Thursday, October 15, 2015

Only 193 Etsy Search Views and Only 889 Total Views Yesterday

So I finished yesterday with only 889 total views!  Easily the lowest total view day of the year.  And the first time with fewer than 900 since last summer when I also had a big drop in search and total views.

And only 193 views from Etsy search.  Which is actually more than I thought I'd have.

And I owe both of them, I believe, to my tea cups not showing in search!  None of my 625 tea cups show for the search words "tea cup" for at least the first 25 pages!

And the result is a day with nearly 500 fewer total views than the same day last year:

And the disappoint shows with the face that last year on the same date I had 371 views from Etsy search.

A drop of 178!

This is my slowest/lowest month since at least last summer.  I am at 2012 level orders & revenue.

Almost time for bed..........

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