Thursday, February 27, 2014

3 Hours of High Views

It unusual to have more than 50-60 views in an hour. Even 100 views in an hour is not very common.

Here at 4pm I have just had 3 consecutive hours of more than 100 total views.

In the 1 o'clock hour I had 182 total views.
In the 2 o'clock hour I had 171 total views.
In the 3 o'clock hour I had 152 total views.

I am guessing those are mostly from 1 person browsing my shop.

I have had 2 small orders today. Tea cups, of course.

I got 2 orders packed and am about to head to the post office and then the super market.

I am ready for SPRING!

*UPDATE: just wanted to add that here after 4 pm I also have 888 Total views.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Nearly 400 Views Yesterday: Record High Google Views

I finished yesterday with 371 views from Etsy search. Pretty good. AND....

63 Google views. Woo Hoo. lol. That is the first time with more than 60 in MONTHS. Probably 2-3 months.

I've reached 70 only once in the same time. I haven't hit 100 since sept or oct. Maybe november.

I haven't had more than 100 since....Sept? Or oct?

A couple small orders yesterday.

Revenue has been low for 9 days now. I think I just got spoiled by those great 6 weeks.

I have orders to pack!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

ANOTHER change to Etsy search?

I just read on a forum thread of a coming change to Etsy search and that they are now running tests??

Uh oh.

That could be big. That could be bad.

When they just change the algorithm or make some other changes to shops it affects shops greatly.

A significant change to search results could be bad.

We will just have to wait and see.

Big Slow Down in the Past Week

Revenue for the past 7 days is about 1/10th of the average for all of the previous 6 weeks!

I have less than half the number of orders in the past 8 days than I averaged every week for the first 6 weeks.

I had 117 orders through the first 6 weeks.
And 8 orders in the past 8 days.

I've also had the 2 lowest view days of the month.

Only 1 small sale in 2 days.
3 small sales in the past 4 days.

Uh oh. lol.

This year may not turn out to be so great. The first 6 weeks of the year might have been a big tease.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mormon Mommy Blogs: DIY - How to refinish your furniture

Mormon Mommy Blogs: DIY - How to refinish your furniture: The question I find the most in my inbox is “How do I refinish Furniture?” I’ve been doing it for so long and have quite a few huge projects...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Record Low Google Views Today?

At nearly 3pm I have only 12 TWELVE views from Google. It is looking like it will be a record low. The lowest in YEARS.

2 Low View Days

Well yesterday and the day before were the 2 lowest view days of the month. And the only days that I have been below 1,000 total views all month.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Etsy Search Views; The New Normal for Google Views

So here at 6:15 I have 244 views from Etsy search. I had about 122 at 12 noon.

Only 38 google views. So this is the new normal. Time to accept it. The new normal is 30-50's. I've reached 60 ONCE in months. I have not reached 100 in months. And only ONCE in 4 months or more. Disappointing. But just have to accept it. I have to make being relevant for Etsy more important than being relevant for Google. Especially when part of the loss in views is because of Etsy's changed relationship with Google. And Etsy's changes have affected our relevancy wtih Google.

I am not sure I can equal the revenue of last year with getting so many less google views for an entire year. Plus the loss of all the other search engine views. So I will just have to do my best. Do what I can.

No sales today. I got laundry done, made a trip to the thrift store and the supermarket. Now it is time for some tv this evening? And some organizing?

Monday, February 17, 2014

It was a wasted NFL football season. Another one.

I wanted Tom Brady to have a great season and for him and the Patriots to win another super bowl.

After all the comebacks and the trying season and the success they did have, they lost in the AFC Championshiop game. I thought they were going to win!

It has been 10 years trying to watch them win another one and I was disaoppointed. AGAIN.

AND....peyton manning broke tom's records and had what I wanted Tom to have.
More disappointment for me. It is common. I am used to it.

Just have to wait til next season. AGAIN. Lesson learned.

Alot of love for my antique Aynsley green tea cup and saucer

One of the many new tea cups I have acquired recently I finally listed last night. It is a very nice kelly green tea cup by the English china company Aynsley.

It is up to 29 views with 20 favorites. It kept getting favorites last night and overnight. I listed it at about 10pm and right after midnight at one point it was at 20 views with 20 favorites:

It has been a quiet day. Views are decent. Got a few pics taken. Now it is time for some organizing. And a snack.

