Sunday, November 6, 2016

283 Search Views Yesterday, Sat Nov 5th: HIghest Since Beginning of the Year

So in my vintage shop since Etsy changed search again in March to deal with clumping after page 3 my search views went down and stayed down all year.

In August I reached 274 and thought my views were going to come up again for the Fall.  But they dropped down to below 200 again.

Until yesterday.

I finished with 283 views from Etsy search.  The highest since the Spring.  And probably since February or March.

I have not reached 300 views from Etsy search, a number I reached regularly prior to the "declumping" since the beginning of the year.  Probably the end of Feb or beginning of March.

And now here at 3:50AM I already have 45 views from Etsy search.  300 search views today????  Or soon???

Back to bed.

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