Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vintage Royal Stafford Bone China Gold Filigree Teacup and Saucer

One of teacups in my vintage Etsy shop that is and has been popular since I first listed the pattern is this beautiful Royal Stafford English teacup.  The current one is a dark blueish-green:

 I have been luck to have found them all online on different sites and all of them made it safely and were in perfect condition.

I listed my first one in this pattern approximately 3 years ago.  It was very popular then, and sold quickly.

This is the 5th one in this pattern I have been able to list.

The first 2 were a lighter shade of this in green.

Royal Stafford wide rim teacups are one of my favorites.  I like the quality mostly, and also the patterns they produced.

This pattern is rarely found online.  At the time I purchased this one, I had just purchased and sold one only a week or so before.  I have not seen another in more than a year.

I search often on many sites for vintage teacups to offer to the visitors of my Etsy shop, and I would like to find this in a different color.  As a beautiful piece to offer my customers, and because I know it, too, would be popular and bring more of the people that appreciate beautiful, vintage teacups.

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