last year I was finishing with 85-144 from Google each day.

Oh well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Avicii - Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)

Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Official Video)

400 Views on the 16th: LOW Google views yesterday

I finished high views sunday with 440 views from Etsy search AND 1,550 total views. That is alot of total views. Especially because I had only 43 Google views. I owe that all to my tea cups, of course.

Then yesterday, monday, I finished with only 29 views from Google. Wow. How disappointing. Still.

I owe all my search and total views to having so many tea cups that people like. I am a tea cup shop, pretty much.

I have orders to pack today. It is a sunny morning so far. So many I will get some new pics taken. I just missed out on a very nice white Paragon tea cup with a red rose. The price was low and I made an offer. I should have just bought it. Oh well.

Off to work.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

200 Views before 2:30pm

Here at 2:27 pm I have 210 views from Etsy search and 764 total views.

This is the earliest I've reached 200 in a while. Since the beginning of february maybe.

I am still not certain how my shop would do this year, if I can keep it open.
Last year was such a good year, I don't think I could duplicate it for a number of reasons.

Just take it a day at a time. See what happens.

600 Total Views at Noon

Here at 12:12pm I have 613 total views with 162 views from Etsy search.

It is starting as another high view sunday.

Only 13 from Google though. It will take a whilte to get over the disappointment of all the lost google views. Views that have been lost for MONTHS so far.

The sun went in and I missed it. Oh well. Back to work

High Views This Morning

It was another high views saturday with me ending with 358 views from Etsy search. And the disappointing 3 days ended with a good sale and several orders for the day.

Today is looking to be another high view sunday. Here before 10 am I already have nearly 500 total views, I am at 477, and already 141 views from Etsy search.

I owe it all to my tea cups. And to having so many listed.

It will be a challenge to try to get anything good to replace what I have sold the past 2 years. The local thrift store, where I built up a nice inventory at very low prices, gets nothing and/or junk now.

I have things to do this sunday. Maybe take some pics. Grocery shopping. Help a friend at her event. And watch The Amazing Race tonight!

It is starting off sunny. Hope it stays that way for another hour or two.

Off to work.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Night's Dream, I was at an auction

I don't remember how it started, but I went to an auction in my dream last night. It was a lengthy clear dream, too. But it was not a real auction.

I went with a friend who I grew up with who passed away several years ago. He actually won the first item, a book, that the auctioneer didn't even say "sold" or say a price. My friend won it just by saying how much he'd pay?

At one point there was a nice set of tea cups that came up and the auctioneer went through the crowd and the bids went $1, $2 up to $200 quickly. Then one lady just say, "$1,000" and the auctioneer said, "SOLD!".

It was a lengthy clear dream, but did not seem like a message dream. It was not a real auction. It had the dreamy/scene changing type of scene to it. But, maybe it was a message?

127 Views at "noon"?

So it is just past 1pm and if I do not count the views in the midnight hour because of the switch to daylight savings time yesterday morning, then I still have 126 views from Etsy search here at what would have been noon before yesterday. Pretty good.

I am packing orders and planning my trip(s) to the post office!

400 Views Yesterday; High Views by Noon

I finished yesterday, with 1 less hour because of Daylight Savings Time, with 410 views from Etsy search and more than 1,300 total views. And that was with only 53 views from Google.

If I count the midnigth house then I finished with 436 views from Etsy search and nearly 1,400 total views.

Here this morning I have 141 views from Etsy search at 12 noon. That is counting the midnight hour views. I will see how many I have by 1pm to make it the "real" 12 noon.

I have many orders to pack! I was a good weekend. I have to find a saucer and a tea cup set, too. Not sure if I will.

I will be busy the rest of today. And tomorrow. While the weather is nice for a couple days.

Off to work.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

High Views at Noon; 7 Orders

I woke up to 6 orders. Mostly tea items, of course. And I just had another order a few moments ago.

I also have 144 views from Etsy search at 12 noon. Well, at 1pm since the clocks were turned ahead.

I will count my views til 1am to see how I do for the day. Then won't count them tomorrow for the full day. Only til 1pm.

It was nice to wake up to so many orders. I still am not sure how well I will do compared to the past 2 montns. Both of which were new records.

I just have to try to replace all my sales and good items I've sold. Which will be hard to do.

I got some pics taken this morning in the few minutes of sunshine for tea cup pics. I will list a few things. Then go grocery shopping.

It has been a good, productive day so far.

It is almost Tax Time! lol.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

350 Views Yesterday; 146 Views at Noon

I finished yesterday with 352 views from Etsy search. I have been happy that for the first 3 months of this year I have been reaching the mid to upper 300 views regularly. I think that is better than last year? Or at least close to being equal?

Here at 12:07pm I have a made it to 146 views from Etsy search. It is another high view saturday. The weekends have been my high views since AFTER Christmas. Not before.

Views from Etsy search have actually been very good. I have been surprised. Total views for the first 7 days of march are almost as good as last year. Another surprise.

My google views are still disappointing. Yesterday was only in the 40's. And only 8 at noon today.

Last march was one of my highest revenue months of the year and I was again surprised to see that I am only slightly below so far this month. With 23 days to go.

Last month was also my highest total view month of the year. I highly doubt I will match that. If I come close, I will be happy. But I have lost so many Google, Bing and The FInd views that I don't think I will come close. Again, I could have been doing so much better in my shop if not for the Google and Etsy changes of last year.

