Thursday, April 20, 2017

Purple Iris Blooming at the Mexican War Sts Garden in Pittsburgh

I walked a block over to Arch St to get something to eat and as I walked by the garden, a block and a half down the street from Randyland, I saw a few purple irises blooming.  They were so pretty I just wanted to take pics of them.  It was after it had rained and there were rain drops on the petals.

After eating and charging the battery for my Pentax camera I walked over to take some pics.  Most of the rain drops had dried up.

I set my camera to a setting I have not tried before.  The "flower" setting on the "Program" setting.  I had taken pics of tulips at my garden job recently and they didn't turn out too good.  I have taking indoor pics down pretty good with my camera.  And I need more practice taking outdoor pics.  Especially of flowers.

The pics turned out so pretty.  I was glad I stopped:

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