Sunday, October 11, 2015

1,100 Fewer Etsy Search Views for Oct 1-10; Very Slow Month

Just when it looked as though things were gonig to go great heading into Christmas, with the very good aug & sept, things have dropped dramatically for october.

After the down months of june and july things picked up for august and sept.  But I think Etsy's "improvements" have hurt me dramatically.  Especially compared to last october:

Oct 1-10                             2014                    2015

Etsy Search Views             3,658               2,502
Google Views                      411                   511
Total Views                      14,266            12,030
Etsy App views                  1,659              2,213
Orders                                    30                    14
Revenue                                 DOWN Nearly 50%

All of this is with 300+ MORE Listings than oct 2014.

Very disappointing.

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