Sunday, October 4, 2015

March 1st Closing Date for My Vintage Etsy Shop?

So with this weekend's lack of sales, 1 brooch, I am planning on closing my vintage Etsy shop.

It is not worth it.  For many reasons.

After nearly 10 years of buying and selling every day, and I sell 1 brooch in 2 days, it's time.
And even for just the past 7 days i have 16 FEWER orders with significant less revenue than for the same time period last year.
With revenue for the year down about 5.7%, and 63 FEWER orders for the year.  

Those are both significant amounts since the items I sell are mostly less than $100 and most less than $60.

It's time to give up the dream.
Not a big dream.
But give up the goal might be more like it.

If I could close today, I would.

I won't add anything new.

I had some fun. And some successes.

I won't make this gross income at a job.
But will probably make this net income or close to it.
And have a better quality of life.

Since nov thru feb are my best months, I will stay open until the end of feb.

March 1st: Get a dumpster and toss whatever is left.
Save some of the best things.
Get a job.

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