Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BIG Drop in "Tea" Views in my Vintage Etsy Shop; Because of Etsy??

So I discovered today that NONE of my 625 tea cups are showing in at least the first 25 pages for the search "tea cup", which is has been my most searched keywords for at least 3 years.

And recently, while investigating my thousands of lost total views, I saw in my Google Analytics stats a big drop to negative in my stats on september 21st:

And so after coming home from work and seeing my stats at record low levels, total views and Etsy search views, I tried to find my items so see if they were showing in search.

I was stunned to see that I did NOT have a tea cup on the first page of search for "tea cup" which I have always had.

AND, that NONE of my tea cups were showing for that search word!!

After more investigating and comparing my stats I saw that I have MANY FEWER views from all "tea" searches compared to last year!  'Tea cup', 'tea cups' and 'tea set', and my tea cup shop section also has HUNDREDS fewer views!

Here my top 10 stats by search term for sept 21st to oct 14 2014:

Now here are my top 10 by search term stats for sept 21st to oct 14 2015:

From 361 views for "tea cup" to 58!
From 865 views to my "tea cup" section to 450!
From 818 combined views for 'tea cup', 'tea cups' and 'tea set' to 258!

Very disappointing!

Yes, some of the lost views can be attributed to searchers using different search terms.  And also to the MANY more tea cups listed on Etsy in the past year.  Even in just the past few months.

I believe it is more than that.

Besides the fact that today I am not showing at all for "tea cup", it also has to do with the new search bar, and also to OTHER SHOPS LISTINGS BEING SHOW ON MY LISTINGS on mobile devices:

And visitors to my vintage Etsy shop simply are not browsing like they used to.

I believe Etsy's "improvements" have significantly affected my shop!
And the worse affect is now right at the beginning of the busy shopping season and right before the Christmas shopping season!!

Not sure how long I will put up with this.

Almost time for bed.........

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