Thursday, October 20, 2016

Only 171 Search Views Yesterday

I finished the Wed with less than 200 views from Etsy search AGAIN.

This is the new normal. A big drop in search views.

Because of the increased competition and Etsy's "declumping".

By this time of year I'd easily be in the 200's and 300's.  Not any more.

Last year I had 246 views from Etsy search on Oct 19th.

And for the first 19 days of this month I have nearly 800 FEWER views from Etsy search than last year.
With hundreds fewer direct Google views also.

No wonder orders and revenue are down.

For 8 of the last 9 days I am averaging about $31/day in revenue.
And 4 of those 9 days being ZERO revenue.
Holy heck.

The one big teacup sale about 2 weeks ago saved my shop.  Made this month worthwhile.  Made staying open worthwhile.

Oh well.

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