Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Day of Red White & Blue thrift store shopping and moving furniture!

My friend picked me up this morning to go pick up furniture and take up north of Pittsburgh in Gibsonia.

We ended up spending time shopping in 2 of the Red, White & Blue thrift stores, where we were also picking up the furniture to move, and to the first store we shopped twice and I came away with MANY NEW ITEMS.

The prices were pretty good, better than I was expecting, and there were aslo more nice items available on this busy saturday than I was expecting.I think I did very well.

I found a green coin glass candy dish with lid, a few nice books, a 1960's F.A.I.P. table lamp, a Stiffel lamp, a very nice fairy pottery lamp, small toby mugs from Japan, 2 beautiful hand painted moriage plates from Japan, a 1920's green M Noritake Nippon casserole dish in perfect condition, a green & white swirl glass vase with handles, a Fenton blue satin bicentennial plate with George Washington, a very nice Lenox Holy Family plate, a cool, retro Lane Ceramics yellow & white mod pitcher, a Stangl gold Granada vase, a very nice Stroud native american indian women print from 1986,  and some other things.

I was in one aisle looking when a lady in the aisle next to me suddenly asked, "You resell, right?".  I told her I did.  And she handed me a cow creamer from Japan.  And a pheasants glass bowl she said was from after the war, from the 1940's, and pointed to other pieces of colored glass candy dishes with lids and said, "they aren't making those colors any more.  I'm sorry. I'm a collector".  She was cool. I liked her.

Man, I did miss out on a great 1960's danish arm chair in the 2nd Red White & Blue store!  I looked it over twice and passed on it. I should have taken it!  But I was low on cash and had spent alot of money already by that time.

On the 2nd trip to the first Red White & Blue thrift store I saw a few nice chairs I would have liked to have bought, but I didn't have room and was running low on funds.

I finally got home after finishing the run to Gibsonia near 10:30pm.

It was a pretty productive day.

No sales in my Etsy shop though.  That bugs me.

Time to organize my new items for pic taking tomorrow and monday.

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