Thursday, November 5, 2015

What A Start to November 2015; The End of ShoponSherman is Near?

October was a bad month.  Revenue was down more than 50% with 40% fewer orders (30 fewer) compared to last november.  Not to mention the nearly 8,000 FEWER total views and more than 3,000 FEWER search views.

Here looking at my stats for only nov 1-4 and comparing them to last year:

Already 400 FEWER search views in only 4 days!.
A little more than 300 Fewer total views.  But with 300-400 MORE listings than last nov.
60% FEWER orders (7 fewer).
For 75% LESS revenue.
Google views are down.  And they were low last november. And have been higher all year until recently.  So they have dropped.
Other views are down.

Sad. And disappointing. And discouraging.

The thing to do is close.  To at least not put time into my shop.

It will be a bad Christmas.  My worst yet?  Back to the revenues of Christmas 2011 and Christmas 2012???

Yesterday I had only 1,115 total views.  That is spring 2013 level views. With 800 MORE listings than 2013.

And here this morning after 8:30am I have only 37 views from Etsy search.  Last november at this time I'd have in the 80's or 90's.

With only 1 sale yesterday.

I had a great thing going.

Etsy messed up my shop.

The end is near.

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