Sunday, June 8, 2014

200 Views at 8pm; I Don't Sell Much

It still took until 8:04pm to reach 200 views from Etsy search. Even with having more than 110 at noon.

I have more than 1,100 listings, but only sold 1 vase today.

And I really only sell tea cups.

A guy I know is probably right. The "market is just not there".

I should probably just close up.

It's not worth it to spend hours every day on my shop to only sell tea cups.

It's not worth it to spend half or most of a day on my shop and sitting at the computer and then really only sell tea cups.

Taking pics and listing items takes time. And then the items dont sell for months and months. If they sell at all.

After all of the tithing and seeding.

I've given away so much cash the past 3 1/2 years. Just to make the small income I've made.

While others who never donate anything are hugely successful.

I guess I still have decisions to make.......

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