Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Virgin Mary "coincidence"?

At the end of December I opened a booth on Bonanza, and I have listed some of my vintage items on there:


Views have been very low.  From none to single digits.  Unless I post listings to social media.  Which I believe really is no good.  Those are just curious views.  Not shopping views.

I have been posting on a Bonanza blog post about my experience with views and thoughts of the site.

After 3 consecutive days of single digit views, mostly coming after 6pm, I just posted again on the blog stating I believe Bonanza needs to change its approach.  I made a reference to an Ebay item about the Virgin Mary.


After I posted that comment I went right to twitter, and at the top of my feed was a re-tweet and I loved the quote,:

 "Live as the others around you live, with naturalness, but ‘supernaturalising' every moment of your day.” - St. Josemaria Escriva

So I googled the site.  I hadn't heard of the organization before.  As I scrolled down their homepage I saw they have a page for Prayer Requests.

When I clicked on that I see their prayer for their requests is to the Virgin Mary.


 I did make my own prayer request and prayed the prayer for others.

I will read more of the organization and it's members and their beliefs.

Back to work.

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