High Views at Noon. Again; More Tea Cup Pics

Here at 12 noon I have 121 views from Etsy search AND 22 views from Google. That ties a record for Google views at noon for the past 3 months or more. Yesterday I had single digits from Google at noon.

I have a nice sale last night. I have to find my remaining tea cups for my orders. Try to get my orders packed today so i can ship them tomorrow.

I woke up late and caught the last 15 mins or so of good sunshiny conditions for tea cup pics and took a few. A couple didn't turn out good enough to use. But 3 of them did:

Time for lunch and order packing. Then the laundromat? And grocery shopping?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Elvis Presley - Can't help falling in love

Pavarotti "nessun dorma"

1,500 Total Views Yesterday

I ended yesterday with 1,525 total views. That is probably a record considering I had only 50 Google views. And less views from Bing and The Find.

I would have less total views when I was averaging 85-144 views from Google and many more from the other search engines.

So that number of total views is a very good sign. And also it shows I could be doing much better if not for Google changes and other changes from the different search engines.

No sales today. The first day all month without a sale.

I think it will slow down considerably the rest of this month and next month. I have made record revenue the first 6 weeks of the year. That is a high pace for me to keep up.

I have 3 tea cup orders to pack in the next 2 days. The post office is closed tomorrow. But I would like to get them packed tomorrow and ready to ship first thing tuesday.

TV and snow shoveling tonight.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

1,000 Views at 6pm

It has been a very active day in my shop. I keeping getting favorites. I have had 4 orders. And I have 1,061 total views here at 6:13. It is still early. 6 more hours to go.

I am off to a great start. And it will be hard to keep up this pace. To keep replacing so many tea cups. And so many nice ones. And adding a variety of items. AND....doing my furniture projects this year.

At this time I have 7 SEVEN pieces of furniture I want to redo this year. I will probably paint them all. Staining is too much work. So I will redo those pieces to make them unique and get them to sell. Maybe even ship the larger drawers?

Off to shovel my sidewalk.

Low Views this Morning

Here at 9:30am I have only 68 views from Etsy search. And it's a saturday. HHhmmmm.

I am still having a great month. On a record pace. And january was my previous record. So I am doing good. But would like to be consistent. Although, business is up & down from day to day.

I did wake up to 2 good tea cup orders.

I have tea cups to pack!

34 Views at 2 am; Better Views than Yesterday AM

Yesterday before 5 am I had only 17 views from Etsy search. Now I have 34 at 2 am. So that is good to see. A good sign. It will be a full morning of packing my tea cup orders and then heading to the post office.

Maybe get a new pic or two taken?

Off to bed.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Vintage P. Buckley Moss Amish girls with cat limited edition art print framed,

Years ago on one of my trips to the local thrift store they had just put out 5 pencil signed prints of children. The signature was scribbled, and so I didn't know who the artist was.

I got them for a very low price.

I listed them on Craigslist and a lady replied and she was very intersted and asked how many of them I had. I told her 5.

When she showed up with her son she was telling me who the artist was, Patricia Buckley Moss.

I said, "Uh-oh" to myself when they mentioned that they saw one of her prints in an antique shop.

But I went ahead and sold 3 of the prints, and 2 other Angel girl prints by another artist, Snow, I believe.

Then when I went and looked up the artist, P. Buckley Moss I was so mad. I couldn't believe the asking prices on Ebay. More than $250 EACH. I sold her those 3 and the 2 others for much less than that!

That is still one of my biggest disappointments selling. I will never get another great deal like that.

Well, here is one of the original 5 I still have. I've had it in my vintage Etsy shop for nearly a year now. I haven't checked the completed listings or current listings on ebay to see what they are going for. I am still too mad about that sale. I was being a nice guy and giving her a deal because I needed the money and she was walking with a cane.

No more Mr Nice Guy.

It has been an ok day. I did just make another small tea cup sale to a regular customer. I won some nice tea cups on ebay. I have spent alot of money lately on tea cups. Too much. It is time to take a break from them for a month or so. But it is a never ending situation. People keep buying them. And telling me how much they love my collection. I didn't intend to be a tea cup shop, but that is what I have become, pretty much. I will try to do better than that this year.

Back to some tv. Then pack some orders. Then bed. Til tomorrow and do it all again.

Only 175 Views at 7 pm.

7 pm is one of the times I use to measure my views from Etsy search. It is the latest I want to reach 200. Today is the lowest all month. The lowest in weeks.

