Thursday, October 6, 2016

No Improvement in Sight

So my vintage Etsy shop is not improving.  The downward direction is continuing.

 I check my stats regularly and compare them to last year and the previous year and there is only less revenue and orders for all the different time periods.

And what is playing a part in feeling this way about my shop is that views from Etsy search and direct Google views are also down considerably.

Etsy search views are down about 1/3 each day.
Even with probably 400+ listings this year than last year.

And direct Google views are down about 1/3-1/2.

The drop in both is partly the fault of Etsy I believe.

I will have a good day here and there.  It's been 1-3 good days/month.

With all the time spent each and every day, with inventor and listings increasing, I am not seeing the benefit in revenue or sales.  Only the downward path.

Right before 6pm today I have spent about 9 hours on my shop.
For 2 orders and $72 in gross revenue.

I have decisions to make.

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