Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vintage Paragon China Tea Cups

Even when I first opened my vintage Etsy shop I knew that women loved vintage tea cups.  I had mostly Limoges tea cups listed then. But I appreciated beautiful vintage tea cups and vintage china.  I thought they were like works of art.

As I had my vintage Etsy shop I became more active in buying them and selling them. Especially after a friendship with another vintage seller on Etsy.

Even as I started selling more of them I was not sure that people would pay good money for a tea cup.  But I remember my first tea cup sale for a good price.  It was a pink and gold English tea cup from the '40's-50's.  From then on I was into them..

And I have come to have an special appreciate for Paragon tea cups.  I think they have some of the most beautiful.  I love their colors and their color combinations.

I have been lucky to acquire some beautiful ones for my vintage Etsy shop:

I have been very lucky to sell some beautiful ones, too:

My vintage Etsy shop has been growing every year.  And I can contribute some of that growth to my sales of beautiful bone china tea cups.  Of which Paragon has been an important part.

I am looking forward to the coming months and the tea cups I can acquire and provide for others who love and appreciate them.

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