Only 27 from Google. Wow. Again, google views are lost to me. They are not coming back.

I have orders to ship tomorrow. No orders today however.

Tonight is packing orders, watching tv, and grocery shopping.

More than 100 Views at Noon

I have still made it to 106 views from Etsy search at 12 noon. And 517 total views. Only 8 from Google. Wow.

1 small sale.

I have the big tea cup orders to pack and other shop things to do. Would like to get things taken care of by 5pm.

Off to work.

300 Views Yesterday, Big Drop in Views this morning

Yesterday I finished with 308 views from Etsy search.

Here at 4:40 am I have 17 SEVENTEEN views from Etsy search. Wow! I normally have 12-22 in the midnight hour!

I just have to wait to see what the day brings. How it turns out. Hope it is not another big drop. I have not been convinced that my views returned for good. That is why all my posts have been about my views.

We will see.........

Thursday, February 13, 2014

400 Views Yesterday

I finished yesterday with 408 views from Etsy search. Glad to reach 400 again. Only 38 from Google. Still disappointing. It will take me time to get over losing Google views. That cost me thousands of additional views and probably a very good number of sales.

I also had 3 orders yesterday. And I got most of my orders packed & shipped. It was a good day.

Off to work.

Vintage 1960's Stangl pottery orchard song tid bit tray, hand painted fruit pattern

It was one of the days years ago when I went to the local thrift store that I found this very nice vintage pottery plate. I am surprised that I've had it in my vintage Etsy shop for so long. I believe I have priced it fairly and I thought it would sell by now. I think I have spent more on renewing fees since I first listed in than I would sell it for. lol. I think it is an attractive, vintage fruit plate and I will keep it listed for that perfect buyer......whenever he or shes finds it.

I have orders to pack. It is a cloudy morning. So it will be a good day to take pics. Of other items besides tea cups. I have alot of books to list. And some pottery.

Off to work.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

300 Views at 5:30pm

I have 302 views from etsy search, 826 total views and 3 orders today at 5:31pm.

Pretty good.

Views and orders have been steady. Views have been much higher than I was expecting the first 5 weeks of this year. I though I'd have a big drop-off after Christmas, but views have been even higher than BEFORE Christmas. HHhhhh....Etsy did SOMETHING.

I still have orders to pack and ship.

High Views at Noon. Again.

I am very glad to see that I had about 160 views from Etsy search by 12 noon. And here at 12:30 I have 172 views from Etsy search. And 577 total views.

I might reach 400 views from etsy search again. At least upper 300's.

17 from google. Oh well.

I have gotten a few pics taken. Not sure if they are usable or not.

I have orders to pack.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

High Views at Noon! More Vintage Tea Cup Pics

I have 125 views from Etsy search and 599 total views at right after noon at 12:03pm.

That is alot of total views.

Also have 19 views from Google. The most in a week or two. Since I had 2 consecutive days of just over 20 views at noon. I have been in the single digits at noon the past few days

I made a nice plate sale.

I have to get nicer things for my shop. I have mostly nice tea cups.

Most of my items are not that great. I've sold alot of my best things the past year and a half and have not replaced them.

Time to start going to auctions??? I don't know. There is so much competition there. Especially for the best things. I hear of others getting box lots of great things. I doubt that would happen for me.

I have gotten some pics taken this morning since it was clear and sunny. Most of them turned out pretty good. Usable:

I will try to take some more pics. Maybe pack orders. Maybe ship and go to the supermarket.

Back to work.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Anti-Gravity Secret of Coral Castle - FULL VERSION

454 Views Yesterday; High Views this Morning

Yesterday was one of my highest view days from Etsy search ever. My highest was 480. I might have hit 470 one time, too.

Already today right before 10am I have 105 views from Etsy search and 425 TOTAL views.

That is alot of total views already. When I checked around 6:30am or so Etsy search views were only 60.

I remember the days of averaging 175 to 225 total views for a day. And it would be a good day when I made it over 300 for a day. Now I have over 400 total views before 10am. I owe it all to my tea cups.

I have orders to ship that I got packed yesterday. I have to buy more bubble wrap when I ship them and finish packing the 2 good tea cup orders. And I just made a good sale of 5 items this morning. Fragile items, too! Have to wrap them well!

Off to work.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

400 Views before 10pm

Here at 9:43pm I have 408 views from Etsy search. I should finish with about 440 views from Etsy search. Not a new record. Even though I was on a record pace at noon. But it happened again where things slowed down some in the afternoon.

