Thursday, September 17, 2015

508 Etsy Search Views Yesterday on a Wed!

I wonder what is happening to cause these abnormal and record high Etsy search views???/

So two days ago I had 281 views from Etsy search.  And yesterday I finished with 508!  And it was a wednsday. Sunday has been my high view day for years now.  And I am getting these freaky high jumps in search views during the week???

AND yesterday at 8:30am I already had 138 views from Etsy search.
This morning at 8:45 I have 41!!!

I wonder what is going on???

I finished yesterday with 508 views from Etsy search, 1480 total views, but only 1 small sale.

So I have been at 500+ views from Etsy search here in the middle of september.  Will it even be this good/high for Christmas????

Off to work. I have orders to pack.

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