Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vintage 1960's Hollywood Regency orange velvet barrel chair

I am back at my grounds keeping job this year and one of my favorite parts is after working for the day enjoying the walk through the neighborhood down to the local thrift store.  I love walking down there on the sunny summer days.

On one of my recent walks to it there was this great chair.  I couldn't believe the price.  Especially for the condition.  I didn't hesitate. I snatched the receipt right off of it to take to the register with me.

I looked over the upholstery and the cushions and the wood and it all looked great.

I browsed some more and found a few nice things. I went to the register and paid for it and was really looking forward to getting it home and taking pics and listing it.  Taking pics is fun for me.  I don't know why. But I enjoy it.

Now the getting it home part was an experience, that's for sure.

But i got it home safely and took the pics and just listed it this morning:

I had work schedule for anew customer today, but it got canceled because of rain.  So I will try to take some new pics, organize and maybe list a few new things.

I want to make this a productive day.  I have been putting off shop things to do this summer.

Off to work.

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