Saturday, October 10, 2015

205 Etsy Search Views at 5am!!!????

What the heck is happening???

I just got out of bed again to check on my shop and saw that I already have 205 views from Etsy search!!

What a freaky thing to happen!

It was freaky when I had the big jump the one morning recently and reached 200 by about 11am.

But then this morning it is even freakier.

At 3am I had 54.  Which was high.

Then I just got out of bed and this:

This is now my new record for the fastest reaching 200 Etsy search views in a day.

BUT....even after that record morning, things slowed down considerably the rest of the day and I finished with "only" 408 views from Etsy search.

And when I reached my record high for the day recently of 508 I had only in the 200's by about 5-6pm.

And it was just on wed that I had only 177 for THE ENTIRE DAY!

This is the 3rd freaky surge in Etsy search views in the past few weeks.

So I will just have to see how the day turns out....

I wonder what is/has been happening???

Back to bed.

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