Monday, November 30, 2015

It was a High View Sunday: Nearly, 2,400 Total Views with More than 400 Search Views!

Yesterday, the last sunday in november, was one of the highest view days ever in my shop without being featured somewhere.

I finished the sunday with 411 views from Etsy search AND 2,359 TOTAL views!

So people were finding me AND browsing my shop!

5 sales.  Only ok revenue.

It is still a little disappointing that direct Google views are down.  Only 44 yesterday.  After being in the 60's for so much of august, sept and october.

562 Etsy App views.
137 Other views.

58 Pinterest views.

35 Category views.

One of my sales was my very popular 1940's Philco Model 49-1600 floor model radio with turntable:

It was my most popular listing for the past 2-3 months.  Especially after I took better pics.

I will try to find something else that will be popular and bring people into my shop.

Time for bed.

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