Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What a Month: My Last One on Etsy?

So with the past few days being days of no sales and/or low revenue I checked my stats again.

What a month it has been.

Only 28 orders in 30 days.
24 fewer than last August 1-30.

In 6 days I made 85% of my revenue.
In 1 of those days I made 46% of my revenue.
So in 24 days I made only 15% of revenue for the past 30 days..

In only those 6 of 30 days did I make more than $100 in revenue in a day.
Last year was 12 days of more than $100 in revenue.

So for more than 3 weeks of days I grossed just more than $200/week.
So I averaged a gross income of LESS than minimum wage.
I NET much LESS than minimum wage.

And 11 of 30 days with zero sales
Last year was only 5.

Not good.

So many wasted days.  So many days of such low or zero revenue.

I want to close up.

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