Friday, November 25, 2016

2 of My Favorite Christmas Commercials

These 2 Christmas commercials still make me laugh out loud every time I see them.  I think they are brillaint,  And well done visually too.

The first is the M & M commercial.  "He does exist!".  "They do exist". *faint* LOL.

One part I think is well done is showing the M & Ms in the gold Christmas ornament.  And also the close-ups.

And the 2nd Christmas commercial had me laughing out loud the very first time I saw it.

It is the Planters Peanut Christmas party commercial:

It has great visuals too.  The showing of only the root beer.  To showing the band-aid on Mr Peanuts head. lol.   And when the nutcracker opens his mouth when Mr Peanut turns around I lost my breath the first time I saw that!  LOL.  Great!  lol.

Two brilliant and very funny commercials.

I wish I could think like those creators think.  To say so much. So cleverly.  In a short segment.  And to present them so visually well.  Well done.

Looking forward to the new commercials for Christmas 2016.

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