Thursday, September 29, 2016

Only 149 Etsy Search Views Yesterday

Wow. That is bad. And with nearly 1,500 listings.

Last year on the same day I have 245 views from Etsy search.

Even this morning right before 9:30 AM I have only 28 views from Etsy search!
Recently I'd have in the 60's.
And in the past I would have in the 80's or more.

And in the past 2 months I have more than 3,300 FEWER views from Etsy search.  WOW.
And I also have nearly 700 fewer direct Google views.
Which I blame on Etsy.
They did that with the new layout changes and the coding to our shop titles and descriptions!

What has Etsy done to my shop????

And maybe my shop is too big for Etsy???

Maybe I should open a 2nd and 3rd shop??

That is what the resellers do to game the system.
Since Etsy allows only 1 item per shop per page up to about page 6 now, the resellers are opening multiple shops to have more than 1 of the same item on a page.

When I had only about 800 listings or so I had a long period of time, 5-6 months, in which I averaged Etsy search views in the 300's.  With some days in the 400's.  With Etsy's "improvements" my search views started dropping.

And I don't expect my search views to get BETTER next year.
Only get worse.
As there are more listings and more "improvements" to the site.

The future on Etsy is not looking good.
Good for Etsy.
Not good for me.

I think I'd still make regular sales.
Just not as good as 2014 and 2015.

Search views are where the buyers are.
So if my search views are more than 1,200 fewer/month and get lower, then sales will be lower accordingly.

My best years on here are in the past???

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