Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Psycho Copycat on Etsy

I had started on Etsy in January of 2011 and got into teacups about the late Summer or early Fall of that year.

I came to have an emphasis on vintage teacups in my Etsy shop, ShoponSherman.

In the past year or two I started seeing shops copying me.  They'd copy my keywords, and titles.  And they started copying my slanted pic style.

Then the beginning of this year I noticed a shop also trying to copy my pic style of close-ups, and I could see she copied my titles and keywords.

It is this shop, vintageteacupshop:

You can see it in this listing:


And in her entire shop:


You can see she went to a blue background like mine.  And that really bugged me.

And I told her about it.  

I told her that her entire shop was copied.

That even her shop name was copied.  She copied a part of her description from another shop too.

I should have let it go.  I should have let her go.

But I didn't.

And it cost me my shop.  It cost me all the nearly 6 years of every day work.  And all the success.

It is very bizarre how she copied so much of her shop.  She copied a lot of me and my pic taking style.  Her name.  Her description.

She has mental problems.

Hope she gets help.  

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