I still have tea cups to find. Maybe some pics taken outside since it is nice? I have outdoor work/clean up to do too.

Friday, March 7, 2014

300 Views at 8:30pm

It has been a pretty good day.

It was sunny this morning and I got some pics taken and most of them turned out very good. I got orders packed and shipped. I made it to the thrift store, but only got a couple t-shirts for myself. I have also had 6 orders today. Which I did not expect. The revenue was decent.

Now the not so good things.....I cannot find 2 different tea cup sets. 1 from a few days ago and 1 that I sold today. I don't know how the 1 set from a couple days ago could have just disappeared. It is one of my most recent listings and it is a bright color. The other one I still have to find the saucer. I've had the set in my shop for a LONG time. And I used to see the saucer pretty often. I had it in my shop so long that I actually RAISED the price to make it give it more value.

Now I just have to find them....if I still have them.

100 Views before 9 am; A New Plan for My Vintage Etsy Shop?

I reached 100 views from Etsy at 8:50 am this morning. One of my earliest times to teach 100. I think my earliest was aroun d 7-8 am.

So I am rethinking my strategy for my Etsy shop for 2014:

The main reason I have to rethink things is that the local thrift store gets NOTHING good any more.

I made a good living off that store for years.

I was going there regularly and had built up a good inventory of very nice vintage & antique items and sold them throughout my first 2 years or so of my Etsy shop.
And since I have sold almost all of my good items and cannot replace them, AND I do not want to be a tea cup shop. Even though that is where I have made my money for the past 16 months or so.

So I will back off on the tea cup buying, try to find other vintage items locally and some trips around the city, and.....focus more on work again?? Go back to focusing on getting more laboring work?

My original plan with my shop was to labor and have my shop. I was hoping I could make enough in my shop to make it a worthwhile part-time income. BUT I did so much better than I was expecting that I gave up the laboring work. Except for my part-time groundskeeping job which I really like.

AND...add to all of this that there will be more money having to spend on the house this year. So I will have less to spend on tea cups and other vintage items.

AND....I did so well last year revenue-wise, that I don't think I will be able to match it. Maybe 50%, if I am lucky.

So my very good year of 2013 has lowered my expectations for 2014. And with extra money having to be spent on the house, it is time to lower my expectations and go back to work?

I reached my peak? Last year I did the best I could with the circumstances I have? And this year they will not even be as good?

I have pics to take and orders to pack for today. It is a nice sunny morning and will be a decent day with the temp. So I will try to get things done today.

Off to work.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

High Views Today

Here at 12:30pm I have 155 views from Etsy search, 602 total views and 3 good orders.

UPDATE: just received a 4th order. Tea cups to China.

I have orders to Pack!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Super bowl X (1976) Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers

More than 400 Views Yesterday; Low Orders; Keep Shop Open?

I finished yesterday with 438 views from Etsy search. And more than 1,200 total views. Only 54 from Google.

Today will finish just over 300 views from Etsy search.....

.....and No orders. Wow. For the beginning of the month, when people get paid, usually the busiest time of the month. No orders for 3 days. The first time that has happened in weeks.

I will probably just end up selling tea cups when I do make my next sale.

I think I have done the best I can do. It might be time to close up.

I had built up a great inventory from the local thrift store that I was able to sell my first 3 years, but now it gets nothing good. The only decent things to sell are cheaper things.

It is not that easy to acquire decent vintage & antique items. I sold my best stuff. Can't replace them. Time to move on??? For that and other reasons, maybe.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Amazing Race, tonight's episode

It was an interesting and entertaining episode.

I am glad the cowboys made it and are still in the race. They got off to a bad start when they tried to communicate with the Chinese man who didn't speak english and thought he was saying 15 minutes to walk to their next location, but he was saying 50 minutes. So they were behind the other teams, and in last, after starting that leg first.

I was glad to see the other teams I liked make it to the finish for that leg. Including Brandon and his girl from Big Brother, the father/son team, and, of course, the pretty country singers who made it thanks to the express pass from the cowboys. I probably would have given them the pass too, if they had been flirting with me. lol.

I was sad to see the Kentucky team get eliminated. I wish the original partner had been able to run the race and make it far into it. Maybe another chance for them. I think he should have kept racing without his bag and worn the clothes on his back for the next 23 days. He should have left his bag.

I am hoping the cowboys, Brandon & his girl, the country girls, and the father/son team make it to the end. I hope the cowboys win.

I am now looking forward to Survivor. I am glad they have attractive females this season. lol.

High Views Today: 300 Views at 7pm

I have had good views today, another high view sunday, but no orders. I am surprised.

I have had 72 views from Etsy search in 2 hours from 7pm-9pm. Earlier in the day I noticed I had 24 views from Etsy search in an hour.

I also have 1,127 total views.

This is not looking like a good month, revenue or order wise.

200 Views at 3pm

It is another high view sunday. And a normal one considering it is the first sunday of the month.

Views were decent yesterday, but only 1 small tea cup sale.

I will be lucky to make even half of last months revenue.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Record Revenue for January AND February

January was a great month and I set a record for revenue for a month since I have been on Etsy for the 3 years and the begining of my 4th year.

Then I broke that record in february!

It was such a high amount, it is kind of disappointing. lol.

I don't think I will be able to match that the rest of the year. Or even just for march. For march I am expecting 1/3 of that revenue. Hopefully.

Thank you, God, for the 2 months of high revenue.