1,266 total views, too. 1 order for a tea cup. Only 32 from Google.

And....I just mised a very nice pink Aynsley tea cup on ebay. I had the listing opened and it had 7 minutes left and then I forgot about it as I was looking for other tea cups on ebay and missed it. It sold for only $9.99. I was going to bid $14 and I bet I would ahve won it. And put it in my shop for $59. Oh well.

I am going to try to pack the rest of the orders tonight. So I can ship them during the day tomorrow. Before it gets cold tomorrow night, tuesday and tuesday night. I won't leave the house for a day and a half. Til wed afternoon. So I have post office runs tomorrow and a run to the hardware store, the dollar store and super market.

Back to work.

300 Views just after 5:30pm

Here at 5:37pm I have 301 views from Etsy search. That is one of the earliest times ever. I didn't reach 200 views from Etsy search at a new record today like I thought I would. I reached it about 1:30pm though.

I have 833 total views also.

Only 17 from Google. Wow.

No sales today. Just one sale that I had to cancel. A lady bought something that was reserved for someone else. It was in the title that it was reserved, but she bought it anyway.

It was a fairly productive day today. I got a number of new items listed. Some cheap things. But I have to get a variety of things in my shop. I have so many tea cups. It is time to add some different things. Probably won't pay til Christmas though. lol.

I also got 4 orders packed to ship in the morning. Still have to pack the two big orders.

Well, off to dinner and tv. Maybe the dollar store.

Record High Views at Noon!

Here at 12:10pm I have 174 views from Etsy search. My previous high was either 167 or 172.

This still will not mean I will set a new day record for Etsy search views. This happened before in the past month and then things slowed down in the afternoon and I finished much less than the record high of 480.

I even have more views from Pinterest than Google. 17 to 9. That's disappointing.
But I have to stop worrying about Google views. Those are gone. Those are lost. For good. Because of Google and Etsy changes.

I would be doing even better if not for the Google & Etsy changes. Wow.

I have been packing my tea cup orders. I have just about finished the 4th one. I then will pack the 2 large tea cup orders to ship tomorrow or tuesday.

I also want to take some new pics. It is a nice, cloudy day. A good day for pics of things other than tea cups. In this lighting I have all day tot ake pics. On sunny days, it is good to take tea cup pics until only 11 am and pics of other things until only about 2 pm. Now I will have until 5 pm or so.

Back to work.

High Views this morning before 8:30Am

I already have 124 views from Etsy search at 8:24am! 293 Total.

Friday, February 7, 2014

High Etsy Views, Low Google Views Today

I already have 147 views from Etsy search at 12:32pm. BUT only 8 Google views! I have to give up on Google. And accept that things have changed and my Google views won't be the way they were.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet Baby Experiences Rain for the Very First Time

300 Views Right Before 9pm

It has been a very good day in my vintage Etsy shop. I just reached 300 views from Etsy search at 8:59pm. AND I have 6 orders for a good amount of revenue. With another order to come tonight???

My shop has been doing so much better these first 5 weeks of the year than I thought I would. Especially with THOUSANDS of less total views.

I have been doing so much better these 6 weeks since Christmas than I thought. But that also makes me wonder what Etsy did??? To make my views go up so high since Christmas AND what did they do before Christmas to hurt my views?? And for the last 4 months of 2013???

If I could just get the google views back.

Off to watch the Olympics. Maybe pack some of my orders.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

300 Views before 8pm

Here at 7:48pm I have 302 views from Etsy search. Pretty good. Glad to see my views have been high again on weekdays. I was thinking that the weekends would be my only high view days. But my Etsy search views have come back?

200 Views before 3 pm

Here at 2:55 I have 207 views from Etsy search!
603 total views.

And have had 2 good orders.

I have gotten some orders packed and will be shipping them soon.

It's been a good day so far.

Prayers & Support for Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis!

Today Ken Ham debated Bill Nye the Science Guy on the origins of the universe.
It depends upon which article you read who won the debate.

I believe in Creationism. I believe in a young earth.

I believe that God, and Jesus, created EVERYTHING.

It is in my heart.

And my eyes tell me so.

I believe that we are all children of God, our Heavenly Father. And that the earth is a school to which we have all chosen to come. With a mission. Each of us has a mission. A mission we agreed to before we came.

