Monday, September 26, 2016

September 25th Etsy Search Views

So I finished yesterday, a Sunday with only 223 views from Etsy search.  With Sundays having been my day of highest search views for years.

I just checked my stats for last year on Sept 25th and was so surprised at what I saw.  I know search views have dropped a lot and have been lower than last year for several months.  And I was hoping they'd come back in Sept.  But I am wrong.

I finished Sept 25th of last year with 355 views from Etsy search!  Wow.  How disappointing.

Search views are where the buyers are.

I also know that direct Google views are down significantly.

I believe Etsy is to blame for my drop in search views and direct Google views.

I've lost thousands in just the past 2 months alone.

I had a good shop going on Etsy.  Until Etsy ruined it.  And Google played a part too.

Should I stay open?

No. I shouldn't.

I have decisions to make.

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