Friday, October 21, 2016

Only 162 Search Views Yesterday

So disappointing.  And discouraging.

I finished the Thurs with only 162 views from Etsy search and only 871 total views.

On Christmas eve I had 144 views from Etsy search.
And on Christmas day I had 214.

Time to close up???

Get orders packed & shipped and close??

At least stop renewing expired listings.  And stop listing anything new.

I had 1 good day this month when I made 54% of my revenue.
It's been 8 of 20 days with gross revenue of more than $100.

12 of 20 days with gross revenue of $0-84.
7 of the 12 with revenue of $9-84.
5 of the 12 with zero revenue.

After nearly 11 years of selling.
So it's time to close.

Oh well..

Back to bed.

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