Monday, November 28, 2016

Thank you, Angels, for the Inspiration

As part of an order I just sold a brooch in my vintage Etsy shop.  I have about 6 boxes of vintage jewelry and I didn't know which box it was.  I did know that a few of my boxes of jewelry were in a back room.  I was planning on go back and digging them out and going through them.

Then I thought that the brooch was in the box of jewelry right next to me here at the computer.

I opened it up and looked through it....and there it was.

Thank you, Angels, for the inspiration and for helping me find the brooch.

Of course, I have known for a long time that I should be thanking God.  And saying thanks to  my angels.

But I have not.  Not nearly as much as I should have over the years.

But they help me, and I can feel it every day.  In the little thoughts and feelings and impulses of inspiration. And in other ways.

Thank you again, Angels.

Almost time for bed.

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