I first learned of Ken Ham in the 1990's when I would watch "Origins" on sunday afternoons on the local religious channel, channel 40, in Pittsburgh, PA. The late Russ Bixler, founder of channel 40, hosted the show and Ken Ham was one of his guests.

I loved the show. It was very interesting and made me want to learn more.

*******I have no idea in the world how any scientist could be an atheist!! Could not believe in a Creator!*************

Although I did not continue learning about creation science since those days in the 1990's, I have always believed, and will always believe, that

God created the universe.

High Views at Noon. Again; Suspicious of Etsy?

I have 136 views from Etsy search at 12 noon. And 450 total views.

Glad to reach that. I am still not convinced my Etsy search views have come back. No matter how many times I see it. They were down for so many weeks and months and were even low all of december. AND they are higher after Christmas than before Christmas. Which makes me suspicious. That Etsy must have done something to effect my views for 4 MONTHS.

I have orders to pack

More than 400 Views Yesterday

I finished with 436 views from Etsy search and 1,300 Total views. And 2 orders for a good amount of revenue.

Only 48 Google views.

Well today I have orders to pack and grocery shopping to do. I missed The Tonight Show last night. I got tired after 11 so I went to bed. I will watch the next 2 though, his final 2 shows. That is sad. I hope he comes back. I think he should have stayed. He's number ONE. It was probably political.

Off to work.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

300 Views before 8pm; Vintage Tea Cup Pics

I have 302 views from Etsy search at 7:44pm. And 915 total views.

It has been a fairly productive day. I got some pics taken and new items listed. Including some nice new tea cups. It was a cloudy day and I would rather have taken the pics of the tea cups on a sunny morning, but I have so many that I decided to take pics of some down on the white counter top with the gold inside them. They look off-white and dark and not as good as the others on the shelf taken during the sunny mornings. But they still turned out pretty good:

Tonight will be a tv night and grocery shopping. Then maybe pack some orders. The Tonight Show. It is one of Jay Leno's last shows. I am sad about that. I like Jay. Whatshisname is more of a younger/college student crowd/show. That is not The Tonight Show. I hope Jay gets his job back. Again. lol.

200 Views before 3pm

Here at 3:14 pm I have 212 views from Etsy search and 664 total views.

It is another high view day.

I have orders to pack and ship!

High Views at Noon

I have 155 views from Etsy search here at 12 noon. I guess my views from etsy search have come back for the most part?? I am still not sure or convinced of that.

My views are due to tea cup views.

If I didn't have so many nice tea cups in my shop, my views would be LOW. Probably lower than 2011 when I first opend??

I am looking forward to this year!

More than 300 Views Yesterday

I finished yesterday with 340 views from Etsy search. And 1 order.

Only 1,027 total views though.

I blame that amount of total views on the lost Google views and lost views from other search engines. I finished yesterday with only 47 from Google and only 4 from Bing.

Last feb I was averaging more than 1,200 total views. Oh well.

My shop is still off to a very good start. I wonder if I can keep up this pace??

I just had Deja Vu again!

I just renewed a tea cup listing in my vintage Etsy shop. I was looking at the listing and when I looked to the right of the page over at the other tea cups and looked at one specific tea cup, I had Deja Vu.

That was another moment I dreamt of.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I just had Deja Vu

I was downstairs watching Antiques Roadshow when I decided to come upstairs and check on my vintage Etsy shop. I got to the top of the stairs, looked into my bedroom, then turned back into the hall where I have my computer and as I did I had Deja Vu.

I dreamt of that moment.

Deja Vu to me is experiencing moments I dreamt of. And when I experience those moments I "remember" them.

I don't know why I did. This was a plain, uninteresting moment. Nothing special about it.

Oh well. Back to the Roadshow!

100 Views at 10:10 am

It is good to see me reaching 100 views before 12 noon. My views from Etsy search have come back?? I am hesitant to think they have come back for good. It was months with lower than average views. But they are about where they were last year at this time. Whic has me wondering WHY????

Why did they drop in september and stay down even through Christmas??? But rise back up AFTER Christmas???


Yesterday was a very good day in my vintage Etsy shop

I had 5 orders with an excellent amount of revenue. That surprised me. I hadn't had a day of that many orders in a while. Although I did have a good month of january.

I also have more than 1,200 total views and one of my highest day of views from Etsy search ever at 387. I've been over 400 views from Etsy search 3 or 4 times total. And at around 370 several times.

