Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"I am here"

I just got off my roof a few minutes ago.

I've had a leak for a while.  I hired a roofer, and then my neighbor 4 times and it was still leaking.

I had to go do it myself.

I had never been on any roof before.

I bought shingles and a couple cans of tar.

I have my friends 30 foot ladder.

The weather is nice and warm and I had to get it done today before the change in the weather over the next couple days.  Starting tonight.

I got the shingles this morning.  I wheeled a pack home on my dolly this morning.

I set up the ladder on the front of my house earlier and got my supplies ready.  And put on the correct shoes.

I took all my supplies up and set them on the edge of the roof without leaving the ladder. I made 4 or 5 trips.

I wrote to my angels and asked for their help and protection.

I kept procrastinating.

Then, I had to go up.

I stepped back in my house inside the front door and asked God to protect me and help me and gave thanks for some things.  Like this house.  The weather, my health, the supplies, the ladder, my freedom and other things.

I went back out and I put my hammer and things in my cargo shorts pockets.

I walked up the ladder and took the step onto the roof.  It was steep and concerning.

I walked up to the leak area and did not see any holes.  BUT, I did see a white vent pipe.
I looked around it and there was no flashing!  And the shingles that were there creating a lip/edge.

It was scary up there.  The roof is steep and I felt I could slide off.

I covered the edge of the vent pipe with tar.  And an edge of shingles from the neighbors new roof job.

I was scared.

I was scared as I worked.  I felt I could slide off. And I didn't want to move much.  As little as I had to.

There was areas of exposed tar paper I should have put some shingles over, but I did not want to. I did not want to move around much.

At one point I touched the toe of my boot in some tar.  Oh no.  That made it slick.
I walked up and stood against the chimney and cleaned it off and kept rubbing it on the shingles until I felt it had traction.

Spots of my side gutter need patched too.  I bought some spray sealant for it.  But there was no way I was going near the edge.

I tarred and got what I think is it and then headed for the ladder.

It was scary as I moved to the edge.

I said out loud, "God help me."

In my heard I heard subtly, "I am here".

I felt confident as I made my move to the ladder.  It was strong and stable.  I got on easily and started throwing the supplies I had placed on the edge down into the yard.

I should have put shingles on the exposed tar paper.  And even covered it with some tar.But I was too scared.  I didn't want to walk around up there.

I hope I got it.

That was a clear issue the roofer or my neighbor should have seen!!
My neighbor even told me that he had been a roofer for 15 years!  LIAR!

I made it.  I am here at the computer.  And I hope I got it.

Thank you again, God.

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