Friday, October 21, 2016

Zero "Tea Cup" Views this AM

So with the recent drop in views from Etsy search I see, again, that my views for my top key words "tea cup" are down a lot.

I checked here right before 10 AM and I have ZERO views for those keywords.

I have to go to page FOUR of my keywords, out of 5 pages, to see my FIRST teacup keyword and it is ONE view for "teacup".  And further down I see one for "tea leaf reading tea cup" and further down on page 4 to "rose tea cup".


I am not getting views for "tea cup" for some reason????

And that is with nearly SEVEN HUNDRED tea cups listed in my shop.

Yesterday my top keywords were "antique tea cups" with 15 views.
And 2nd was "tea cup" with ONLY 4.

Oh well.

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