Saturday, December 5, 2015

441 Search Views Yesterday; A Drop Today

So I surprisingly finished yesterday, a friday, with 441 views from Etsy search and 1,657 total views.  It was a big jump in search views from the day before.

I saw the drop it was going to be today in the midnight hour.  And here right after 12 noon I have only 109 views from Etsy search.  Yesterday I had 186 at noon.

I expected today to be higher than yesterday.  At least as high.

Only 49 Google views yesterday.  That is still disappointing after being in the 60's for october and into november.

15 Google views today after 12 noon.  That is more like how it was.  See how it ends though.

Another place where I have lost considerable views is "Other".  Those are partly views from Google when people use a search term and have a search result "Similar items on Etsy", and when they click on that, they come to a market page with results from Etsy shops.  So my items are not being click on as much??? Or something else.

Oh well.

Back to work!


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