I finished with 50 views from Google. Still low and still disappointing. But I am gradually getting over it. lol. I am gradually accepting that my Google views are gone and lost for good. That there is no way I can be relevant for Google. Partly because how Etsy uses our listings! When one of our listings will show up in an image search it will direct the person to similar items on Etsy!

It was a very good day overall though. I am not sure this month will equal the great january I had. I hope I can make a third of that. A third to a half woudl be good.

Now I have to replace all the valuable items I've sold in the past 5 weeks!

Off to work to pack and ship all my orders today!

Last Nights Dream of Being Back in School

I dreamt I was back in school. I was ina classroom. And it was young, unfamiliar kids in the class. And it was a math class? And we were doing problems on the front chalkboard. I was doing one. It was some type of mathmatical word puzzle? And I didn't know the answer and I wrote, "we all know the answer". The problem was a question. So that is what I wrote.

I was in a seat in the first or second row. And I started thinking I was in the wrong class. I thought I was in a match class with younger, smarter kids. And I was held back? Or I was in a lower class? When I should have been in a math class with kids in my own grade? It was like I was in a freshman math class and I was a senior? Even though it was math I didn't know. A math class for smart freshman and I was a senior?

The teacher was sitting in the front of the class in a desk like us students and she was talking about the problems as one of the students was doing the problem on the chalkboard after I sat down after doing mine.

We didn't go over my problem. Just the one girls.

I don't think it was a message. Maybe I was just workign things out. I know at times I have had dreams similar to that. Of being back in school. But with unfamiliar classmates.

I don't think it had any meaning. I was just working things out in my dreams. Just one of those dreams

I LOVED watching the Seattle Seahawks beat BADLY Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the Super bowl!

I liked it when the ball sailed over Peyton's head on the first play. Then as the Seahawks made plays I was getting happier and more satisfied.

I was glad watching the Denver offense do nothing. And get stopped.

I loved it when Peyton threw that first interception.

When the linebacker Smith returned that interception for a touchdown I was saying "Wow".

When Percy Harvin returned that opening 2nd half kick-off for a touchdown, again, I said, "Wow". And loved every second of it.

I am glad Peyton got beat badly. On national tv. In the super bowl. lol.
His arm is weak. He can't throw the ball more than 25 yards down the field.

I don't like it that Seattle won the super bowl. I wanted New Orleans or Green Bay to make it from the NFC. I would rather San Fran have made it. But it turned out great in the end.

I am still mad that my team, The New England Patriots with Tom Brady, lost in the AFC Championship game. And not good either. And I am still made that Peyton and the Broncos got what I wanted for Brady and the Patriots all season. Another season gone. Another season lost. I can't count on anything. I could say "next season", but I've been saying that every season for 10 years now. So just gotta do what I gotta do. lol.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

200 Views before 3pm

Here right after 3 pm i have 213 views from Etsy search and have also had 3 orders. My very nice, very old Royal Grafton blue & white tea cup set, my beautiful Victorian Aynsley pink tea cup trio and a very nice Hobe necklace.

It has been a fairly productive day. Good amount of views, some pics taken, a few orders.

I will try to list some more.

157 Views at Noon

Here at 12:07 pm I have 157 views from Etsy search. Another good morning. It is a sunday, too. Sundays have been high view days for weeks now. Even a few months.

21 Views from Google. That is 2 days now of views better than 20. I should finish in the 50's? Not where they were, still a disappointment, especially because of the thousands of views (and sales?) all the lost Google views have cost me. But it is good to see that many.

I have taken pics of a few books. I will try to take more and get them listed today and tomorrow.

Back to work.

100 Views at 9 am

Here at 9:36 am I already have 112 views from Etsy search. And 372 total views.

Views have come back from the slight drop yesterday. The drop yesterday ended up not being so bad. I still finished over 300 views from Etsy search at 302. At noon it looked like it was going to be more.

Today, 13 views from Google so far. I have to stop even checking them. They are gone and lost. They won't come back.

I have laundry to do. And some grocery shopping. Maybe I will stop in the thrift store. Although with this being the first weekend of the month, people just got their checks, the stores will be busy and the good items in the thrift stores go fast.

Off I go.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

100 Views at 1pm

Today, a saturday, has been a noticeable drop in views. It has taken me until 1pm to reach 100.

Yesterday I finished with 323 from Etsy search and 48 from Google.

Still a couple orders to pack and ship today.

Off to work.