Monday, September 8, 2014

It was a Beautiful, Sunny September Day in the Mexican War Streets in Western PA

I  went out onto my porch this morning and loved it!  It was a clear, blue sky, low humdity and cool comfortable temps.  I kept going out onto my porch and into my front yard just to take it in and enjoy it.

About 1pm I took a few pics from my front porch directly in front of my home:

It has been a fairly productive day.

I got some pics taken in the morning, in the perfect sunny lighting in the back of my house where I take my pics.  Most of which I think turned out pretty good:

I went to the laundromat and got 2 loads of laundry done, but I accidentaly put 2 tank tops in with white clothes and washed them in hot water. Now they are probably too small to wear.

After I put the laundry in I walked down to the thrift store and think I did great!  I got a large Marwal statue, a P. Buckley Moss print, a Wheelilng Pottery bowl from the 1800's, some egg shell porcelain tea cups, a t shirt for myself and a couple other things.

I also saw Angelo.  He came in as  I was browsing the shelves.  Lucky for me.  He might have picked up a few of those things.  He has good taste and some knowledge and appreciation for vintage & antique things.

I got one package shipped.

Now it is time for some yard work?  Then some Bear Grills?  Maybe some Antiques Roadshow?  That show is boring for me.   I guess I am not in my true calling. Or I'd have more interest in it. Plus, so many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind.  Things I'll never see or have or get a chance at.

Oh well.

I will see what else I can get done this evening and tonight.  Maybe some organizing.

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